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Weekend Drinking Thread [8-10 Feb 19]


Congratulations, that is definitely worth a drink!!!


Wonderful, congrats! Lovely name. :champagne:


YAY @tfpywfpy!! Huge congratulations to you and your better half who did all the work :wink:! She is absolutely beautiful!! :heart:️. Celebrate in style :blush:.


Congratulations! But do you really expect to get some sleep?


This tonight in preparation of placing my Rhone EP order.

Think the ‘Prestige’ will be going in the basket if this is anything to go by.

Congrats @tfpywfpy
And like @tom says, great name! Very Aussie :australia:


That was some lunch…


Please let us know how you found it.


Absolutely fantastic - it must be the Syrah in the Bordeaux blend that does it. Such great wine. 2005 still plenty of intensity


Cracking news. Congratulations! Hope you’re all doing well x


I don’t understand northern Rhone reds. They just don’t do anything for me; mostly they seem to stink of tomato plants (you know the weird pong on your hands after you’ve been tomato picking? Anyone?!).

However I absolutely love southern Rhone reds, and I’ve been buying them en primeur since the 2007s. I’ve branched out to a handful of N.Rhone reds EP but been unimpressed with everything I’ve drunk.

So tonight, as a result of the recommendations from this very forum, we’ve had this:

Blood and tomato plants. I give up. This has made my next Rhone EP order much simpler!


This was good with a chickpea tagine. Vibrant and juicy with a bit of grip. Shame it’s already out of stock.


Congratulations @tfpywfpy! Fingers crossed that you both get some :sleeping:


Haha good to hear. I have just one bottle and I know the wine society have sold out on it already,


Purchased before the prices went loopy.


Congrats to you, Lucinda and the new baby! Lovely photo :heart_eyes:


Oh, congratulations, @tfpywfpy! She’s absolutely beautiful! :heartbeat:

Now, if only I could convince Mr Johnson…
(Only joking!!!) :grimacing:


Yes, I agree with the blood…let it breathe longer though. I like the feral, gamy smell of it.

I know the smell you mean from tomato plants, but can’t say I’ve ever noticed it with Northern Rhone wine.


congrats @tfpywfpy !


Glad to hear! Ours is sleeping soundly in the wine fridge, ready to be summoned… :+1:


Many congratulations @tfpywfpy !! Tonight was going to be a dry one but will join you in celebrating Matilda’s safe arrival.

Given all the Rhône and Gigondas talk I went for this…

Cheers :wine_glass: