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Weekend drinking thread [15-17 Nov 2019]


Hi Inbar. Not in the least connected, but the Tesco St Mont was recommended in yesterday’s i as one of the best under £8 wines around. (And under £5 when they have a save 25% offer).


Just an elegant drop or two - nothing to compare with a barbed hook!


Oh, yes! We’ve had the St Mont a few times now - a real bargain for sure! :+1: :grinning:


Wine glass or oven door glass?

Either way, it’s not been your month!


You’re probably right but is it Brand new?? I’m sure my brother had this album… could be wrong…

Me neither, fortunately it is under warranty as is only 4 years old.

What?? The albatross has got to shoot me ??:sweat_smile:, don’t worry im off to find a black cat, cant hurt.

Needs, must :joy:, no, I have two ovens fortunately… however I still haven’t figured out how to get the glass out of the oven door… job for tomorrow.

It hasn’t been my month since August when the turbo went in my last car en route to France. Also, did I mention my shower has stopped working and my dog died while I was in France ? Couldn’t make this stuff up … I think i’m hexed .
Now where’s that wine …:wink::wink:


I served the 2014 for a dinner of 80 people on Friday with the first course which was very well received. The estate, a former Sauternes estate, is owned by Dom. de Chevalier and makes wines with equivalent care. I have just bought some 2017 from Tanners to re-stock the cellar.


I decided to go back to beer tonight, having experimented with cooking some lamb rumps in a tandoori marinade. Very satisfying, though I perhaps overdid the chilli slightly in the marinade.


Full marks :metal:


Deja Entendu


Hi Suiko,

You are right. I put half a bottle in my Eto and it is better tonight :+1:t2:


Last night we took 7 of my daughter’s friends out for a meal to celebrate her 11th birthday - never again🤯. Once they had left our house we opened this half bottle.

Biscuity to start with, followed by apple and then I thought it was slightly soapy at the end. She who has a better palate than me ( my wife !) really enjoyed it. Will wait to see what other champagnes are on offer this week before I buy some more.


Avancia Godello 2017, Valdeorras Hugely impressed with this. I feared from the crazy heavy bottle that it would an overoaked wannabe wine, but far from it - it was a rich yet fresh, very classy and elegant old vine wine that is confident in what it is and horoughly happy in it own skin. About 20 euros from Vinissimus (and a different class from the (overoaked) 25 quid godello Godello TWS has been selling recently).


Opened this last night and it’s drinking really well right now, but could be kept a little longer to truly shine.

Strikingly vivid cerise when held to the light (except for the final glass which was clouded by sediment and had to be filtered).

Fruity, meaty, herbaceous, vegetal, a whiff of smoke. Great accompaniment to a steak and mushroom pie…


Saturday night’s 2009 pauillac was in a good place. Lots of blackcurrant still, tannins fully resolved. Don’t see this improving much from here - my slight quibble would be that after the wine starts so well there is a somewhat hollow mid-palate and short finish.

Sunday night with some pork a glass of this and half the bottle decanted into a spare 375ml screwcap for another evening.

Really good wine and excellent value at £12.50. It takes a while to unfurl but when it does it shows lovely rich oily qualities, real mouth coating stuff which demands food.


OK I believe you. I’d vaguely heard of Rotgipfler before but wrongly assumed it was a red grape !

I’m beginning to think you have Jancis Robinson’s massive Wine Grapes tome and are on a mission to try the 1000+ varieties mentioned. Reckon you’ve got Z covered now !

Oh, and once again the wine sounds delicious.


This on Friday, bought back from Argentina and absolutely stunning! From Piedra Negra and made from a blend of two Malbec clones, one an Argentina varietal and the other French, and a little Cabernet:

It has aged beautifully, still has plenty of fruit but wonderfully smooth and luxurious, quickly developing tertiary notes in the glass.

These two on Sunday:

The Volnay definitely showed it’s quality and was a step up over the Spatburgunder, although if memory serves, quite similar in price. Maybe the Kunstler was a little young, although the key difference seemed to be that once in glass the Volnay started subdued but came to life, developing a broader, fuller flavour, whilst the Kunstler started off very ‘burgundian’ and full of flavour but seemed to fade quite quickly to the point that by the end of a glass it was quite ordinary indeed .

Then this last night:

Definitely needed a little air, and at first it was the acidity rather than the tannin that came to the fore, but it seemed to balance fairly quickly and then was rather good indeed, and no rush to drink. My first experience of Thalabert, and on this showing would buy again.


Few friends over at the weekend, staying with us for a local birthday party. Once the kids were off to grandparents we got busy with a beef rib ragu and a few bottles

The 1st, 3rd and 4th from TWS. Tasting notes virtually non-existent I’m afraid, given what came after. Spanish red very big and meaty, an hour in the decanter rounded things off nicely - went very well with the ragu. Portuguese red I favoured a little - bit more acidity and freshness gave it better balance. Still rose was excellent, but I only got half a glass. Sparkling rose I didn’t get on with, but it’s probably down to taste. Still, was far nicer than the next bottle:

Brought by a friend. Never had a sparkling Shiraz before and in no hurry to try another.

Despite four rounds of Mojitos and an ungodly amount of beer (before we even went to the birthday party), there was call for more wine so I opened this as a light red (£10 from Majestic). I have vague memories of airy fruitiness, but need to try again to have any real idea. We didn’t finish the bottle.

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I always find I need to go slow and steady if I’m going to do a jeroboam :+1:



The Lovely Corks people in Bristol stock it. I’m gonna pick up a bottle to try, they have a great range!


Sheesh! You ain’t kidding! :heart_eyes:

I would also recommend their St Laurent, and - if you’re looking for an occasion to spend £30 - their Rotgipfler Satzing. It’s a beautiful wine, which could give a good white Burgundy a run for its money. I had the 2016, mind you.

If you do get the Gumpoldskirchen, would be interested in your impressions! :+1: