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Weekend drinking thread [29th Nov - 1st Dec 2019]


Mid-bodied, my notes mention cherry and tobacco, and a good balancing acidity. I would say that it should be drunk with food, not so much to tame it, as to bring it to life.


Single vineyard, vintage (2015) manzanilla.


We made @robertd’s Pot Roast Chicken dish this evening, to go with the general autumnal (or is it wintry, now?) feeling… had it with rice, rather than spuds, and rainbow chard, which I absolutely love. Thanks again for posting this fab recipe, Robert:

There was only one thing we fancied drinking with it – an Alsatian Pinot Gris. So we opened a 2017 Schlumberger Grand Cru ‘Spiegel’ – a wine that always feels like a sort of homecoming. It never fails to delight, with its orange blossom, pear, apple, honey and ginger nose, and its stewed apple, tangerine, white flowers and Chinese Five Spice palate. The texture is just wonderful – it’s full, without being overbearing, off dry but balanced by a zesty acidity, and the depth of it is just stunning. It keeps going on and on… simply delicious!

As an aside, we cooked the chicken in a 2018 Tesco German Riesling from the Rheinhessen, which surprised us both; we really didn’t expect much for £5, but it was delightful, with nice lime, apple and a whiff of smoke notes- though clearly fairly simple, with a short finish. Still – I’d rather have this for £5 than a boring Veneto PG any day….

Happy weekend! :clinking_glasses:


Got these open this weekend.


I recommended the white on @Bluebeard’s golden wedding anniversary wine thread. I think it’s really good value. Immediate mineral flavours, some lemon on the mid-palate. Medium body and length. Not sure what hawthorne tastes/smells like (TWS tasting notes), but there is something there that I really can’t put my finger on, might well be that :thinking:

The red was part of a punt Black Friday mystery mixed case from Specialist Cellars. Quite an intense PN, comparatively dark in colour, concentrated cherry on the nose (even my 8-year old daughter came straight out with cherry, unprompted) and palate. Decent structure, fine tannins and acidity holding it all together. Overall pretty enjoyable, very happy at my Black Friday price.

Realised this afternoon that there was nothing organised for supper so whipped some pig cheeks out of the freezer and found a recipe I liked the look of. Though I didn’t follow precisely - for a start I needed to use the pressure cooker to get them right from frozen, it worked out really well. Rich and unctuous, with greens, roast celeriac and buttery mash. However, it didn’t really work with either of the open bottles above. The white didn’t have the acidity to cut through the richness of the meat and the red was just a little intense. Was crying out for a dry Riesling with a few years behind it, but hey, next time

Mid week Drinking thread [Dec 2nd-6th 2019]

This was a real treat

Oak well integrated, fat in the mouth with lovely creamy and tropical fruit flavours. Nice as an apero and then better with smoked salmon. Then this beautiful beast all vaniIla, violets and blueberry


Glad that worked well for you @Inbar. Wine sounds great, too.

We had a small celebration of new jobs for our two eldest children, with our (eldest) daughter home for the weekend. So kicked off with a bottle of Moët that I was given a couple of years ago, followed by a Louis Sipp GC Osterberg gewurztraminer 2012. I cooked Chinese - salt and pepper squid, beef in oyster sauce, and bang bang chicken.

No-one on the Community ever drinks Moët, but actually with a couple of years cellaring there were lots of good orchardy, yeasty flavours, and it made an excellent aperitif. The Sipp gewurz was just lovely. Osterberg wines always seem to be able to restrain and compress any over-exuberance of gewurz, giving a balanced power to the fruit and spice that’s not often found, and this was a perfect counterpoint to the food. Still tasted very young and fresh, too.


Opened up a bottle of this last night. Always a pleasure. Light med body, plenty of crunchy juicy fruit. Does well for 20m in the fridge.

Then this with Thai tonight.

Very floral at times, reminded me of a muscat!


Opened this on Friday evening:

It’s not often a wines bouquet will make me groan with pleasure…but this was next level. Going to finish it this evening.

Yesterday we drove into London for our first "Christmas Dinner " of the season. Brought a few bottles with us so we could stay over.

A couple of bottles of one of my favourite fizzes of the year, Chapel Down Bacchus, so refreshing and just perfect with bubbles and canapes.

And then a magnum of this:

I had a bit of a battle with the wax capsule on the top and ended up the waiters friend lodged in the knuckle of my index finger, but it was worth it… I’m not surprised to see it’s out of stock. It’s delicious.


