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Weekend drinking thread [2nd-4th August 2019]


Do please let us know how you get on, @Inbar. I have enjoyed every one of Dermot Sugrue’s wines I have ever had, but sometimes others seem to find them hard to get on with, and I have no idea why.


Will do, for sure! I really enjoyed the Wiston wines at the Three Wine Men fizz event I went to in May - though I confess, I can’t remember which, and my notes were all over the place. So I look forward to a proper tasting at their winery.

However, one of his wines I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of times, most recently after my WSET 3 exam (our tutor treated us - we needed it, too!) is the 2014 Black Dog Hill Classic Cuvee:

Highly recommended, if you haven’t tried it yet. :+1:


I haven’t tried that one, but he also makes the wine for Jenkyn Place, which is not far from me and which I buy often. Always good.


Clearly he’s got his fingers in many pies (or wine bottles)!.. Either that, or he’s just exceptionally good at what he does! :grinning:


Yes, contract winemaking must be a good additional source of income if you are good at what you do. Two others I know of are Ridgeview and Hattingley Valley, though no doubt many others.

Right, end of diversion!


I’ve got a Dr. Brendan O’ Regan squirreled away for a special occasion in the future :wink:


Fantastic - how did they show?

I had the 1996 of the CDLT Clos Vougeot earlier this year and it was (as you’d expect) rather delicious


CDLT was my favourite also. Not sure if 04 was a better vintage than 07 for red Burgs (I think so?) which had an effect. Ripe, tight, structured, lovely slight grip of tannins. It felt like it was the most serious (I mean they’re all serious! But you know what I mean)
The 2 x 07’s were completely different. The Charmes-Chambertin seemed young in comparison to the Echezeaux.
The Echezeaux was all forest floor, wet leaves, earthy goodness and quite developed and ‘cuddly’ but seemed to lack a bit of the tension of the other 2. I liked it but (maybe sacrilege to say) preferred the other 2. Maybe just personal preference. The C-C on the other hand had all of those tertiary notes showing but darker fruit and further room for development which I tend to enjoy/look for in my Pinot’s
The Felton Road was great as well but maybe not as well balanced (acidity addition?) and a bit younger. Darker, riper fruit as you would expect. Still got time on its side. Certainly not disgraced.
Hope that helps.


Samoens is one of my favourite places having skied there for 10-15 years. A friend has a place there. Never been in the summer but am trying to organise a September visit ATM. Any upto date tips welcome.


We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday so after a family BBQ came home and enjoyed this. Its in a really good place now and if I recall correctly picked it up for south of £20 on an auction site. I got a lot of aniseed and the flavour went on forever. My wife described it as “mushroomy”. Either way we both loved it!


Congratulations, @NickP! :slight_smile: What a great wine choice too…!
Our anniversary is today, so (almost) snap :wink:


Happy anniversary (you too @NickP)

Hope you’re doing (drinking) something nice :smile:


Haven’t decided yet… but hopefully should be something a little bit more special :smile:


Happy anniversaries to both @Inbar and @NickP! :smiley:


Happy anniversaries, @NickP & @Inbar!


Thanks, @MikeFranklin and @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis! :grinning:
Hard to feel celebratory at the moment, but once work has finished…:tada:


Hi Russ,

This was our first trip and we loved it. Did you want restaurant tips or generalized tips?


P.s Found this wine at the wine shop Le Nez en l’air in the village centre ( cost me 30 euros) . He sold a few Pataille wines as well as Pierre Bourree wines which I find difficult to find here.


The 03 Contino Reserva is stellar. A bargain for the pleasure it gives. Hit the button and blame me if you receive any friendly fire.


Yes any tips on restaurants welcome. We probably know most of them but I missed going this year so there will be a few changes.

also as we’ve not been outside skiing so any any tips on activities.

I know the wine shop, it has a good selection. The other shop https://hiver.samoens.com/commerce-et-service/1/95566-la-feuille-de-vigne-savoyarde.html has a good selection too, and organise a wine tasting weekend in mid January each year, they invite a lot of wine growers and have big events in a tent next to the ice rink and in local restaurants. Worth knowing if you plan a skiing trip.


Hi Russ,

We hired a car at Geneva airport - we needed it to get around. We stayed at Neige et Roc - approx 500m from the village centre. The food is good and the wine list had a large selection of half bottles. Their wine list was the best I saw all holiday.

The pizzas at Le Serac were very good and on a Tuesday night the restaurant was fully booked. I really liked the food at Au Relais at Septimontain - my wife thought their fondue was excellent

We also ate at La table de Fifine - the food was good but too expensive. Their wine list was also disappointing.

The best value meal was either Le serac or Le Tourne Pierrre which is on the main road as you enter Morillon.

With regards to trips, we drove and walked around Lac de Montriond which was beautiful.
Drive to Col de Joux Plane - the view of Mont Blanc is stunning. We also drove to Sixt a fer Cheval - another beautiful place to walk.
If you are going with children, they would love the water park - Vitam Park in Neydens near Geneva.

Hope that helps. If you need any further info please let me know.