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Weekend drinking thread [28-30 June 2019]


Just part of tonight’s offering at a pre-Glasgow-Festival-of-Wine dinner at Cail Bruich. I may be gone for some time …


What a line up! Cheers​:blush::champagne::clinking_glasses::wine_glass::clinking_glasses:


Another weekend already? Where’s the corkscrew?


Or to paraphrase Eliot’s Prufrock: “I have measured out my life in wine glasses”… :grinning:


We are breaking g our two week alcohol fast with these favourites tonight

Tomorrow we have friends round for a BBQ and we are serving a couple of Algarve reds we bought with them whilst there on holiday.

A Joao Clara Homenagem 2009

And a Quinta do Frances 2014 blend of local and international ie cab Sauvignon and Syrah

Happy weekend folks. Keep cool and enjoy lovely weather and wine.


Ordered the ‘Fine Rose’ mixed case - bottle #1 living up to its billing - delicious!


1980’s Teachers’s blended whisky, 60% malt (mostly Glendronach). OK, not just for this weekend. And it is rather special after 35 years in bottle. Not bad for £69 + postage. Cant help thinking this makes overpriced Bordeaux or Bordeaux look ridiculous.

Strangely - is somewhere between Whisky and very old Armagnac, nothing like a modern whisky. Deep caramel notes, mint, very hard to pin down and rather more-ish. Very, very pleasurable.


After an interesting day in the hills with 30, 10 year olds from the Black Country; needed to settle down with a T bone steak, wild salad and a wine that was not too threatening.

This was the choice. Occasionally it felt a little thin, but overall suited the weather, the food etc.


Didn’t need the corkscrew as have gone for this

while cooking a mahoosive curry. Very much green apple and lemon, fresh and clean. I hope it won’t be overwhelmed by the madras style curry.
It’s a nice wine but I think the Liberator chenin has left a difficult to match standard in my mind.


Having tried salsify for the first time while eating out last week, I decided to try cooking it for myself. Used it to accompany some wild sea trout with wilted rocket and a citrus butter.

What to drink? This 2013 Grand Cru Kastelberg riesling from Rémy Gresser would probably divide the community. People who love riesling would love it; those who don’t would really not like it. Very mineral and long, already quite typical “petrol” aromas and taste, but also a strong streak of lime to match the sauce. The intensity gives it a slightly spicy finish. This seems to be very much ready to drink now, which is quite young for this wine - often it takes time to come round. 2013s seem to be ready early.


Wild sea trout - yum!


I jumped at it when I saw it at the fishmonger this morning :slight_smile:


A half of this, lovely and alas out of stock. Textbook marsanne, lovely and balanced at about the right price.

Then some of this:

Enjoyed it very much, on the look out for other En Rama sherries to try. Lovely lightness and freshness to it. Not as complex as older examples but the lightness of touch is lovely


Only buy it if it jumps at you


I thought it was going to. Very fresh :fish:


Here is the full selection of wines at last night’s meal … :open_mouth:


Looks like a decadent dinner you had. That aged Zweigelt from the Neusiedlersee seems really intriguing. I have had single varietal Zweigelt from the same vintage from another producer on the other side of the lake (where the lake is called Fertô tó). Sublime.


Was very decadent - generosity from all participants.


Sipping wine opened for the weekend, in the eto decanted. Chef’s perks first glass very promising. Gracious in its age…

In the evening with roast chicken this posh Italian white (I was advised against, so I got both this and the Hofstatter PB). Website says avocado with prawns, which I will again defy… there seems to be a glitch as avocado with prawns seems to come up with everything…

… and yes, that is me on the eto…


Birthday weekend for me, so tonight its the Donnhoff Niederhauser Hermannshohle Riesling Spatlese 2012, to go with some Chinese goodies we are eating later.

Tomorrow will be serving a bottle of this bought recently. The WS drink by date is 2014, but if it’s over the hill I know I’ll get a credit. I suspect it will be still drinking well as W/D drink buys are uber conservative in most cases. (Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2015 in reserve)

Waitrose Sauternes 2011 (Suduiraut) in the fridge as well.