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Weekend drinking thread [6th July 2018]


This weekend I have been mostly drinking San Miguel. However I have also had a couple of glasses of this cheeky little number I picked up in Waitrose recently.

I can’t say I’ve ever tried this grape before but I’ve rather enjoyed it. Tastes a bit like a cross between Cabernet franc and Grenache. Quite fresh and fruity, with the faintest spicy note, and it works well lightly chilled. Easy drinking bistro style red. I’ll probably get it again.


Taking a few tips from this weeks community postings.
We are having a butterflied leg of lamb tonight over hot coals and I thought a Provençal umami butter à la @danchaq of anchovies, lemon, garlic, Rosemary, Thyme and oregano would be just the ticket.
I’m putting the Burgundy in the fridge and will serve in an outrageously large bowl glass when dishing up.
Is it really another week of Mediterraneanesque sun and heat to endure? Shame…:sunglasses:


Oo yes! Lamb + butter + anchovies mmmmmmm


Tonight I finally got around to the Albourne estate selection 2016 that’s been sitting in my rack since the end of last year. On a bit or an English wine kick, so far as ending yesterday in a local wine bar drinking rosé from Bolney estate. But I digress. Tonight we had linguine alla vongole. . .


Ah great stuff. I was really intrigued when I saw this in Waitrose but didn’t have the guts to buy it. I’ll give it a try soon


No wonder you’re perennially tempted - who wouldn’t be by that exciting looking display?

Did think it was your home wine store for a second or two though… :grinning:


I hope it’s OK if I start off with last week’s specials. It was our anniversary, but I arrived back in the UK having left my laptop power supply in France. Not to worry - new one duly bought. Anyway, we had -

Michel Arnould, Champagne, Verzenay, NV I love this wine the more I try it. It is a blanc de noirs from Verzenay fruit exclusively. More subtle and multi layered than the more in-your-face pinots from Bouzy or Ambonnay, it really benefits from a couple of year’s bottle age before broaching.

2015 Circe Pinot Noir, Gippsland, Victoria (Not the standard Yarra Valley edition). Although I enjoyed this - it’s a well-made wine - it still rather lacks the extra layers of complexity I expect at this level. Maybe I’m being picky, or perhaps it needs more time, though I’m not aware of Australian pinots which really don’t show all they have at the outset.

1996 Champalou Vouvray (Moelleux), Trie de Vendange Mmmm! Spot on. I don’t think there’s any point holding on to this any longer - it shows a lovely balance between the sweet late-harvest notes of chenin along with bottle-aged maturity.

Right - that was last week. Slight change of plan this week as reported earlier. Yesterday we decided to have a classic chicken in tarragon,with a creamy tarragon sauce (a French classic), so we went for -

2014 Hautes Cotes de Beaune, “Sous Éguisons”, Caroline L’Estimé This punches way above its lowly appelation, though sadly the price reflects the quality, so it’s not some insider tip to save money. But it’s good and interesting. Caroline L’Estimé is the owner/winemaker of Domaine Jean-Noel Gagnard.

Finally we had the threatened red burgundy, suitably chilled -

2011 Cotes de Nuits Villages, “Terres Nobles”, Dom. de la Douaix Jolly good minor burgundy! The nose was sensational and all you could wish for. The palate was open for business, and whilst this isn’t going to compete with the big Cote des Nuits reds, it’s no slouch either. Good structure and balancing acidity, and developmentally in a good place, showing both young vigour and some notes of maturity.


Gave this a go this evening…

After her rouge which I thought was terrific and her Fitou which I thought was over the top and had to much going on, I tried this as it had such positive reviews.
I thought it was really not that good, an elderflower nose followed by an indecipherable taste in the mouth strong but neither pleasant or unpleasant it left a long lingering taste I could have done without, very disappointing.
It makes you very cynical of all the plaudits even accepting wine as always is judgemental.


Goodness, @cerberus, I would normally expect to love that wine (which I have had several times). Grenache gris is a highly distinctive grape. Is it a possibility that the grape is not to your taste? Of course, there is always the possibility that you had an off-bottle, or that the year was not up to scratch, but I would normally expect TWS buyers to skip such a vintage if so.


Can I say - please try this gorgeous Friulano? It was absolutely wonderful! The nose was fragrant, with white peach, apricot, preserved lemons and orange blossom, and the palate was just as complex - creamy mouthfeel, with peach, citrus and honey on the palate. The texture was impressive! The finish had a lovely bitter almond taste, inviting the next glass - far too quickly! It was even lovlier with the Goan fish we had, really enhancing the flavours. Hard to believe you can get such complexity at £9!! Do get one, if you get a chance. :ok_hand::grinning:


Well I did say it was judgemental, the bottle showed no signs of problems and as it was shared by four and all said roughly the same I stand by my verdict, others of course may find this wine to be to their taste, I can only speak of the moment, I have drunk many distinctive wines with varying results, this IS very distinctive but my guests didn’t like it, overpowering and no particular taste of note and that is all I can say, I had to open one of my dwindling stocks of this 2010 to assuage them…



@laura. I really enjoyed this over the weekend. However, I’m puzzled by the square box next to the bar code on the back label.
The best I can think of is some sort of Croatian deposit on bottle scheme.
If I’m right, then it must be a nightmare to administer


It’s interesting that all felt the same way right enough. Punchy grenache gris flavours are not that common - the only other one I can think of that the Society lists regularly is the one from the Preceptorie de Centernach, though of course there are others locally. But not that many. I’m interested in getting a feel for how people react to the grape.


Did you enjoy the Albourne Estate white, @danchaq?.. Did it go well with the linguine? I may be biased, as it’s really local - but I do like this one very much! :+1:We got a tour of their vineyard booked for September… Looking forward to it! :grinning:


Crikes I didn’t even mention how the wine was! Yes we both enjoyed it, perfect match with the linguini. It had a ripe pear fruitiness to it balanced with tingling acidity and a bit of body. Sort of straddling the line of a couple different styles, and something I think done quite successfully and for whatever reason seemed rather English.


I’ve shared a bottle of the Jones Grenache Gris with a few people before (can’t remember the vintage but it was purchased/imbibed last year) and it certainly wasn’t universally popular. I think maybe one person really enjoyed it and the rest expressed various degrees of dislike.


Had a couple glasses this evening of this Crémant from Lidl . Unlike their last years Crémant de Bourgogne which I found pretty pleasant with much more backbone, this Bordeaux edition just doesn’t do it for me . It definitely has more residual sugar than their Bourgogne and it just does not light me alive at all. I guess it’s just lacking complexity and flavour. There’s nothing wrong with it and would be great in an Aperol spritz but it just didn’t do it for me .


Crémant de Bordeaux is pretty rare and I agree that the Lidl version shows why. Its the last thing you’d think of when you consider the region as a whole. Its always a bit of a punt at Lidl, and the scores they give are meaningless, but occasionally you do find a real bargain.


Just a final comment, I think that wines like this and the Georgian white I wrote about a few days ago fall into the “marmite” category, regardless of how many different grapes I have sampled over the years there will be some that I simply am not keen on, others will say the same about wines I like, we all have different tastes but occasionaly a wine will have a limited appeal and I think this Grenache Gris is one, can’t remember if I have ever drunk another so I have nothing to compare with and make a judgement that way.


Totally agree with you, @leah! Although we enjoyed this one as a light aperitif (and with Crème de Cassis) it didn’t really stand up on its own. We also found the residual sugar a tad too high for us, and the finish was short. All in all - a lacklustre wine.