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Weekend drinking thread [2nd-4th November 2018]


Making our favourite Moules dinner this evening - Moules a la Normande, and this will accompany it:

Tried it back in July, from the showroom enomatic, and loved it for its zippy citrus and gooseberry notes, and its bright acidity. Looking forward to both food and wine! :clinking_glasses::grinning:


Highlight of the weekend’s drinking has been this delight.

Cannot add much to the WS notes which provide a very accurate description. This wine exhibits a perfect balance between citrus acidity and soft oak.

It accompanied our trout and fennel rather nicely on Friday.

When I checked the price today, I was really surprised. I thought this was a £20 wine and good value at that. At £14 its an absolute steal. I’ve had to open another bottle this afternoon just to check it was that good. It is. 12 more purchased immediately.

Elsewhere, a ‘98 Vieux Telepraphe to go with a venison pie yesterday was a pleasant way to reflect on Wales winning start to the autumn internationals.

Also managed to squeeze in a Mad Fish Western Riesling somewher. Nice quaffer. A bit forgettable.


I had a splash of Penderyn last night for the same reason!


I remember as an inexperienced Bank Manager back in the last century working in Aberdare being asked to consider facilities for the then recently established Penderyn distillery.

Couldn’t work out how any sane business model had to wait 3 years for any cash flow!

Declined to qote for the business. Got that one wrong and pleased to see they are still going strong. Not a big whisky drinker but have enjoyed their ouput on the odd occasion I have tried it.


A wine from our local Italian wine specialist. I know everyone rates Pieropan but this gives them a good run for the money. Light but not thin or simple with white peach character and a really refreshing lemon pith bitter twist at the end.


Sunday supper in memory of our fabulous road trip a few weeks ago…


Roast chicken tonight, and red was asked for, so opened this, as fancied something nice:


I had quite an unseasonable pink pet nat! It was delicious and made me feel happy to pretend it was summer, it was a great wine to bring to a party.


Not a single drop so far this weekend, so no guilt tonight.
Nicolas Perrin, Crozes Hermitage 2014 @ £14.60 per bottle.
I wonder how it will compare with TWS Exhibition Crozes Hermitage @ £13.95 per bottle??!?


Winding down with the 2012 Cairanne Clos Romane. Such good value, drinking beautifully now.


Had this Sicilian red tonight with slow roasted shin of beef. Purchased from Booths in Penrith; great northern supermarket. Sweet tannins and a slight sour edge. Delicious and at £10.99 VGVFM!


A gorgeous Sauvignon Blanc! Attractive nose of lime and freshly cut grass, and a palate that is a celebration of gooseberry and lemon. The finish had a touch of sweetness in it, which balanced the fierce acidity - like a sprinkle of sugar on a sharp grapefruit. Delicious stuff!

Finished the evening with a warm Calvados. Such an autumnal treat!

Night night… :last_quarter_moon_with_face:


Perrin Crozes 2014
A good waft of ripe cherry on the schnozz, very slightly bitter cherry (in a good way) on the palate with little tannin and long enough not to be overpowering. No idea what’s that like, try a Henksche Hill of Grace from the 1980’s or a Northern Rhone from Chapoutier from 2009. The Aussie bearable, enjoyable and instructive, the Chapoutier down the sink without hesitation.
It is true that I press my sink into operation on a fairly regular basis!:open_mouth:
I am well known for not taking prisoners!
Completely and utterly different to the Exhibition Crozes, even though the DNA is the same. I would order the 2014 again without hesitation.
I WILL buy some more Exhibition Crozes 2015 tomorrow, it really IS THAT GOOD!:wink:


About midway through MoTD I got an irresistible urge for some red wine and cheese so I had to fetch a bottle of

No time to let it warm so it’s a bit on the chilly side, but it’s so full of fruit and staying on the pleasant side of sweetness. With some mature lancashire cheese and crackers. Nice match but perhaps could be better.


was a busy weekend but not much wine …

Wine auction on Saturday meant a few good wines have entered the cellar and I did try this one last night - 1976 Schloss Schonborn Hochheimer Kirchenstuck Riesling Auslese - fantastic, needed a good hour to open up fully (well, it has been in a bottle for 41 years!) travelled through petrol, chemical eraser (house description of cheap erasers bought in gift shops) orange, apricot, honeysuckle, liquorice even herbaceous note. Beautifully in balance with amazing structure and med + length…good job i’ve got some more :slight_smile:


Ooh, I’d forgotten all about Calvados! I visited the region when I was a teenager and my parents took me to a tasting at a distillery (which probably explains a lot…) and I can still remember how delicious it was!

That looks like a fun bottle! :smiley: What was the alcohol on that - quite light I imagine? I’ve never tried a rose pet-nat before… :heart_eyes:

We enjoyed this at the weekend:

Lovely texture, big flavour and just very surprising - not one I’d have picked myself, but I’m glad Mr Laura did!

Also this, which was a good experience but not sure I’d revisit:

Anyone else tried this? Maybe we just had a dodgy bottle?

And a leftover glass of the 2015 vintage of this, which I was lucky enough to be given
to finish after a staff tasting:

Obviously, it was massively young, but was still bloomin’ marvellous.


@Taffy-on-Tour Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll put the exhibition on my Christmas list.


Yesterday I tried the Ollieux Romanis Sauvignon Blanc ,Caprice.
Very precise, clean.witn aroma and taste of grapefruit and lemon. It doesn’t assault your senses like some SB but I Would recommend as an aperitif or what do you call an aperitif, that is so moreish that you never get round to eating .


I love La Croix Belle wines, I used to sell them in the early 2000’s​:wine_glass::innocent::innocent:


Really?! :smiley: Maybe I should try the red one we sell too?!

Haha! I don’t know, but I love the sound of wines like this.