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Weekend drinking thread [2nd-4th November 2018]


If you fancy sharing a recipe… :grinning:


With pleasure! It’s based on a Hairy Bikers recipe. I’ll add it to the WIKI list when I got a moment :wink:


It was a lovely wine, @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis! - and made an interesting aperitif. It was just as I remembered it (only had it once before, they sell it at a local shop to me called Quaff). It was a nice ‘marriage’ of the Gros Manseng fruitiness - ripe peach and some pineapple too (or so I thought)- with the acidity and ‘grassiness’ of the Sauvignon Blanc. Good mouthfeel, with a nice lemony finish. I shall buy it again, for sure. :ok_hand:


Recovering from the first rollercoaster ride of autumn internationals.
Just started tucking in to this

Made a juniper rich meatball dish for later once the fireworks and bonfire are done.
The trumpkin pumpkin is wilting… hey ho… if only.


I don’t know if anyone else does it but I sometimes buy wines to act as a protection to stop me drinking other wines too soon. This is a case in point. I purchased quite a lot of 2014 white burgundy which I find it hard to resist (and I wish I had bought more). I got a case of this Oregon Chardonnay to stop me drinking the white burgundy too quickly. It has some similarities to a warmer burgundy vintage and nice slightly tropical fruit and a little oaky/buttery character but I wouldn’t want to keep this more than a couple of years. I suspect this will be the white of choice for Christmas Day - I think it will appeal to the wider family.


Where did you buy this from @Oldandintheway?


I am never quite sure if it’s appropriate to name other merchants on the community site but as you ask it was AB Vintners.


Its absolutely fine. I have developed a taste for Willamette Pinot Noir but would love to try more Chardonnay from there hence my interest. I’ve only ever had a couple.Thank you, sounds like you’d recommend this one .


This is rather good, the rustic tannat complements the red fruit of the cabernet franc. Some mature leathery notes but seems to have the potential to age as well. Smart wine with good South West character. Will look out for future vintages.


Started the evening with this Crémant from Lidl:


What an absolute bargain! Quite Champagne-like on the nose, with ripe pear, honeyed fragrance and a lovely brioche/biscuit note; delicious on the palate with notes of pear, perhaps even some strawberries (?) and a bright acidity. A lingering finish - absolutely moreish! Going to get a few more bottles for Christmas, for sure! :ok_hand:


After another excellent walk in the South Downs I decided to reward myself with an easy drinker, and this certainly fits the bill:

Full flavoured and full bodied, soft and smooth pepper and dark fruits. Dangerously easy drinking. Gluggable. Might just have to have a second glass :smiley:

I’ve not drunk a lot of Carignan but I seem to have liked most of what I have had: from Spain (Anayon Carinena), Lebanon (Musar), Cevennes (Gournier).


I am with you on that. 2014 white Burgundy can be irresistible.


I had a variety of St Chinian and loved them all


Well this is my first and I’m sold; at £6.50 this one is fantastic value.


I agree - I’ve had a couple of old vine Carignan this year and have been impressed. It’s a been a good choice when eating out as very fairly priced and goes well with quite a lot of food.


Drinking the second half of Ardanza 2009 Rioja Alta Reserva. Beautiful balanced wine with great fruit and nice length. It young but a good vintage of this classic.


Sounds lovely. If you, say, had a single bottle of this - would you hold on for a bit or dive in?



That’s the question I ask myself the most. On this wine I’d drink it now, as if you like the wine you can stock up on it still. It’s drinking but will be for 10 years I’d say.



This weekend -

Yesterday - 2014 Santenay La Comme, René Lequin-Colin Delicious! A nicely additional aromatic note is creeping into the palate as compared with the last one I had. Well-balanced.

Today - 2006 Chablis Mont de Milieu, Laroche. I like my Chablis with a bit of bottle age on it. This one is under screwcap so no worries there.


Lined this up to warm up with after fireworks tonight. Should go ok with a basic cheeseboard for “pudding” after obligatory bonfire hotdogs

Last one from a few bought from the producer a few years ago. Not the best vintage, let’s see how it has done