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Weekend drinking thread [15-17 Nov 2019]


Two Burgundies open this weekend.

The Jane Eyre Cote de Nuits Villages 2015, I mentioned here, might just be my favourite wine of the last two years. All bottles I opened have been great. I have been staying away from her table at recent tastings, but shall break this in January hopefully to secure some 2018s.

The White is the Domaine Sylvain Pataille Bourgogne Aligote Champs Forey 2017 Definitely a step up from the normal Aligote, which I actually loved. A rounder applyness makes it a very satisfying drop, with the expected limey acidity.


Yes, @Embee, you absolutely do.


We should do this more.

Detail of an album cover in the background of the wine pic, see who identifies it :+1:


A Barolo I’ve had for quite some time and opened last night . Still has lots to give and would definitely go on for longer .Fruit evident but the tannin acidity balance was a bit “off” . It was pleasant enough but nothing too glorious about it . Unfortunately while heating the oven for dinner to go with this, the glass shattered which frightened the living daylights out of me :see_no_evil:. Apparently shooting an albatross gives you luck … off to search one out :sweat_smile::point_up:!


You want to be careful - I think it’s the other way round. That was when it all went wrong for Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner. It’s a black cat that you need to sort our your current terrible run of luck. But I never know whether they’re meant to cross from right to left, or vice versa…


Lord, you really are having a bad run of luck. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that happening to anyone I know! I’d be getting in touch with the manufacturer. Even if out of warranty that simply shouldn’t happen!


Geez, what @MikeFranklin said !

Makes my cooker problem from earlier this week pale into insignificance.

At least I can turn it on and off with the pliers and use an oven thermometer to check the temp !

Edit - not sure how that happened but I meant to reply to @Leah. Incompetence probably. Sorry Robert !


I had the 1989 of this a while ago, seems to have longevity.


All of my actual albums are back in Australia so only have digital copies.
But aperitif tonight is an Old Fashioned and an online image of an album I played quite a bit of in 2003. Pretty sure no one will guess… But I could be wrong?


Liquid dinner then?



Paid £3.99 in Lidl for this very decent Julienas. :slightly_smiling_face: Glad I bought a few when it was put on the bargain rack!


Clos des Lunes, Lune D’Argent 2017 tonight. I don’t drink much white Bordeaux so looking forward to it.


Yeah, I was impressed by this too. Hadn’t seen the reviews so only bought the one :unamused:


Last of 6 bottle case - I meant to keep a couple back but it is just so enjoyable now… This - along with the Mascarello Dolcetto - is one of my favourite finds of 2019. I usually buy in 12s (I still think of six as a half case) and this is a reminder why… Six of something this good just isn’t enough…


We’re making a Cambodian prawn dish this evening, so opened a favourite Austrian white blend – a Gumpoldskirchner. This is a traditional blend from the Thermenregion of 60% Zierfandler and 40% Rotgipfler (I swear I’m not making these up @embee! :grin:). This offering is a 2016 from an excellent producer called Johanneshof Reinisch – three brothers making mighty fine wine; I tasted their 2015 a couple of years ago in an Austrian wine tasting event, and couldn’t believe how good it was:

Lovely medium gold in the glass, the nose entices with peach, caramelised pineapple, beeswax, banana skin and honeysuckle; on the palate it is broad, rich, honeyed with lovely texture. The fruit is ripe and luscious, there’s lovely orange water scent as you swallow, the acidity keeps it zesty and lively so you wouldn’t know it’s got 13g of RS. It is rich, without being cloying, fruit-forward, without being one-dimensional, in short - a very well-made wine, which I reckon would appeal to people who enjoy white Rhone. In fact, it’s not miles away from a good Marsanne/Roussane blend.

Shame this wine is still quite difficult to get hold of in the UK. I would love TWS to stock it – or any other wine from this producer, to that matter!

Chin chin! :clinking_glasses:


Another of the last delivery wines from the society. Maybe just getting a bit long in the tooth at fifteen years but still with dark fruit and a fair whack of tannin. Has lost that overt jammyness that young Grenache based wines can show which I’m not v fond of. Remaining bottles will go during the winter months.


An accidental intruder in a delivery a few months ago, in place of a Ksara. Member Services were great - they apologised and sent me the missing Ksara straight away, and I got to keep this:

Anyway, my mother demolished most of it last night, as it was the only still white I had left when she popped over to join us for trashy Saturday night telly. I was full of lurgi and so quite antisocial, but I’m feeling a bit more human today and thought I’d give it a whirl.

A little floral, but the nose is more of a peachy-pineapple sweetness, with the occasional foray into pear drops. There’s also a welcome leesiness (is that a word?) which gives it another dimension. On the palate, I’d call this off-dry, although the blurb gives it a 2, and I’d personally prefer a bit more acidic pow with this style of white, but it’s very nice and, well, a free bonus wine, so it’s a winner all round :+1:


Been a busy weekend, between going to a friend’s son’s band launch on Fri night, son’s rugby 75 miles away yesterday, and some hard graft in frost at allotment today.

Managed a glass of this before going out on Friday with paprika pork :

The WS version has a blue label…lovely as ever, refreshing acidity.

Last night opened this:

From Majestic. Uncomplicated Rhone - good forward fruit, nicely balanced. Perfectly acceptable.

Finished it tonight, preceded by another glass of the Marsannay with roast pheasant and and partridge, bread sauce, roast tatties, turnip and steamed kale. Very autumnal, very satisfying.


Somehow, and for the first time in my life, I’ve just managed to stick the point of my corkscrew in my finger. Really don’t know how I did it but it has taught me a couple of things. One, my Connoisseur corkscrew has a surprisingly sharp point, which I’d not noticed before, and two, screwtops have more advantages than I thought.
Rather too much drama for just opening a simple TWS Mandrarossa Vermentino which I thought I’d try. Peach and apricot flavours, with a bit more sweetness than I’d usually go for, but for about £6 there’s not much to complain about.


[quote=“Andy999, post:59, topic:6247”]

Is it now a rose? Blood’s sweet I believe… :wink:

I’ve done that, quite sore, but not quite as bad as putting a treble hook point inside your fingernail (with barb!).