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Weekend drinking thread [7th-9th June 2019]


Just enjoyed a Malbec from Patagonia - not somewhere in Argentina you might immediately think of as producing wine. Patagonia is not a province of Argentina but rather a geographical area that covers the south of the country right down to the very souther tip of the country.

This particular wine comes from the province of Neuquén almost 800km south of Mendoza and famed for the large number of dinosaur fossils - hence the label.
The wine itself was clear and bright. Red centre, light red rim. Clean nose. Intense perfumed aroma. Violets, red currants, mulberries. Hints of tabaco and pepper. Clean palate. Good acidity - fresh. Dry with very soft tannins. Rounded, cool climate wine with good fruit. Long finish. An example of Malbec grown around Neuquén. Great with lamb.


I have had various bottle from Koyle in restaurants in Chile. They regard it highly. I have enjoyed every bottle.


Very different Malbec from the Patagonian example - Alta Vista Terrior Selection High Altitude Malbec from Mendoza. I know this Bodega well having visited it on a number of occasions and, indeed, this bottle was purchased at the Bodega. Big, highly extracted wines in the Medocian style that, despite the reference to high altitude, are wines made from very ripe fruit and that are very high in alcohol.

My notes were - Clear and bright. Opaque centre, deep purple rim. Clean nose. Intense black fruits, plums. Hints of smoke, vanilla, leather and pepper. Clean palate. Dry, low acidity, loads of tannin. Brambles, black currants. Big wine with high alcohol (14.5%). Very ripe fruit. Medium finish. Not sure about ageing potential. Definitely a steak wine.


Wise choice to age it, I think. I’ll be getting more.


Hi all

Had this over the weekend. I didn’t choose this and thought it was going to be a southern italian monster…but wow, shut the front door! This was a stunning perfumed beauty. It was somewhere between a pinot and a nebbiolo. Lush cherry fruit and blossom, refreshing by no means overbearing acid. I thought it was 20 quid. £12.50

Best value wine this year!


I take it this was made from Frappato or Nerello Mascalese? I’m always amazed how fresh and floral these wines can be, considering their location. Then again, Etna does make for an amazing terrior. Perfect summer reds! :+1:


Ooooerrr I’ll need to check the recycling bin when I’m back. Such a nice surprise… I was expecting something over jammy, flat and alcoholic. Obviously i need to let @Polly choose more of our booze :joy:


Grape varieties: Nerello Mascalese 80% - Nerello Cappuccio 20%

from here…


Had this beauty yesterday…

… if you’re interested there’s now a members review if you link through.


Stiil waiting for a matter to be resolved before I slam in a big TWS order

In the meantime Aldi Beaujolais Villages…89/100
Aldi Ventoux Blanc…88/100


If there’s one thing that bugs me about the TWS website it’s how lazy they are about grapes. Sometimes there’s no information and sometimes only the leading grape. Why can’t they tell us all the grapes along with the percentages? It’s not hard to do and many other vendor sites do this along with the weather experienced by that vintage, how that vintage was processed etc. etc.


Disappointing for the price, I’m sure. But “thin”… that leaves me flummoxed! Would never expect a Priorat to be “thin”!


As far as I’m aware Frappato tends to be grown in the south of Sicily, whereas Etna red tends to be a blend of the two Nerello varieties. All the Nicosia wines are great value from the W/S and Sicilian wine is massively underrated.


You’re right, of course! :+1: the Frappato usually blended with Nero d’Avola in Vittoria.
I suppose what’s still amazing is how you get such a light, fresh red with mellow tannins and a fair amount of acidity in such a hot climate!


No frappato anywhere near Etna, no.

I don’t think much of the Society’s Sicilian range myself. The Nicosia wines are decent VFM, but the range is pretty limited - no good grillo or cerasuolo - and misses all the great stuff between 10 and 20 euros.


Plenty of the best vineyards of the South of Italy are pretty high altitude and coolish (Puglia is the exception).


It was my son’s birthday weekend - so lots of meals with family and a friends and family party

Sadly couple of people are quantity over quality and I refuse (having learnt the hard way) of serving anything really decent at these events :frowning:

Friday night was an (indoor) BBQ with some Bordeaux Rose from our friends at Ch Fourcas Dupree, some Mas Viogner (this has to be the best vfm wine in the world 3€40 a bottle!!) and a Rheinhessen Rieseling that was brought by a guest (1 litre bottles!! - it was vile…even though they claimed it was the best thing since sliced bread)

Saturday was a bigger party for 50 (adults and kids) with Chavey-Chouet Bourgone served in magnum (picket this up in their recent offer @ £10 / magnum !) Went down a storm (apart from one person who described it as just about drinkable)
For red it was Anicano 10yr old reserve - this is a great party wine

Sunday was anther family meal with Ch Moncets that I had as part of a mixed 2009 Bdx case years ago…first bottle of three and was drinking lovely (I have put a review in :innocent:)

Now full of cold so a on Ch Lemsip - the 2019 special reserve


2015? that’s a bit young isn’t it?


Sunday’s roast rib of beef was paired with a DOCG Valtellina Superiore Sassella 2006 by Balgera.

In the glass this wine has a deep ruby colour with orange tinges on the rim. There are numerous small legs.

On the nose are primary flavours of raspberry, pomegranate, plum, cherry, elderflower, rose and thyme flower. There is a slight secondary flavour of breadiness with a pleasant but strong leathery tertiary note.

On tasting there is a good mouth feel, with an astringency but with some residual sweetness. The tannins are pronounced but have a nice level of softness to them. There is minimal alcohol burn. The overall taste is long lasting with a slight roll of peach before ending on a mossy anise finale.

This is a lovely complex wine with many similarities to the Grumello we recently had. This wine is slightly younger with perhaps less barrel ageing reflecting in a slightly thinner wine but one nonetheless on the list for a repeat buy.

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