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Weekend Drinking Thread [5-7 October 2018]



Sorry I just read that as a “serial killer” :see_no_evil::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::rofl::rofl:! I need to go to bed …


@Jcbl great to know. I have 6 of these. Time to get started!!


Had this on Friday night:

Opened up quite nicely in the decanter over the evening, relatively fruit forward with the tannins tacking a back seat.

Then this last night:

Very good, fairly full bodied, complex mix of flavours, bit of oak at first giving way to more mineral and honeyed notes, and went very nicely with a mussel and leek risotto.


We had friends over for dinner last night, and unsurprisingly enjoyed several bottles, of which this was arguably the best:

With none of the grapes listed on the bottle, and nothing more specific than Western Cape to go on for the region, it was quite an interesting challenge trying to figure out what was in the bottle.

I guessed Cabernet, Shiraz and Grenache.
0 out of 3 :flushed:


Western Cape… Cinsault, pinotage and mourvedre?


Smart choices.

0 out of 3!


Seared duck breast with raspberry jus, roasted root vegetables and roasted cauliflower.
Outside in the garden.


Just for moment I thought you said the Dandie Dinmont, that would be an awful cross !:rofl:


Playing the game…
Nebbiolo, Carignan, Cabernet s.


Ah! This is the new collaboration of Butlers wine cellar and Pieter Walser, isn’t it? I remember receiving an email from them about the collaboration around July.
What were the flavours…? Maybe we can guess the varietals from that…? :grinning:


How about some Portugese varieties like touriga national or tinta barrocca? Quite a few years ago we enjoyed a few bottles of SA red made from these grapes.


Envinate ‘Benje’

12.5%, loads of fascinating aromas and flavours. Recommended.


It felt really autumnal today so what better than a fine 12yo Amontillado? Sadly our rented townhouse lacks the requisite log fire so imagination will be required. It’s quite fine but with lots of nutty/yeasty layers. This reminds me that I really should drink much more sherry.


Recent bottles tasted “Les Jalets 2015,” TWS Exhibition Crozes 2015 and last night the Rosine 2013.

The Rosine was really good, balanced and a silky glassful of Northern Rhone Syrah. It didn’t show it’s best until 3-4 in the decanter. I’m going to keep the other 2 bottles for a year to see if it gains some complexity.

But to be brutal the Exhibition Crozes was far better than the Jalets, and better than the Rosine.
To politely warn members, the '15 Crozes was not at it’s best after an hour but so, so good later on. I’m going to open another bottle midweek to make sure that I am not going OTT.
I am pleased to report that there is plenty of stock.

And onwards to the Raspail '15 this evening.


Hats off to @Ludlow_Steve! I could have sworn it was Cabernet - black currant and leather stood out to me, with a bit of spice. It turns out the leather was most likely coming from the Nebbiolo (which I didn’t know existed in SA). The black currant might have been from the carignan but the spice almost certainly was.

I absolutely couldn’t pick up any traces of the third grape, which was the junior partner in the blend. It was Tempranillo! Ultinately, 3 grapes that I just didn’t consider as options for a Western Cape red.

And sadly there will be no further vintages of this specific blend - the guy who grew the Tempranillo has apparently since uprooted his vines😱


Oh I do love an aged Rasteau!! Sounds delicious…


Just tried to order 500 cases, eh?!

Seriously, the Exhibition Crozes is an excellent wine - I was about to order some of the current vintage. What I have found is that it can be quite reductive on opening, and needs a thoroughly good airing to get rid of that and, as you say, open it up. Personally I give it a really good sloshing about in a ship’s decanter.


I did a Tom Cruise from Cocktail on it.:open_mouth:
Then it was gorgeous. :wink::grinning:
I have placed two cases into reserves already, but if it performs THAT well midweek then another is destined for my small pile!
Sometimes one can wait for half a decade, and a wine never quite delivers.
I’m sure most of us have been there?!?
This one (for me) has hit it’s stride, right out of the gate!


I love the way the drinks choices are slowly becoming more and more autumnal :fallen_leaf:

No wine here, and not for a while now. I was in Cardiff yesterday for a friend’s 40th and I drank about an acre of beer. Maybe next weekend :+1:


We had the geese about a week ago up here, so they are making progress southwards!

How was that Rioja?