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Weekend drinking thread [6th July 2018]


Ooh, that sounds intriguing! Let me try and grab a bottle and find out what it’s all about…

This weekend, we had:

So fresh! My mother-in-law’s new fave.

And this:

We’ve been drinking this on-and-off for about five years and it never disappoints.

And finally:

Steadied our nerves during the England game… :grimacing:

@cerberus Really surprised to hear that about the grenache gris! :frowning: I had it only recently and it blew my socks off.


Really love the 3 Choirs wines. They do a lot of contract and cooperative winemaking…indeed I was involved when tending our National Trust Croft Vineyard. Thus their style is replicated in many small vineyards.
Worth looking at their restaurant if in the area.


I think the general consensus was that was the problem :rofl:

The Michael Caine expression sums up the overkill…


It was hot in Brussels, too, so could only consume a limited amount of Trappist beers…

I know it is Monday early afternoon, but as it is my birthday and it is scorching hot… I opened a rose (and a bottle of sparkling water just in case) that I am enjoying now at fridge temperature.

I can imagine it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I rather like its tart fruit, which comes through beautifully even very cold.


Happy birthday, @szaki1974! Not a bad way to enjoy it, too. :clinking_glasses::sun_with_face:


Hope you have a fantastic day @szaki1974!


Happy birthday! Afternoon wine is to be expected, really, when one’s birthday lands on a Monday …


Happy Birthday! You’re only one day off the best birthday date of the year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Happy birthday! I’m sure you’ll be celebrating in style. :smiley:


Perfection is an elusive trait.


Happy Birthday @szaki1974!

Opened a Bellingham Pinotage this evening to see what all this Pinotage fuss is about (seems very binary)

I found it a very powerful wine. Lots of nice dark fruit, spice and a slightly bitter tar finish. I quite enjoyed it - certainly enough to try some others

On a related note, I like NZ SB too. Am I heading towards a ban from the Community?!


Gosh! we just didn’t get on with Bellingham Pinotage. The bitterness you mentioned on the finish was so off-putting. The last time we tasted one, my husband just couldn’t drink it, the bitterness was so overpowering. It had a real leathery quality as well, a bit like chewing on a new handbag. Not something I would call ‘pleasurable’. We haven’t tried other examples since our last attempt. Perhaps I should give other producers a go…? Or is this what one can expect from the grape, regardless of producers?..


I have to say, to my untrained palate it wasn’t so wildly different to many other new world heavyweight reds. The bitterness was quite nicely integrated and while it was admittedly quite fruit forward I couldn’t find much not to like about it!

It was very young (2017 I think). Maybe it was a good vintage, maybe you had a bad bottle or perhaps my palate is just a bit dull :slight_smile:


Or maybe all our palates are different and we have different likes and dislikes in wine. It is your palate and your opinion. I think your write up was great. I would love to see a community where people do not feel they need to defend their likes and dislikes.


I’m sure it’s nothing to do with your palate being dull! :wink: But I’m also sure it wasn’t a bad bottle in our case, as we tried Bellingham Pinotage (differnet ones) on several occasions - wanting to give the grape a chance, but it just never ‘clicked’ for us. This was our least favourite:

Bar a pleasant enough smoky tone, and ripe fruit we just didn’t find this to our taste at all. My other half is very bitter-sensitive (which is weird, as his favourite tipple is Harvey’s ale- which I find far too bitter!), and this limits some of the reds he can tolerate. Still, good to hear of other people’s experience of Pinotage. I know people who absolutely love it.


Oh I totally agree - the comment was quite tongue in cheek

What I genuinely love about food and wine is difference of taste / opinion and the interesting debate that comes from it

Wouldn’t it be boring and predictable if we all liked the same thing?! :slight_smile:


Except for, of course, lemonade in red wine :stuck_out_tongue:


Be interested to know which Bellingham Pinotage you drank @NickP
I didn’t get on with the ‘Estate’ but found the Bernard Series Bush Vine to be great and almost display some elegance which I think is pretty uncommon in my limited experience with the grape.


I found the Bernard Series Bush Vine the least ‘offensive’. Not enough to buy it again, though… :frowning:


I was drinking this just last weekend. Reminds me of my nan :slightly_smiling_face: A Spaniard was pouring, " c’mom it’s not like it is Rioja or anything" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: