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Weekend Drinking Thread [19 to 21 July 2019]



Just popped this, and wow!

Apple and elderflower. Crushed green leaves. Gorgeous Kentish beauty. All hail Bacchus!


Currently trying

Which I picked up at the showroom a while ago. Very fruity and refreshing, with a bit of smoothness from the oak. The label mentions “tangelo” which I hadn’t heard of before. Does it exist or is it just a tasters note I wonder? Oh, apparently it does. To me it’s got much more lemerine flavour but I’m just an amateur!


Mmm, the Rustenberg Straw wine is gorgeously lush :heart_eyes:


Chateau Maucaillou 2010 tonight. Bang on with some gammon.


Lovely supper of pan fried sea bass with a tomato and mango salsa (recipe from Chris Baber on the M&S website M&S food news washed down with bottle of Chablis

P.S. How do I show a picture of the wine from the TWS list?


Gladstone PG tonight ! Fermented in aged oak, stone fruits, pear, classic PG mouthfeel and dry ! Very opulent :+1:.


Put the address in its own line, no need to use the link option.


Spent a beautiful day inside painting so felt i deserved a nice bottle. Chose Thalabert 99, it’s like liquid bacon jam. Delicious.


Chapoutier Marius Syrah Grenache 2017 £10 Avery’s of Bristol
My better half picked up a bottle of this and I drunk the second half after braving a late shift with an annoying summer cold. Perfectly good for a tenner, glad nothing too smart open as my senses are somewhat dulled.


Had that at an English wine tasting recently. One of the stars of the tasting, and £15 is a fair price!


Got these three lined up for a BBQ this afternoon.

Looking forward to trying the El Sacremento, this was made by Jesus Madrazo after he left Contino.


Local music festival this weekend, yesterday we brought a picnic and our permitted two bottles of wine (decanted into plastic)

The Pinot Noir was for later in the evening and good enough for the £3.50 I paid at Lidl on the 25% off deal.

The Pouilly Fumé was one of a pair I purchased from TWS, both Alain Cailbourdin 2017 but different vineyards. This Les Cris was flinty and almost completely mineral, no grass or flowers and the only fruit was maybe a hint of grapefruit on the finish as it warmed up. Fascinating wine for me, even moreso as the Boisefleury we drank last month had hay and dried flowers and even a touch of mango on the palate! The 2017s are now gone but the 2018 Boisefleury is now available and I’m tempted to buy a bottle just to see.


I was neither hungry or thirsty when I logged on 30 minutes ago. Unsurprisingly, things have changed since reading your posts !

Slightly sweet and spicy dishes have been the order of the day lately which has given me the opportunity, more by accident than design, to celebrate ‘31 days of Riesling’.

With roast chicken thighs marinated in pomegranate molasses and sumac…

… the Manzanilla Pasada ( 17% ABV ) from Lustau / Waitrose was picked up in their recent 25% off sale. Ripe apple and lemon fruit, a hint of almonds and yeasty flor flavours all cut by bracing salinity made for a delicious aperitif.

The Karthauserhofberg was a 2015 Kabinett ( 9% ABV ). Light, ethereal and elegant but with wonderful depth of flavour, this just about stood up to the powerful flavours in the dish. Lovely balance between piquant acidity and residual sweetness indicates it should age well too.

One from Friday, with a spiced up hoi-sin sauce stir-fry and one for later today…

… the 2018 Urziger Wurzgarten Kabinett ( 9% ABV ) was the first German Riesling I’ve tried from the vintage. Its intensely fruity mineral nose actually made my nostrils tingle. On tasting, the wine just exploded on the palate with vibrant lime sherbet and mineral flavours, the balance between tingling acidity and residual sweetness was absolutely spot-on. On this evidence. I’m very much looking forward to TWS offer for German wines from this vintage.

The 2015 Erbacher Marcobrunn Kabinett ( 11% ABV ) from Langwerth Von Simmern will be opened later with nibbles and another stir-fry. Hopefully it’ll match the stiff competition from earlier in the weekend.

Happy drinking everyone, have a lovely day.


A glass each of this as an aperitif, Loving the flexibility half bottles give to our drinking. Hugel wines are so reliable. Good spiced peach, pear and the typical richness of good Alsace P-G.

Then we are having Smokey tomato and pepper stew with pesto butterbean mash with this:

Have enjoyed the “La Belle Romaine” from this producer so looking forward to this.


This last night:

Drinking very nicely after an hour or so in the decanter, with lovely tertiary flavours present. The tannins are still there, although they did soften over the evening, suggesting this has a while to go yet, although it was my final bottle.

This is on the cards for this eve:

It will be an interesting comparison to Friday’s Spatburgunder!


I picked up some 2016 Ch Maucaillou when I was in France in the winter. I’m planning on keeping it for another 3 years at least. Did you think yours was young or just right after 9 years?

(I also had their second wine - Le No2 de Maucaillou - which is also very nice and good value).


The Keller GG Riesling is very good, definitely a step up from the Von Der Fels that I also love, but it should be for the price. I will probably stick to the VdF for more frequent drinking. Did go in to Howard Ripley to secure the new vintage along with sone other entry level wines from Keller: Scheurebe, Sylvaner and Riesling. Gracious for the tip to @cerberus.

Drinking the last glass while cooking s five spice pork belly and water spinach (aka morning glory… I wonder if) stir fry to take for lunch tomorrow.


I’ll be interested to hear how you, @Olivercg, get on with the El Sacramento. I’ve been wondering about them and particularly whether they are worth the slightly high price tag.

I’ll also be interested to know how you, @Alex88, get on with that Le Comte Rouge as I have some but haven’t tried it yet.


A lovely long walk in the Sussex Downs had whet the appetite, so we’re making some Chicken Chermoula (probably one of our favourite chicken dishes):

Decided to open a 2017 WS Vin d’Alsace, made by Hugel, to go with it:

Back in April, we had a tasting at the Hugel wine shop in Riquewihr, and the first wine we tasted was their 2017 ‘Gentil’ - which is a blend of noble grapes (Sylvaner, PG, Gewurtz, Riesling and Muscat). I suspect this one is pretty much the same wine- but can’t be sure.

In any case for a £9.50 price tag this is pure joy in a glass. It encapsulates everything we love about Alsatian wine: haunting aroma (ripe apple, peach, jasmine, lychee, grape, citrus, wet stones) followed by a wonderfully pleasing palate of peach, quince, spice, lychee, white blossom and a zesty orange on the dry finish. What’s not to like? It really does baffle me why some people bypass Alsace altogether. We both agreed we would drink this any time of the year, on any occasion, in any mood… :star_struck:

Happy Sunday, one and all! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


Just right I would say, though plenty of time to go still