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Weekday drinking thread 6th Aug - 9th Aug


Not a TWS wine but very much enjoying a Rustenberg SB with poached cod and vegetables… Much smoother and softer than many of the NZs, and very delicious. This is 2016 and may be the first I’ve tried from this vintage. Recommended!



Tonight Man O War Dreadnought Waiheke Island New Zealand
Sweet bramble fruit almost jammy. Spicy with a slightly bitter end. Good but just not great and wonder why Parker gave it so many points.
I got this from a local wine merchant he always puts a bottle in his sale, so worth a try.


A miserable day at work so 2014 Meerlust Rubicon. God it’s good -
Cab Sauvignon dominated, bit fusty initially but very housetrained after an hour in the decanter - very long, wood and aniseed flavours, clearly tons to come in complexity terms with time in bottle.


This could almost be the note for the St Laurent we had this evening. Except for the bitter end bit. It was lovely! Cherry, bramble, spice… Faitly light bodied, but with a nice texture, medium tannins and a refreshing acidity on the finish.
We got another one in the wine fridge, which we’re going to leave for a bit to see how it differs, if it all.
If there is any left in your local Lidl - grab it! :+1:


Shame you didn’t love it - not a cheap wine! Which vintage was it? Have one in the cellar, 2013 I think. Got it as we loved the Ironclad blend


It was the 2009. I wonder if it’s past it’s peak. I guess at a lower price I’d be more forgiving. It is good, I was expecting a little magic


Interesting… the advice for the 2013 is to keep hold of it for a bit which might suggest a narrow “sweet spot” as both were apparently generally quite good vintages in NZ. I suppose every vintage is different and every bottle is different though!


Collioure rosé with lunch in Collioure…


Gosh! this looks lovely, @Alchemist! :smiley:
Off to Provence this Sunday, so might be able to post a similar one - “Provence rosé with lunch in Provence”…


Thanks @Bargainbob, the only Barbera d’Alba that I’ve tried was this one:

which I was also sadly unimpressed with whereas this Nebbiolo d’Alba I loved:

@danchaq I’ve never tried a Chianti Rufina before but have this racked and waiting at the moment:

ps: apologies for my abrupt disappearance yesterday; I was caught by a 21 post limit on your first day of registration on the forum! Anti-spam measure I guess!


Ah I really like that Chianti. It’s on the lighter side, subtle but beautiful. Let us know how you get on with it.


Ah well it might be a little while yet as I only have the one bottle and was planning on leaving it a year or two yet. And there’s no more available… The only other Chianti Rufina I’m seeing on the site at the moment is the Society badged one.


Enjoy Provence, there’s no shortage of equally lovely rosé down there. The Collioure rosé was dry, bursting with red fruit and very drinkable. It accompanied the local take on a surf’n’turf salad…


Well, the Society’s French Syrah went down lovelily and far too quickly last night, so decided to follow up with another Syrah, same neck of the woods - sort of - but in another league:

This was beautiful. A floral, herbal, cherryish delight that at one point had me in a state of deep peace. I want to say Burgundian, but I guess I ought to call it Côte-Rôtian. Also very pleased because I have half a dozen of the 2016 coming along at some point and this was just the sneak preview I was hoping for :ok_hand:


That’s such a lovely description! And for me, that’s exactly what a good wine should induce… a sense of inner peace.
Adding this to my wish list! (Wine + inner peace :wink:)


The Society still has some stocks of the 2016 EP I believe.


Have to confess. Whilst on my chicken sitting duties, I ventured into European Wine Lake territory - remember that.
Sainsbury’s had Black Tower on offer. Rather like drinking flat Schloer, but then you realise it is actually alcoholic. 9.5%.


Nothing like a quick dip in the European Wine Lake :+1:


I was reading on a bog that only 20% of Sicilian wine is bottled. That’s a pretty big lake…


Glad you liked La Rosine. I must admit on first opening I enjoyed rather than loved it but as it opened, and especially on day 2, it was a delight

They certainly did a few weeks ago although the 2013 price compares favourably to EP plus tax and storage. Different vintage of course and 2016 was supposed to be a very good one