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Weekend drinking thread [1st -3rd Feb 2019]



Do you think there would be enough interest though ?
This is a subject that is not only about Riesling, it has voiced by many regarding various wines as to the merits or not of ageing and in many ways is an old world new world conflict, much has been written over the years with good articles on both sides and some surprising facts, I would be happy to put something together to kick it of, IF there is enough interest ?


Sorry to sidetrack the Riesling thread… :wink:

Just opened my second bottle of the Ostoros PN and must say it is VGV. Unpretentious, no need to decant.

This would set you back £3 tops in a Hungarian supermarket… including the 27% VAT. The difference will be duty and freight.

Seville orange marmalade making time…


Back to the drinking thread, this one I had on Friday night, purchased in M&S as they had a 33% off on selected wines, haven’t drunk a wine from Collioure for some time so took a punt, at just over £8 with discount this turned out to be a very good punt.
A Grenache Mourvedre blend, very dark good nose of dark fruits, dry crisp lots fruit but restrained and acidity to make it a good food wine, sadly only picked up one bottle and doubt if there are any more as it was at the end of the offer and there was no sign of it on the web site


Cheap Malbec from Sainsburys. Hangs head in shame! It went very well with the rugby though… Sorry @Leah


Heavy night at a Burns Supper on Friday, so lying low(ish) yesterday…

a brisk walk in the snow in -3c did wake me up a bit and had a couple of glasses of Musar 1999.

Unmistakeably Musar, and one of the best ones I’ve had. Great balance - spicy fruit, tannins and a little sweetness on the finish. I think it will drink well for quite a while yet. Great with venison, rosti potato and red cabbage.


I don’t think the better Aussie ones are like Alsace (or Germany)…they are quite distinctively Australian to my taste at least. The Jim Barry and a couple of other decent ones I’ve had were good in their own way, and matched Thai style cooking well. I had the Lidl one a few months ago and it was acceptable too…and nothing like Sauvignon Blanc, which must have been quite disappointing for you. As you say, why try to make it in that style?


Go for it, @cerberus! As a lover of Riesling I, for one, would be interested… :blush:


OK Inbar, I will put something together over the next couple of days.


Yesterday I had a very good English sparkling wine: Cottoworth Cuveé NV. Fruity with apples and pink grapefruit acidity and toasted buttery brioche on palate plenty effervescence. It went well with a creamy fish pie. It is made in Hampshire, on the Test Valley, close to Winchester. A luxury, wine made 10 miles from where I live!


Had these two interesting wines this weekend. The Luigi Baudana was excellent. Never had this wine before but was tempted by other member reviews. Was possible the best new white wine I have tried in the past 6 months.crisp but round and creamy. Really was great. Will be ordering more!
The chateau Montalivet Blanc 1985 was interesting. It was past its best in my opinion. But certainly considering it’s age was most certainly drinkable. Fruit was quite dry. Oak just in the background. Not unpleasant. But worth trying something you don’t normally drink.


2009 Chasse Spleen and roast lamb here this evening.

I tried the 08 a few months ago at a tasting and loved it. I then snapped 6 of these up when I swapped out a vintage cellar plan allocation.

Being a good vintage, I wonder if the 09 will need more time. We shall see!


I holidayed in Collioure last summer and the Voiles de Paulilles was the excellent house red in a number of restaurants we went in, and was widely available in many of the local shop and bars. We had a couple of bottles over the course of our stay and I remembered that wine to be very good. I hadn’t appreciated it was available here, but will look out for it.


This is sitting in the decanter waiting for a Sunday night chilli. Quite a serious Northern Rhone syrah for the price (impression from a quick taste). The 2016 seems a solid bet for medium term keeping.


Opened this yesterday and planning to finish it off later…

Delicious! Better than most Chiantis I’ve had recently - full bodied, cherry fruited and very smooth, but with a bitter edge at the end - would be good with a wide range of food. No sweetness as such, which is refreshing. Not cheap at £18, but I think VFM, especially with a 10 year drinking window - by 2025, £18 will seem a bargain!


I’m really struggling trying not to drink the whole case of this on the primary fruit.

There is a tannic bite that would certainly mellow with age but the acidity is such that it clears the palate drying character very quickly and the fruit is just so good.


Very good: complex, subtle, intriguing.


We’re making seafood Paella this evening, and as there’s no Verdejo in the house (which would have been my first choice), decided to open a Roero Arneis instead:

We got this in ASDA - for just over £9, and it’s worth every penny. It’s got all the hallmarks of the grape- a real varietal example. We got peach, stem ginger and white flower blossom on the nose, and on the palate - a creamy texture (which is one of the things I love about Arneis), which has white peach notes, honey and the most lively orange zest lift on the finish.

What a bargain! And should go very nicely with the little seafood concoction currently bubbling away on the hob. :clinking_glasses::+1:


Chateau Castera 1982 An auction makeweight tonight but it really over-delivered! Fresh with gently fading mellow fruit. Cork in good nick too. Autumnal for a glorious sunny day, this is my kind of claret.


That is a lovely wine. I had a bottle in a mixed Rhone case a few years back and it had so much going for it.


Those folk at Chasse-Spleen do seem to know how to put a good bottle of wine together. Actually I think I may be falling in love with Moulis! I only tried my first Moulis maybe 18 months ago and so far I’ve never been disappointed :grinning: