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Weekend drinking thread [30th Nov- 2nd December 2018]


Special wine for a special celebration. Going to go with a roast lamb shoulder :blush:


So the Rinaldini went down rather quickly, just knocked up a quick carbonara, didn’t have anything suitable to go with it so open a cheap bottle of Aldi fizz I had lurking in the fridge. Is surprisingly a not bad match and for the price very drinkable.


image Two glasses of this very acceptable Macon Villages Blanc last night…The remainder for tonight…It doesn’t quite match the finesse of TWS Burgundy or the Talmard MV. But it is £2 cheaper
thus will join my list of MVB’s worth quaffing.


Known in NW Lanky as Invite to Gout…


How long does Christmas last in your house @Leah ? Five or six weeks.


Schlumberger Riesling, 2010.

Rather disappointed in this. Lacking complexity and the WS descriptor ‘exquisite’ is way over the top.


I had a Schlumberger Riesling in a wine bar a couple months back and was disappointed as well. It was fine but not a patch on their Gewürtz!


Tonight: Francois Villard Condrieu Le Grand Vallon 2013. Cheese bechamel anglolotti with bacon and peas (thanks MasterChef).

Apricot sweetness from the wine with the salty cheesy bacon pasta was always going to be a winner. Maybe should’ve got to the wine a year ago but still in good shape, still in balance with concentration and length.


Finishing the Sendiana tonight with last of bobotie - couldn’t be bothered making anything else after watching son’s rugby team being pummelled today and him going off injured…

It’s still in St Estephe mode. Has softened a bit since yesterday, but still pretty tannic. Not sure the fruit is going to win here. I know that others have raved about it, but I’m finding it quite hard work. I don’t think it’s got the overall balance required to age a lot longer either. Interesting contrast in reviews between WS website (2 very good reviews) and CellarTracker which notes the high tannin and acidity. I am more in the latter camp. My teeth will be well preserved though…


Trying a Kaapzicht Chenin Blanc tonight, probably from a Waitrose offer, firstly while watching footie - Soton vs Man Utd - then with pan-fried cod and mangetout beans, wondering if I would notice much difference. Well, of course I did! The Chenin was livelier than the cod, and the cod was a lot livelier than Man Utd.

It is a very fresh and vivid wine and enjoyable drinking, but ever since the Liberator Midnight Bakkie I’ve been slightly disappointed with all the Chenins I’ve tried. A bit unfair I suppose and I will probably move on sooner or later.


Even the best laid plans are subject to change; these five are down since yesterday evening:

The Pierre Paillard, which I picked up in the cellar room bin end section a few weeks ago, was superb last night. Exquisitely delicious, and very good value. We made a trip to the Cellar Showroom this afternoon and replaced it in short order at regular price. Highly recommended!

We also polished off two Ribera del Duero wines last night: Finca Villacreces 2014, which has been one of my favourites this year (since someone gave me a bottle last Christmas), and the Finca Antigua 2012 (which at a third of the price, from TWS, stood up fairly admirably to the FV, if slightly less cultured).

This evening, the Ridgeview Bloomsbury was also extremely pleasant, but not a patch on the PP, and Las Piletas Malbec, rescued from bin end this afternoon is still going after a double decant.

More tasty treats to follow tomorrow…


I think Jeroboams are the UK importer & reseller for Moss Wood - it is good stuff, and the £12.50 end gets better with a few extra years on it IMO.


How do you post a link to a TWS wine?

Ridiculous VFM for a lovely friendly wine that avoids jammyness and triviality. Classic strawberry flavours but with savoury quality. Enjoyed by all at a dinner out at a local Argentinian BBQ joint.


Something picked up in Lidl

Not a bad Bordeaux blend, lovely up front fruit but fairly simple and not much length. Fair enough for £11.


Tonight a stunning bottle of 2013 Pataille Marsannay.
When I bought this case, the buyer (Toby) described it as a “world beater!”
I purchased, accepting that one might add the merest pinch of salt to Toby’s tasting note?:wink::wink::wink:
How wrong was I, and he got it right 100% and we are enjoying the fruits of his “labours” 5 years hence.
NOTE TO SELF, if Toby goes OTT with a tasting note in the future, then buy a shedful!!:grinning:
If you still have any of this wine, then you are in for a treat!


Good to know as I have a case in reserves.

Tonight we had friends round for Zampone with lentils and mostarda, washed down with a Fattori valpolicella which I picked up in Woodwinters in Bridge of Allan. It was very good but lacked some of the sour cherry taste I was expecting.


Strange coincidence Richard , when in Shlumbergers on my hols recently I went with the sole intention of buying PGris which I did, but I did taste several rieslings and did not get excited over any of them.


I had a glass of that Te Mata last night… And found the length of flavour was very good.


Possibly I was suffering from a jaded palate, or being hypercritical. Certainly a nice enough wine.


Off to a John Wilson concert at Bridgewater Hall Manchester this evening. Before the show I’ll finish off the MVB but when get home I should have my favourite nightcap, a glass of wonderful
image image