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Weekend drinking thread [7th-9th June 2019]


Friday evening once again. I’ve not had the best last couple of days so when the kids are down I thought I’d open something nice and white.
So this is currently chilling in the fridge… Can’t wait :joy: One of my favourite Chardonnays outside of Burgundy :smile:

Who’s joining in a Friday night tipple??


I’m about half way through my Ch Ksara which has mellowed out beautifully since it was opened. The should just about see me through to the TWS tasting on Monday!


Drinking this 2012 beauty. I would not mind being sentenced to drink this every day for the rest of my life!


Oh, go on then @Leah … These arrived today from reserves:

So many to choose from. And somewhere in amongst that lot is the Zilliken you were so rambunctious about. Would it pair well with Thai food do you think?


WELL!! Party at @Cormski’s tonight then folks complete with a thai food ! Yum , Ziliken should go really well . I wondered when you said the other day you were awaiting a reserves case with bubbles what you had… very nice line up. Enjoy the weekend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Half bottle of Hugel Pinot Gris opened with some Chinese food tonight. There is sweetness of fruit (and no doubt a bit of residual sugar) that complements the food nicely.


I’ve cracked open a Unterturkheimer Gips Spatburgunder 2015.
It’s a German pinot and is quite yummy.
Lovely nose of red fruit and something floral.
Crystal red in colour.
Lovely creamy, cherry flavour on the palate with a touch of spice and a zip of acidity on the finish.
Should go well with some left over lamb (that I had last night with a Pomerol but that wasn’t from TWS).


Making some red pepper stew, with butterbean mash and pesto. Must put some more of this in my next order, a real favourite of ours!


Greek wine here too, having received three of these today

https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/productdetail.aspx?section=pd&pl=&pd=GR1361&pc=&prl=Black Kalavryta, Tetramythos 2017

Very nice, straightforward and easy to drink Friday night sort of wine - bright cherry fruit, a sprinkling of thyme and quite light bodied.
I might try one of the Contino reserva 2003s I bought alongside it this weekend too


I think I would very much like to try and get sick of Hugel wines, but much as I try I keep loving them


Chauvenet Nuit St. George 2010 tonight, from showroom bin end section at Christmas. The nose has a floral note over beetroot and red berries, even a touch of va. However, the palate is still closed, but the finish is long. Lovely wine now but one for the future for optimum pleasure.


Roast cod with clams and a cream sauce, and a 2016 Brandluft riesling from Lucas and André Rieffel.

Pretty straightforward, easy to drink riesling. Essentially fruit driven and some residual sugar, but there are classic petrolic notes too. Not as complex as some, but a good match for the food, and drinking very well now. We have a couple more bottles, which I suspect will now get drunk sooner rather than later.


Warm double-yellow dot squash ball on the nose; butyl rubber. Silky, sweet, lychee, elderflower, honeydew, maybe quince jelly and beeswax. Delicious. Rich. Complicated. Mouth watering finish.

Great shout, thank you!


Bottle three out of six:

Bit closed at first, savoury but also with a bit of cranberry tartness and spice rack. Opens out into earthy pinot goodness, yum. Worked out at just under £16 after tax, which is pretty good nowadays :wine_glass:


What not to like… even when you consider storage. The 2017 is £21 on the table, price catching up with quality… also better known (especially since he featured in Noble Rot last year). Also just wondering if anyone tried his Marsannay Blanc, what style it is.


Any chance you’ve tried his basic Bourgogne rouge? Im still sitting on 6 in the reserves (actually think it could be the 2015) and not sure if i need to pull them out and get cracking.


Interesting to see James Martin and Oz Clarke plugging Austrian wines this morning - Riesling, Blaufrankisch, and Blauer Zweigelt.


Had this last night with some Hake poached in the tagine and some hassleback potatoes

Bottle 1 of 6. 2016 vintage. Cairanne Blanc.
Great texture with some warmth and citrus blossom and honey notes. Think it will improve with a bit of age also.


Oooh! Sounds good! Hope the 2017 is as good - got it as part of the 2017 Rhone EP :crossed_fingers:


Same! So when I saw the 2016 I snapped it up as thought it might be a better vintage and a good preview