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Weekend drinking thread [22-24 November 2019]



Saturday night with steak frites…

Haven’t had this for ages, and it merited the good reviews and comments on here. A very well balanced and complete wine I thought. Will aim to finish the other half tonight as some solace after a funeral today of someone far too young…

Had this last night with roast turbot.

It was good, but not as good as the Rias Baxias we had recently in Mallorca. This one was drier and didn’t have the length of the other. Very pleasant though.


Heavy on the Bordeaux this weekend:
Started the weekend with a small taster of this - happened to walk into BBR in need of a corkscrew, and they were doing a free Coravin demonstration, so was more than happy to sample:

Lots of fruit on the nose on pouring, quite closed on the palette but began to open up after some vigorous swirling in the glass whilst wandering the shop. Relatively primary still, though with tannins starting to integrate nicely. I would imagine that given an hour+ in the decanter this would be fantastic.

Then opened this with some colleagues in the office (hence the sudden need for a corkscrew):

Second bottle of a case of 6, and starting to enter a better drinking phase. Still a little closed at first, but tannins have softened. Opened a few hours before drinking, but could really have used a proper decant. Will almost certainly leave it a little while before opening the next bottle.

This was Saturday:

This one did get the proper treatment and a good long time in the decanter. Very well balanced, still showing some fruit whilst starting to show some tertiary notes. Definitely can be enjoyed from now, but no rush to drink up.

Finally, this was Sunday:

Again, showing excellent balance, with some fruit and developing some nice Burgundian tertiary notes, medium boded - lovely by itself or with food


I love the fish that end in but - halibut and turbot (the latter only qualifies if you say it with a northern accent :wink:)


Be careful, I’m not sure that’s the same Quenard. When I was looking at Savoie wines I found about half a dozen different producers with the Quenard surname. Either a very accomplished wine family or a very common name in the area, I suspect the latter.


That’s so nice James , wine is a bit like music when it evokes memories of good times and people .


Ouch! You’re right! :thinking: just had a look and there are at least three Quenards I came across…! Would be interesting to find out whether it’s a prolific family (does happen - look at the Palacios or Torres in Spain), or just a common Savoie name…


Yes, I seem to recall The World Atlas of Wine recommends one of them for the Chignin-Bergeron and I thought I’d hit the jackpot with that one until I realised it was a different one! :smiley:


Surely there’s only one Torres family making wine in Spain? Unless you count the wonderful Matias I Torres on La Palma, anyway. And same goes for Palacios as far as I know. Obviously each of these families has their fingers in many pies!


I suppose what I mean is that one can encounter wines from Rafa Palacios, and wines from Alvaro Palacios and not necessarily know that they are part of the same family, just doing different projects.


Ah ok! But the Quenard case is different, no? And countless others in the more traditional regions of France and N Italy, no doubt. The Palacios are the same family and not separate branches that have each gone their own way. Not that it matters, of course… Apart from being pretty confusing in cases like the multiple Quenards!


That’s the bit I don’t know… Is there one Quenard family with different generations doing different things, or working in different parts of Savoie?
It’s not something to lose sleep over, of course :grinning:


I thought it was like the Conternos in Barolo and lots in Burgundy… Presumably the family holdings divided between offspring, each of which went their separate ways over generations? Seems to be more of a thing in areas where the wines were highly valued, and not so much in places where people scraped a living.


My favourite wine ever. Dark fruit nose with cocoa and tertiary notes coming through. Big, bold and concentrated.

Collaboration between Catena and Lafite Rothschild.

I will never tire of this wine. Never.


I wonder if there is a Cristal Palacios anywhere?

I will fetch my coat…again…


I’m sure that the Govan branch in Glasgow will do a good trade in that orange wine :wink: !


Making Great Exhibition wines?


Ahem, their fino sherry, 15% ABV, at £4.70 gets my vote for bang per buck.

The buy 6 save 25% offer isn’t available in Scotland but it is here, wayhay !

Edit - have never been to Govan but I’ve just realised you maybe alluding to fake tans not excessive boozing. Apologies if so and to the people of Govan themselves.


I too have never been there, but given that it’s home to Ibrox Park, I’m guessing that it’s political sympathies that @MarkC is referring to.


Some may call it political…the colour of the wine is the clue…


Thanks for explaining, that now makes perfect sense !

I have a long history of grabbing the wrong end of sticks and digging large holes for myself. Nothing has changed it seems.