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Weekend drinking thread [30th Nov- 2nd December 2018]


Unfortunately Mr.Leah didn’t get home til really late on Friday night so the mount pleasant lives to see another day. We opened this last night as he will miss my December birthday. Back away until Dec 22nd :frowning:️! On a plus he was generous and let me drink most of it :blush:. Gorgeous strawberry fruit and lovely sharpness .


Making some magret de canard tonight, and opened this gorgeous Chilean Pinot Noir to go with it:


An incredible value for money- this wine really punches above its weight. Vibrant red ruby colour, with a tinge of brick red, the nose is alive with fresh turned soil, smoke, forest floor, strawberry and cherry. A whiff of clove/allspice is also very much evident, as well as something a little more floral. There’s an appealing earthiness and freshness on the nose - it’s the sort of wine you could spend ages just sniffing.

The palate doesn’t disappoint, either- and the flavours are more pronounced than the 2015. The light mouthfeel is nevertheless smooth and silky, with notes of wild strawberries, plums and cherries, and an undertone of mushroom and compost (in the nicest possible way!). The finish is long, with soft tannins and very fresh acidity which is mouth-watering.

Getting all this for £12.99 is really something. I shall go back to get a few more bottles! :+1::+1:


Loving this gentle Hungarian. No complicated food today, so just letting the wine speak for itself.
(Rather overdid the beetroot and potato gratin yesterday😲


Saw a negative 1* review of this on the website and decided to try out with a new pasta with sausage, tomato and ricotta cheese dish. All I can say is this bottle was brilliant. Rich and ripe is a perfect description - with great acidity to cut through the flavours of the dish. I had a first glass before dinner and it works well on its own too. Glad I bought the maximum six allowed. If Mascarello make Dolcetto this good I must buy the Barolo Monprivato!


Pleased to hear that. I grabbed six too, saw the same review and wondered if I’d live to regret it.


Tonight it is this

With slow roast brisket and root veg.

Just right. Blackcurrant on the nose. Smooth with fine tannins and doesn’t feel like 14%. In the sweet spot now. A lot easier to drink than the Sendiana.


Yesterday a BYO lunch at a restaurant new to me. The wine we took was a Carillon Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Perrieres 2006 which was absolutely perfect (sadly it was the last of a case of 12). Not a single one with even a hint of oxidation. Simpler fare tonight, Chanrion Côte de Brouilly 2016, slightly chilled and excellent with a plain roast chicken.


Unless there is huge bottle variation you won’t regret this purchase!


These covered the weekend drinking here:

The L’Aime Soeur on Friday night - still quite youthful, but plenty of telltale Syrah spice, and then the Pomerol over Saturday and Sunday evening. Held up very well over both nights!


Steak fajitas tonight so nothing too sophisticated.
We bought some of this a few years ago on holiday near Uzès, and this last bottle was left lurking. Pure carignan, cherries and dark fruit, and hit the spot with the food. Still going OK, but definitely time to drink it up.


A 5+ yr old homemade sloe gin, sipped slowly and appreciatively whilst watching the Little Drummer Girl.


Really enjoyed the whole series. And no matter who did or didn’t get double crossed (it’s okay, no spoilers!), my final bottle of Old Faithful didn’t let me down:


Little Drummer Girl was so enjoyable. Slow paced, but you really couldn’t take your eyes off the TV. Le Carre is a genius at these things. It helped that I fell in love with the main character, just a little.

For me the bottle was Pommard, 2005, from JM Boillet. Equally easy to fall in love with.


Hi Nick, that’s a very kind response. I took the bottle to friends last night, It was not well liked! I had to admit that I much preferred it at mine the night before. I was very aware that the glass-ware would be doing no favours to the wine. Anyhow, still have a third of a bottle to appraise this evening.
May your corks always be gooduns!
Matt Arthur.


We’re in full on festive mode here with a winter BBQ on Saturday and the town light switch on yesterday. Saturday saw all the neighbours round in our garden timed perfectly for the 2 hours of the day it didn’t rain. 10 hour smoked beef brisket was accompanied by a modest but generally very tasty selection of reds

I’m proud to say that I received the finest of all compliments - a French man saying that the beef and wine were exceptional!


As to my post on the quite excellent 2013 Pataille Marsannay from a couple of days ago, I decided to write a review on the Wines page. To my astonishment no one had as yet. So I wrote it, ticked the box for public viewing and pressed the button. Got a message saying that it was published but when I checked, it was not there. There was a “1” in the wine notes tab and checked if it was there but nothing. This is not the first time that this has happened, maybe the 3rd. If we members are to be encouraged to use the review system, it should be 100% functional all of the time.
I wonder if other members have experienced this sort of glitch??


I haven’t to date experienced any problems when publishing a review. It always shows immediately after.
I wonder if @robert_mcintosh or @laura can take a look?


Oh dear! :frowning: I can completely understand how annoying that must have been so I’m very sorry about that. I’ve never heard of this happening before - are you able to send me a link to the wine’s page please?
I’ll report this for you now so the web team are aware.



I tried to add a note to my last post, but it wouldn’t let me.
Thanks in anticipation.:grinning:
I’ve now got a little dot at the 10 o’clock of my “T” identifier.
Is that me, now a marked man??:wink: