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Weekend drinking thread [2nd-4th November 2018]


The evening progressed and the Perrin Crozes 2014 at 8 (Yes, Eight hours) morphed up to another level entirely.
Now a little glycerol and class peeked over the parapet. A really good bottle and a bargain.
My experience with decanting and patience has led to some very surprising outcomes.
I might even suggest that the owners of many, many bottles never see quite how good their wine actually were.
How often is a bottle consumed within an hour or two of opening, infanticide!?!?! :open_mouth:
And I hope that you enjoy the WS Exhibition Crozes 2015, quite as much as I have.


@laura opened the Courac 2014 with some pot roast topside, I got most of what I expected in luscious dark fruit, silky smooth but not quite the peppery snap at the end.
Mind you we opened the bottle just before the rare beef hit the plate, so I would expect to expand on the above review when I try again (after putting it to the decanter first)


Saturday’s dinner line up.

Christelle Betton’s white Croze was a real standout. Also Jean’Mark Burgaud’s 2016 Morgon Les Charmes., which had a gorgeous purity of fruit.


Mon Coeur 2014 and an Election night! Yum!!!


I love a good election night but I’ll be retiring early this time. Enjoy the Mon Coeur!


I hate a bad election night! And as that’s all we seem to get these days, I think I’ll retire early too.