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Weekend drinking thread [5th-7th April 2019]


What makes you vomit so?


That’s a great idea! :+1::grinning:
Can’t vouch for the 2007, as haven’t tasted it yet - but I doubt you’d be disappointed with the 2010 one!


Wow it really opened up in the glass, I suspect as it warmed up. It really didn’t want to be too cold.

Young still, but as it relaxed there was yellow apple and neroli and both of us got vanilla sponge. Less body than I was expecting, but a bit of grip at the end. Creamy finish. Bottle 1 of 6.

Cullen Skink, prawn cocktail, sourdough bread. Happy Sunday.


@Inbar … It’s a Marlborough NZ SB par excellence – and tastes delicious and life-affirming.

There, I said it! :grinning:

A very courageous statement in this community! Well done!


Flors di Uis 2010, Vie di Romans

This is unquestionably my white of the year so far. 55% Malvasia Istriana, 35% Riesling and 10% Friulano, unoaked, it is a beautiful, exotic yet perfectly balanced wine drinking somewhere near peak at 9 years old, I think. The rich exotic notes of the malvasia work perfectly with the freshness and minerality of the riesling. Very serious and very delicious - killer combo!

Why doesn’t TWS stock any quality wines from N E Italy? The area is long recognised within Italy as producing the most serious whites, and this is quite a bargain for a wine of this quality (maybe because it isn’t a particularly fashionable region with the hipster crowd?)


Consider it done.

Time for me to return to my bottle of super budget, astonishing value, Victory Hotel Shiraz-Cab.


Aside from someone vomiting about the very thought (I think!) - I might have got away with it! :wink::+1:


Today the Tourteran has more tarry and slightly liquorice/dark chocolate aroma and on the palate most of the fruit has gone. It’s still pleasant to drink but not particularly exciting.


This sounds completely up my strada! Where did you get it from?


Can’t actually remember - I’ve had it for years! Maybe Wine Direct?

Vinissimus sell it at £20, which is a much better price than anyone over here, but maybe not enough time to order now before the disaster hits? :frowning:

Beautiful wine though. These Friuli whites are looking good value in the current market, such is fashion!


How was it? I have a single bottle and wondering if I should open or keep for a bit…


TWS sells some pretty complex and interesting NZ SB. And that Ned wine, which is the Majestic ‘volume’ SB, consistently over-performs. See it as a gateway varietal, I am weaning my OH towards Pinot Gris and dry Rieslings but still have to throw in the odd Greywacke to keep the troops happy.


The Pelaverga is good and ready! I don’t think it’s one that’ll change much with age to be honest so it’s good to go now but will likely be similar in a year’s time.
I’d describe it as an aperitif red. Looks like watered down ribena but is surprisingly full bodied in the mouth. All raspberries, strawberries and herbs. Not a super serious wine but a joy to drink.


Back on the 2014 Berton Reserve Cabernet this evening. Without doubt the best value wine I bought in 2017. Under £14 for a 96 point Decanter rated wine… It is superb - and I think will only improve over the next 3-5 years. Not quite a Penfolds Bin 607 but at a fraction of the price…

To finish a glass of the Taylors 2013 LBV.


Oh geez! I wouldn’t say The Ned is the ultimate and only expression of NZ SB. If anything, I would say that Greywacke (especially the wild ferment version) and Dog Point are probably my favourite expressions of NZ SB, but man! There was a simple, unalloyed pleasure in drinking this tonight… :ok_hand:


Agree those are the best of the type - but unusually for sub £10 at majestic that’s a decent wine.


The latest fancy meat from our butcher: presa from iberico belota pigs. What to do with such a beautiful cut of meat, and what to serve? As little as possible with the meat - seared and then finished in the oven, and then I decided to serve it with a selection of tapas.

With tapas, surely only one choice to drink - sherry.

This is a lovely wine - bone dry yet with great depth of body and flavour, fine yeasty flor character, and a good dose of manzanilla’s characteristic salty tang. Great sherry like this really is fantastic value for money. What other region offers wine of this quality for this price?


That’s a perennial question I also ask myself! It never ceases to amaze me, that wines so complex and versatile are so cheap! :thinking:

I had a glass of this Fino as an aperitif today, and it was just fantastic - rich, floral and moreish:

Ps - your butcher sounds amazing! I thought mine was special…but yours sounds a different league!


Having tried it at the Press Tasting, some of this one is definitely going in my next order:

I think that if you could measure flavours-per-pound, it would win hands down over pretty much anything I’ve drunk.

They were closed for a long time for refurbishment, and are trying out new stuff to attract new custom, I think. I’m not complaining at all :wink: And it seems to be working for them, which is good - I’d far rather support a local business.


Presa and sherry, that is a good evening! Your meat looks fabulous.

As it happens, I couldn’t resist opening that Romate Amontillado in the afternoon for a small glass whilst cooking…