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Weekend drinking thread [15-17 Nov 2019]


Much as Bellene wines are quite keenly priced, I’d be surprised if you would get a single vineyard Volnay for £22! I haven’t had that particular wine, but most of his are fairly good. I haven’t had the Kunstler but have had a couple of slightly cheaper German PN which have been good value and decent wines.

The Argentinian wine sounds good…


I would echo these sentiments…possibly because I had it around this time of year and it might work cool at a summer barbie. It needs to be cool or cold to mask its shortcomings, in my view.


Just took a look, turns out it was £26 from the society at the end of September…a little more than I thought (had £23 in my mind), but still very reasonable, and definitely worth the extra over the Spatburgunder i would say!

I think the Martin Wassmer at £14.50 offers much better value, and it was off the back of that and a couple of others I bought the German pinot mixed case, of which the Kunstler was a part.


I have to be so careful in their shop, or I’ll bankrupt myself! They are also great for Italian wine and have loads of eclectic stuff. Between their more trendy and cutting edge stuff and Avery’s great range of the classic regions we are well served here.
Still can’t beat the W/S for value though!


Thanks. £26 is pretty good value I agree.

Interesting comments of the Kunstler. I like the Wassmer one and think it’s good value - just bought some more in fact! The Volnay would have to be good to be worth almost twice as much on a QPR basis.


Just as all wines aren’t created equally neither are Sparkling Shiraz’s. The one mentioned is £7.99 from Aldi so more in the Cava / Prosecco mould of Sparkling Shiraz (no offense to Cava & Prosecco! But you know what I mean)
If you want something decent to benchmark what Sparkling Shiraz is all about you need:
Good appellation
Good / respected producer
Vintage (not NV)
Oak aging (helps complexity)
Method traditional
Which I dare say they above mentioned doesn’t.
Something like this…
Peter Lehmann Masters Black Queen Shiraz Sparkling Wine 2013, 75 cl https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B002PUUUTE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_VHc1DbX8BHBVZ
Goes great with Xmas turkey on a 35°C day :wink:


Sorry re reading my quote it doesn’t make sense! Should have said, tried it once…

All noted. If you change C to F in the last sentence, then it might work in Scotland!


Haha :rofl:
Yes, everything has a time and place. I really like rosè but think it is far more enhanced with sunshine as a side dish.


Agreed, and whilst I have not had the Wassmer for a while, I would say it is certainly different to the Volnay - whether that equates to ‘twice as good’ is another thing!

I also realise that I wasn’t completely clear in my earlier comment on the Volnay being better than Spatburgunder, which was directed solely at the Kunstler rather than all Spatburgunder.


Was that the one you brought to the lunch? That wine was sublime.


Indeed it was! :grinning:
I had two bottles of it - one consumed about a year earlier, and the one I brought to the BYO lunch. Maybe it’s time I got another one…! It would make a great Xmas white.


Sparkling Shiraz… Just say no. Life’s too short.

Actually, come to think of it, I’d say the same for Barossa Shiraz. Came across as very clumsy in the context of our mixed Syrah/Shiraz session here on Sunday (the Stonewell and a Fox Gordon).


I bet it is Brand new a great band I believe from Canada. Bought it on release.
As you can guess I have not been following this thread properly otherwise I would have seen some one has already got it.


You’re probably right. This was not a good example.

You’re also probably right about enjoying it with roast turkey at Christmas on a 35•C day, but the chances of that are pretty slim. I’ll bear it in mind, however :smiley:


Just by chance I popped my bottle of this at the weekend. Drunk over 2 nights. Less impressed than you, just felt it was a little jammy / stewed and just a little tired. Maybe a bad bottle.

However, ‘Spain’ redeemed itself with a lovely Mencia - Dominio do Bibei, Lalama, Ribeira Sacra. Enjoyed by the glass, or in our case carafe, at Chez Bruce on Saturday night (see what I did there…).