Delved into the stash a bit this weekend for a bottle of 2009 Chateau Caronne Ste Gemme. What a treat. I was expecting a bit more black currant on the palate but tended far more towards strawberry and cherry. All the other flavours I’d expected were there though: cedar cigar, leather, hint of vanilla. A delicious wine that’s probably at its peak now, so if you’ve got some don’t feel you need to wait any longer.

Roast leg of lamb this evening, and I’ll probably go with this. Looking forward to it already!


I was tempted by that Cacik white @JamesE sounds delicious.

Last night we ate smoked haddock on mash with purple kale and a hollandaise sauce. The sauce split a bit just as I was plating up so no photo. Still scrummy though. We drank a bottle of Nytimber picked up earlier in the day, the last bottle in my local Waitrose, on offer at £27 and a bargain at that. At least as enjoyable as the 2008 Tattinger from a few weeks ago…

Tonight is sausages and mash, got my annual bottle of Bojo Novo at the same time as the fizz which should be just the ticket!


On Friday it was disappointing, one dimensional sour and oxidised… Yesterday and today it is a different wine, still getting better I think (good job there is still more in the bottle). Still got those sherries notes, but mellower, same with the acidity. Some honey notes to the fore, light as a feather, complex and balanced. I honestly contemplated pouring it down the sink on Friday, would have been a shame.


Hope your finger is ok, I’ll bear that in mind when I open mine! Very glad to hear it’s delicious :yum:


As always I’ve very much enjoyed reading about what you’ve all been drinking this weekend. I’m a bit envious and feel like a lightweight in comparison !

Two from the Southern Rhone for me…

…the ‘Terre d’Argile’ 2013, on the left, was every bit as good as the superb 2012 recently tried. Opened on Friday and finished yesterday it was just as good on day two. Spicy plum fruitcake with a surprising floral note on the nose. A fresh tingling attack with plum. black cherry, berry and spice flavours that build in intensity on tasting. Deeply flavoured, but with no heaviness, lovely balance and a supple texture with a bit of chew on the finish. Wonderful value at £13.50 too.

The Cairanne ’ Haut Coustias’ 2015 was very different. Mourvedre dominates both the nose and palate. Which, forgive me, reminds me of ointment (Germolene), sticking plaster and violets. It also has some underlying earthy spice too. Fresh and savoury on tasting, it holds its 14.5 % alcohol lightly. The black cherry and blood orange flavours have good persistence but are simply not to my taste and confirms my personal problem with French Mourvedre, first encountered many years ago, with a bottle of Coudoulet de Beaucastel. I should add that many others would enjoy this far more.

As an aside, TWS described it as a GSM blend. The back label suggests it’s MGS. I was intrigued to find out today the proportion of Mourvedre in the blend as it was so evident. The producers website states a 60:20:20 MGS blend. I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I’d been aware of that fact. Oh well !

I’ll find out later if I like it more on day two.


I so so strongly wish TWS would publish the blend percentages, at least when they are readily available.


It’s been years since I’ve had a Dolcetto. I actually discovered the variety through this producer, so looking forward to this…


Pecchenini dolcetto specialists. Good to see this on the list, though I tend to prefer barbera myself.


From L-R
Saturday night with a curry on the sofa, strictly and then a movie.
From Latitude in Leeds. Poor man’s Pinot as it is sometimes described in the Barossa. Absolutely delicious example. Everything you would want in a new world Grenache.
Final dregs of my Weller 12 tonight :cry:
In the decanter to go with beef shin ragu and gnocchi.
They sell their grapes as well as produce their own wines. Their best grapes are consistently sold to Penfolds and often end up in Grange. This however is 1/19th of the price of Grange!


Good to hear about the Janasse, it has always intrigued me but never actually heard what it tastes like before!


We had a delightful bottle of Romanian red at the Fishmarket, Newhaven, Edinburgh on Friday. It went very well with my selection of Scottish oysters that preceded the main fish and chips.

From their wine list:-
PINOT NOIR, Calusari, Viile Timisului, Romania 2017

Fishmarket, 23a Pier Place, Newhaven, Edinburgh, EH6 4LP


This weekend, one of my favourite entry level ribera del duero red wines Emilio Moro’s Resalso First experienced as an accompaniment to some slow cooked beef shin in San Sebastien and it always takes me back there. Very fruit driven, but some good value complexity going on too. I think I need to stock up some more of this soon. Their entire range is good. Malleolus at a bit higher end is great.