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Weekend drinking thread [1st-3rd November 2019]


Pondering what to drink this weekend. In the house on my own, rugby to watch tomorrow morning, admin to catch up with.
Wife, daughters and their friends of to replicate my eldest daughter’s hen party from last year. They’ve pilfered the following from the wine rack:

I may just stick to this:


The sobriety of this worldcup has been very odd!

Meanwhile, weekend wise, I tried this as part of of the Spanish Wine Scholar course I’m doing at the moment. It was so delicious I’ve grabbed some of it! If you like weird Rosé (which I really do!) this is a great.


This was a recommendation from Harry Ayres on Country Life. Anyone had this before? What about any other wines from the same producer? I haven’t had many German Rieslings outside of Donhoff, so keen to see how this compares.


I haven’t tried Madeira in a while. The last time I had one, was the Rainwater bottling carried by TWS (excellent). This time, i went for this, which will arrive on Monday. Any feedback?


Off out to see Jimeoin do some comedy stuff this evening, so I’ll be drinking the generic wine offered by Worthing Assembly Hall, I imagine. Tomorrow’s a different matter though. I’ll be coming home from getting soaked at the fireworks display in Hove and will need something warming. Feels like the perfect opportunity to give this a go:


I decided to give this a try after reading a review from Harry Ayres. Keen to hear what others think.


White port! Not my thing. Unless it’s fresh and zesty. Which seems to be the case for this one. I will find out next week, when it arrives. Keen to hear others’ feedback.


We had a brand new member join last month on the back of a series of Harry Eyres recommendations in Country Life. He gets things right … or maybe he has a palate akin to mine, as his faves are often mine. Am all-round good egg and a stalwart of our recent press tastings.


Affordable Sangiovese. These are not two words that go usually together. This is another one of Harry’s recommendations. Let’s see how it goes. More on it next week:


Had some of this at the press tasting in June. Loved it, but should have got some for Summer. Have with tonic, lime and mint.


Not tried it, but although described as medium sweet, be careful not to eat anything too sweet with it.

The recommendations by TWS of nuts and cheese should work very nicely


This has the lovely distinctive Nebbiolo brick red colour in the decanter. Have loved this producer’s Ghemme and Gattinara wines in the past, looking forward to this inexpensive fruit driven style with veggie shepherd’s pie.


Dreary old day here. Need a bit of a winter warmer. Not complex but fruity and spicy and warming (says 15.5%, feels like more). Anaesthesia beckons…


Guigal CDR 2015. A beauty.


The 2004 was of this was fantastic. 14% and much better balanced. The 2005… A bit like a dry Port!


Absolutely delicious. Very much a New World Pinot Noir, with tart cherries and an uncomplicated but very long finish. A lovely wine for a Friday evening. Very good value for the price.


Perfect pasta wine.


Second day of Exhibition Riesling. Not so much fruit today and more of the keroseney thing going on. Still okay but I don’t like it as much. Should have put more effort into drinking it yesterday!


Finished off two bottles from yesterday.

Uvaggio, Proprietà Sperino 2013 My second bottle of this, and the disappointing showing of the first was no fluke. Have followed this wine since TWS first stocked it, I think the 2007 vintage. It seems now to have shrunk to a fairly light everyday quaffer, a pity when I remember the ethereal and classy character of the initial vintages. I can only presume that now the best grapes go into posher cuvees. Poor value, not a buy for me anymore.

Cahors Cuvee Reservee de l,Aiuel 2009, Chateau Eugenie this one, on the other hand, somewhat exceeded (admittedly quite low) expectations. In a good place I think. I don’t buy Cahors anymore because they don’t really work with anything I eat, but while Cahors Is never going to be a hug of a wine this one had good fruit and authentic character. Just the right amount of austerity.


Chardonnay tonight at our local wine tasting club.

All wines from either TWS or Waitrose. The TWS exhibition Tasmanian and NZ wines did not fare well at all at our table - both very acidic. There may have been bottle variation given comments from another table. Wine of the night for me was the Pouilly Fuisse, with the Napa Valley and Limari coming close behind.