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Weekend drinking thread [30th Nov- 2nd December 2018]


Tonight is day 2 of this Bordeaux

Yesterday I thought I’d made a big mistake putting a case in reserves- even after a long decant it was hot, acidic, with very little fruit. Today it’s so much better: much smoother, more sweet dark fruit, big but tasty. I’m still a bit worried that it’s maybe a touch too boozy ever to integrate fully, but am confident it will improve over the next few years, and look forward to finding out. Good value, I reckon, especially if you like a ripe (modern?) style of Bordeaux.



Had this back in August and yeah, I agree, it needs a bit of air to show its potential. It’s a full-on style, and a bit more boozy than I like my claret to be, but I really liked it and keep meaning to put a few in a mixed case in reserves - even at eight years old I think it’s got more to give. Lots going on for the money.


Yeah I agree, a bigger style than I’d generally go for in a claret too- but as you say, a lot going on for the money. And I can certainly imagine there being 11 situations in the next 5 years or so when it would fit the bill nicely, eg with a meaty main course at a dinner party. Which is lucky, because that’s how many I have left…!


Its clearly good value claret night here. As mentioned elsewhere, testing the 2012 Fonbel with a view to Christmas. Almost Nebbiolo like straight out of the bottle, resolves to a very juicy, pleasant, actually really sweet St Emilion. £112/12 IB en primeur so about £15/bottle on the table today.


@Leah At least your neighbours will know where to come for a spare bottle or two… Where are you storing all that!?


Tonight a Vincent Careme Vouvray Sec 2016 from a recent offer from Waitrose. All gone now but a fine Vouvray. To my mind it has a touch more weight than Careme’s “Spring” bottling which TWS used to sell at £11 a couple of years back. This one cost £17 and just about worth it.


Not so Christmassy for us yet, though it’s December tomorrow, so I shall make some mince pies. Tonight, I made my first foray into cooking fregola sarda, following this recipe:

Here’s my attempt:

We really liked it - a bit nutty, a bit chewier than risotto, and the citrus really lifted the squid.
The wine is a Muscat Grand Cru Kirchberg de Ribeauvillé 2014 from André Kientzler, and really complemented the dish. Floral but restrained nose - not as full-on as some muscat, but almost honeysucklish. Dry but fruity - how does Alsace muscat manage to taste like grapes but be completely dry - and long and minty on the finish. Lovely.


This looks great, @robertd! And a fab wine match too! :ok_hand:
I love fregola - especially with seafood, so will give your recipe a go. In the Middle East we often use fregola as a basis for salads - usually with some roasted peppers, feta and black olives thrown in. It’s a delicious alternative to couscous (and you can also use Orzo in a similar way)! :+1:


We are off to Tuk Tuks in Edinburgh to continue celebrating our daughter’s Masters graduation in psychology and mental health :clinking_glasses:. It’s a BYO so a stroll through Harvey Nicks wine store is on the cards today. I have Billecart-Salmon on my mind.
Last night we had paired tasting menu at The Gardeners Cottage which was delightful.
Update - Laurent Perrier from Oddbins for £29 fell into my basket instead - cheapskate :joy:


Weather meant to be OK in Edinburgh today, have a fantastic day.


I shall definitely be cooking fregola again. I love couscous, but ths had a bit more texture. And dry muscat goes so well with seafood like this.


We felt dead classy in front of the telly last night, matching the soft sweetness of a cheap ruby Port to the salty spice of large bag of Bombay mix.


You know, I’d never have thought to bother looking for wine there but stumbled across the wine section of the Birmingham branch while looking for a pair of jeans and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, selection and even the price (fair, not cheap but not over the top)

By comparison I also quite enjoy the Selfridges wine hall - wonderful selection yes, but the real fun is to find the most extortionately overpriced bottle and wonder why anyone would pay that much*

*its because they’re much richer than me, isn’t it…


You should try the new Harrods wine hall if you want to see high prices, on a now rare visit to the capital to see my sister a couple of weeks back, I had a little time in town and made the Harrods wine hall first stop, very opulent and worth a visit just to look.
Wont go into detail about what I think of the capital now, I used to work there and lived there and loved the myriad of treasures it can give up, now no thank you.


Tentacles! You got tentacles on your plate :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:


Last night to Vindinista in Acton. Had a bottle of Bullshit Grauburgunder and a baked Tunworth. The wine was German and different than the Italian and Alsatian versions of the grape, maybe falling somewhere between the two stylistically. A slight roundness with a gentle spritz on the tongue. Very quaffable but the cheese could have handled something more.

Then on to good old Crispin’s in Ealing. Always good to have a chat to the owner, she pulled something off menu from out the back, this bottle of Croatian white(!) which turned out to be lovely, light and floral.


I like tentacles!


Starting off tonight with this:-


Fruity nose, good balance of acidity, very unusual almost like a balsamic taste but in a nice way and very enjoyable. Definite buy again.


This has been tempting me so long… how do you find it?


Stir fry today… with this. I know, infanticide and so on, but its sweet fruit is going so well with the food.

Should have got more of this, but the price would not allow… I shall hang on to their Mourvedre for a few more years.