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Weekend drinking thread [30th Nov- 2nd December 2018]


Well, with the dot on the side, the marksperson is definitely out of practice, so I wouldn’t worry! :wink:


You have one as well, so I’m in good company.
Is there anywhere where there is a table showing what these mean??


No table, no - but it supposedly means that you’re currently on-line. Which is a little odd, as you wouldn’t post it if you weren’t on-line, but this goes into a Bertie Russell-type paradox, and I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.


You really need to check if it’s there when you’re not on line if you want to be absolutely sure!


‘plumptious’ pinot

Did Nigella Lawson write the copy for this one…?

I think we should be told.


I bought two bottles. First was corked, but initially had me questioning myself - was it just that I didn’t like dolcetto / or that it wasn’t what I expected? Came back to it an hour later and then the next day. Definitely corked and undrinkable. TWS refunded it no questions asked. Thought about returning the second bottle unopened. Really glad I didn’t. It was delicious!

The Barolo Monprivato is something else, the star of an Italian tasting I went to at Berry Bros a few years ago. Mind you, the price has more or less doubled since then. Not sure if I’d take one over a six pack of good nebbiolo…


My Sunday evening plan of opening a nice bottle of red before the OH went back to Norway was thwarted. Instead I spent it watching the drip attached to my 5 year old in a hospital room. Fortunately we are just home now and while she is still unwell, will recover over the next couple of days.
On a plus, thanks to the lovely green dots to tell us who else is online. I can tell you at 3.30am this morning who was lurking… I wasn’t the only one. But also, this community gave me some good reading through the night so for that I’m grateful.
Some lovely wines opened over the weekend, I am anticipating seeing the quality creeping steadily upwards from now until the New Year so I for one am looking forward to seeing what everyone is drinking.


To celebrate a special birthday on Sunday we had these wines.! The Alsace with the “we don’t talk about it” starter was especially good.


Ouch! Hope she’s OK, @Leah! What a rubbish experience for you both. :grimacing:


I bought two bottles of this one as part of the recent Piedmont release and maybe it’s something about young Italian reds, but I found it far too acidic (I had a similar experience with the Burlotto Pelaverga recently too). I only decanted it an hour or so before dinner. Maybe it needed more time


Also managed a couple of small Cockburn LBV in Midland Hotel’s lounge bar area… very comfortable, did a bit of people watching, and got somewhat wet whilst navigating the 150 yards from the Midland to Bridgewater Hall.


I have to say I wasn’t blown away by the Pelaverga either. I found it a bit acidic too - but worse still, a bit one dimensional. Underwhelmed would be my summary. Especially given the enthusiasm shown in the community. The Burlotto Barbera by contrast was in a different league…


Sorry to hear that but delighted to hear she is home and on the mend



A lovely selection. The Quarts De Chaumes must have been wonderful!


Nice! TWS must have that Herrenweg as OTH :wink:
I used to drink a lot of Gosset, but haven’t bought it for years…


TWS has the Gosset as part of its special Christmas Champagne Offer although mine had been in the cellar for a couple of years or more. The Zind 1989 was bought in 2002 on a visit to the estate.


Mmm. Tempting! Of course one of the best ways to improve Champagne is to buy it in advance (preferably a year) and keep it in a cellar or similar.


Could not agree more!:grinning:


Bit late to this thread but completely agree with you on the Sendiana.

Just didn’t feel much love for this at all when I tucked into a bottle recently.

Wondering uf it would benefit from a whole lot of aging. Would like to try an example with ten years or so.


It is very unlike Musar or any other Lebanese wine I’ve had. Hard and unyielding, but I wasn’t convinced it would age that well either as it didn’t seem that balanced to me…but no harm in giving it a try maybe. Others like it, perhaps it’s different casks?