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Weekday drinking thread [7 to 10 October 2019]



A lovely thing to return to. Hope he definitely arrives tonight! :crossed_fingers: :grin:


Also see my recent post, you made the right decision.


I had a bottle of the 2102 in 2017 and it was lovely. But I’m still sitting on the other bottle (and a couple of '11s bought since) for a few more years. I think it will be lovely now just maybe more lovely in another couple of years!


If not I’ll drink it :rofl::wink:


My utterly amateur suspicion is that the 2012 will mature a little sooner than the 2011 - it seemed (relatively!) rounder and more approachable at a similar stage of its life. But I’m still not gonna check in on either vintage again for a few years yet…!


The TWS window for the '11 closes in '28 whilst the '12 closes in '25 so looks like you’re not alone in that judgement :wink:


Tonight it’s a CNDP - Dom du Pegau 2011. It’s usually an interesting wine. We shall see if it delivers later (by the way it’s my Birthday - I don’t tend to smash open CNDP on a school night normally!)


Ah! Then the Wine Society drinking windows have my seal of approval! :laughing:


Happy birthday! Looks like an excellent way, or wine, to celebrate!


Happy birthday, and hope the wine delivers! :grinning::tada:


I really like this. Struck match character but not over the top and ripe fruit but clearly cool climate style acidity and quite light bodied (12.2%abv). Shame about the issues around the producer.


I thought you had a really small room with miniature shelves for a moment then realised it was a large table.

Happy Birthday!


Has the ban ever been lifted??
Happy birthday @Rich29, fabulous way to celebrate a birthday.


Not sure. Only really followed the start of the issues.


This is great. And weird. Orange colour, interesting fruit and spices. Tiny bit oxidative? Went great with a cranberry and mustard pork dish.


We had a bottle of the 2016 of this wine last night and, without precedent, only drank half of the bottle consigning the rest to the cooking shelf. It was all acidity and no fruit. Thank goodness it was a gifted bottle and I hadn’t wasted money on buying any. Perhaps the 2007 is better . . . . .


Moderation tonight with a half of this ripe and delicious primary fruited Cab Franc


Tonight a Ciabot Berton 2017 Nebbiolo utin.

Very lightly extracted and a burgundy feel. Strawberry and rose. A bit understated but very good.


Had this tonight

I’ve bought some Bordeaux EP 2016 & 2018. I hope they are as good as this. Think it was probably about £20 (equivalent) when purchased. Brilliant typical varietal characteristics with tongue staining black/purple-ness.


After my 2 alcohol-free days I felt in the mood for something decent. Inspired by the cool weather and the afore-mentioned birthday celebrations I poked around my wine supplies and found an Exhibition 2007 CNDP, which I decided to open as the label said should be drunk by 2015.
Well, no need to panic as it’s fine; in fact very fine. A very meaty initial aroma with perhaps a tiny bit of fading in colour. Lots of dark fruits on the palate, and fairly sweet, with a slight pepperiness on the aftertaste. A mouthfilling wine. Curiously, the longer it spends in the decanter, the less the colour seems faded.