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Weekend drinking thread [6th July 2018]


@Inbar speak of the devil (what is the Bokononist position on the devil?) - I’m currently reading Cat’s Cradle for the first time. Like Slaughterhouse-Five a lot. And my reading is being paired with this lovely Grenache Blanc

which is proving even better on day 2. It was Platter’s White Wine of the Year and reminds me of a sort of SA Chenin/Pouilly Fuissé mash-up. Tasty tasty!


He would probably say that it’s a granfalloon… If it makes sense :wink:
Good wine choice, too! :+1:


Ended up having this that I brought back from honeymoon two years ago! It’s a ‘tastes good on holiday’ wine, but the memories made it sweeter :slightly_smiling_face:


Uuummmmm… Wine = delicious … Steak = delicious … Together it was just on the edge but the right side and absolutely fabulous!

Everyone, do the butter. Mmmmmmm

And I wish I bought 6 of these bottles!


Sounds wonderful, @danchaq! :grin: nice to hear the unusual combo worked out just fine! :cut_of_meat::wine_glass:


In this prolonged heat, I’m not inclined to drink anything less hydrating than beer, so Weizen it is…



Zum Wohl! :beers: 'Tis a good choice :+1::grinning:


The Reinheitsgebot is one of Germany’s great gifts to the world :beer:


It’s my other half’s favourite creed, where lager is concerned. That, and the belief that Harvey’s is the best bitter in the world (opinion is divided on the matter, of course! :wink:)…


The best bitter in the world:



I just have to assume you’re making a joke there!!

Finally got round to trying the now-nearly-legendary Exhibition Limari this evening

2017 compared to the 2016 I think many tasted but it’s a cracker. May have to stash a few for future enjoyment


Having started a thread about Furmint, and having bought some, I thought I would give this a ‘run out’.
Chilled, fruity, crisp.

Now to try and avoid the football. A lot of Morris Dancing about today, including at the Brewery.


We will be opening these

Last night we opened a lovely Cairrane CdR villages to go with @inbar magnificent hummus recipe and some filled pasta.


This reminds me: has anyone ever tried Muscadet from Dom de l’ecu? It must have been the only producer that made it into every single great wine shop we went to during a recent trip to Saumur/Touraine, and I know I’ve heard about it somewhere before.

I’m already really regretting not buying a few bottles…


I somehow managed to forget there was still a quarter of the burgaud cote rotie opened on Sunday and so more in hope than expectation, got that out the fridge more in hope than expectation last night. It was superb with a burger - really gained some weight without tasting oxidized - much more expressive. This seems to be a recurring theme with really good Syrah/Shiraz - it lives a long time when opened - anyone else found this?


Domaine de l’Ecu has a long and honourable history of exploring the difference in their wines from different terroirs/geology, through making quality wines that are eminently ageworthy. Aged Muscadets are a bit of a minority interest, though I do enjoy the occasional one myself.

Having said that, I haven’t had one since the estate was sold some years ago, but it sounds like the current owner is aiming to continue the good work if he is convincing cavistes to stock them.

All I would add - having just had a quick look at their website - is that they also seem to have introduced a whole range of new wines which appear to be aimed at the natural/winebar end of the market. As these seem to be bottled without added sulphur, I’d suggest they be drunk soon. But they still make the traditional cuvées too.

Just considering our own wines for this weekend. Might open this -

No idea about tomorrow though - let’s see…


Well, plans changed over here, and instead of the Friulano (which might have to wait until tomorrow), we’ll be opening this very interesting Austrian red:

It’s an organic, non-vintage blend (unusual for a red?) of Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and Cabernet Sauvignon, by a producer from Burgenland. I first tasted it in an Austrian tasting event in a local wine shop, and was really wowed by it. Just hope it’ll go nicely with our aubergine dahl curry. Should do - as it’s got a lovely bit of spice to it, but we shall see.
Sunny and happy weekend one and all :sunglasses::clinking_glasses:


Last night began with half of a bottle of Dosnon and Lepage Recolte Brute and then a lightly chilled Arteberry Maresh Pinot Noir Dundee Hills 2015 which was absolutely perfect.


In advance of the footie, and true to a Cub Scout upbringing, i have done my duty, and I am prepared…

Should see us through the rest of the day.
Come on Englaaaaannnnd!


Looks delicious! I hope you enjoy the Lambrusco :sunglasses:

BBQ’ing with friends this afternoon with everything stopping for 90 mins at 3pm. A selection of wines to accompany our burnt offerings…