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Weekend Drinking Thread [5-7 October 2018]



On a continuing Rhone theme, I opened a bottle of Gigondas, Clos des Cazaux, 2013 with steak pie tonight

Such a complete wine, sweetness of Grenache but some backbone from Syrah and didn’t feel like a 14% (and the rest I suspect!) wine at all. Might keep getting better for a year or two, but lovely right now.


Classical. A brick colour, full of the tobacco and leather scent, vanilla from the oak and dark fruit. Straight out the bottle, into the glass and down it went…
Had it with pieces of MR steak, Lincolnshire sausages and a salad, sitting out in the sunshine. Fab


We opened a Portuguese white this evening, to go with our Goan fish curry:

My god! What a beautiful wine! I fell in love with it in the press tasting in June, and it was just as delicious this evening as I remembered it. A honeyed nose, with a delicate note of vanilla, ripe apricot and white blossom; an explosion of ripe tropical fruit on the palate, ending on a lively and fresh lemon zest. It’s hard to believe this wine costs £7.25! We need to order a case of this, pronto!
Highly recommended, if you want a complex, delicious white under a tenner. :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Tried both apple juices stocked by TWS this weekend. The Bramley is more a food drink as the tartness is just a bit too much on its own, but very good with roast pork. The Cox is very nice to sip neat and a great thirst quencher with equal measure of soda water.

That is seven days of #stoptober done, taking a break from it tomorrow and Tuesday…


What is the bottle size ?


75 cl… you can definitely get apple juice cheaper.


Thanks. Neither TWS website or the list give this info.
Price is actually good for a single varietal juice. I pay £2.50 - £2.75 here in the heart of apple country.


Not really sure how to categorise this so will put it here. This is the pick of recent birthday cards I received. Hits the spot nicely!


The Cesari on Saturday night with rosemary and lemon lamb leg steaks - The ripeness of the Amarone showing through and going well with the lamb. great length and still a few years left in it (sadly was a one off purchase)

The Dassault yesterday with roast topside of beef and all the trimmings…well, one glass at lunch and one later in the evening with some cheese. Stonking St Emillion from a mediocre year… all in balance and the evolution was perfect for me - touch of fruit and the move to tertiary taking hold. Would certainly go another 5 years.


That Dassault in particular sounds nice - though I think 2004 was not a bad year. (I am somebody who remembers the 1960 clarets! 63, 65 and 68 were execrable, 60 and 69 definitely mediocre. Against that lot, 2004 was a shing star of rectitude.)


2004 was an uneven year but it did favour the right bank

It seems, from the few I have drunk, that it you were patient and the wine was good enough to start with you will be reward…but a lot of lack-lustre mediocrity out there.

This had been down the cellar for the past 11 years, apart from a couple of re-binnings and a stroke of TLC its not done much that could to harm it.