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Weekend drinking thread [6th July 2018]


“in a local wine shop” for just a moment I thought Inbar has a very posh and large wine cupboard perhaps she could give some tips over on the relative thread about building one !


I love the Pennautier red, not had the white or rosé, love to hear about them!


I love that Casal Vinho Verde! It’s one of my favourite Portuguese whites! Enjoy :+1::grinning:


In my dreams, perhaps… :wink:
That’s the interior of the fabulous Butlers Wine Cellar in Brighton.


Signed up to a “premium California tasting” at Pub in the Park today

Have to say, most of these were a bit overoaked and / or flabby. The Cabernets to finish were ok but nothing I’d seek to spend money on, despite the ratings of our host

Wines were from MacMurray Estate Vineyards, Edna Valley, Frei Brothers and Louis M. Martini - all Gallo labels I think


My view tonight. Cracker. Perfect for nights like this.


I’m cooling down with this tonight.
Even up here in the tropical heat I can’t drink a red at the moment.


Football avoidance tactic seems to have worked.
Morris Dancing festival, with Local beer. Back home to BBQ a tomahawk and the Croatian red.


Finished off the Dosnon after the England result. Now 2007 St Aubin 1er Cru Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey - fresh as a daisy, no sign of premox.


@tom Both were good but the rosé stood out as the better of the two. I picked up both in Majestic…



The rosé is one of their limited stock WIGIG (When it’s gone it’s gone) range, and the Cambridge branch only hade a few bottles left. I intend to try another local branch and pick up a few more.

It has a classic strawberries and cream nose but the palate is a little more complex. Enough acidity to work well with food plus a little sweet spice note as well. Definitely one to revisit for me - regretting only buying one!

The Viognier was a pretty straightforward sunshine quaffing in the garden wine :sunny::sunglasses:


I love Pittnauer wines - how was this one?


Well, funny you ask… My other half hated it! I, on the other hand, thought it was fantastic value for money. It ticked all my boxes- intriguing nose of cherries, strawberries with some black pepper and a very Pinot-like earth/mushrooms notes, and similar on the palate - morello cherries, spice and a savouriness I really enjoyed, especially with the food. My husband found the tannins too astringent - he really gets stuck if tannins leave him with a strong bitter aftertaste. We’re trying to find a pattern - because it just puts him off some reds and he can’t taste beyond the bitterness. Anyway, if you like Austrian reds, and you love Pittnauer - you’ll love this one.


I know what he means, my wife can have the same reaction to certain wines, so we sometimes struggle when there’s a wine with a different tannin / acidity / pH balance than the norm … this is why I enjoy ‘natural’ wines on occasion but my wife really struggles with them.

We had a bottle of this

I have loved many Xinomavro wines I’ve tried, and had REALLY enjoyed the first bottle I ever had of this wine. I subsequently bought more and, to be honest, found them lacking. It must have been the vintage - but I stuck with it and am SO glad I did because this 2016 was glorious.

Not a typical, fuller-bodied version of this grape, but a lovely wine for this heat to give richness, darkness and structure, but stay on the right side of light and fruity for the heat.


A business local to us was running a pop up bar last night with locally made drinks including Denbies 2016 PN. This was pretty good - very much cranberry over cherry and initially a green note on the finish but this faded with time the glass and some lovely chalk notes came through. Decent £20ish cool climate pinot.


Champagne last night with chicken cooked in sherry. Nice to be eating in the garden. So hot yesterday!


Maybe a Kir Normand this evening.


I like the sound of it! :+1::+1: Love Calvados…:yum:


That sounds delicious! When I was a somewhat-without-means student living in Paris (sounds much more romantic than it was!) our drink of choice was the “kir paysan”: cassis with the cheapest fizz we could find in place of the Champagne of a “royale”.


We’re going sea swimming, as it’s SO hot in Brighton today. Will follow this with the rest of the Crémant du Jura from Aldi (it makes for a fantastic aperitif!). Then Friulano with Goan fish dinner.
Keep cool, everyone… :sunglasses::clinking_glasses:


Just had tarte Pommes fines, flambéed with Calvados and served with vanilla ice cream. Didn’t let it burn too long :wink::yum: