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Weekend Drinking Thread [8-10 Feb 19]


Continuing with my lemsip and avoiding wine :cry:


That funky Paisley pattern/ Persian rug curtain in your van alwats amuses me. The Savoy wines are quite intriguing I agree. Mondeuse and good Apremont probably my favourites.

Tonight for me as post rugby consolation it is Phelan Segur 2004. Last bottle. Not a great vintage, and gentle frui with a little tannin. Fading a bit. Decent refreshment with lamb chops though.


That’s not good but saved by the rugby perhaps…


Aussie night down in Dorset one from our stash imported when we moved back and the other from TWS. The Cabernet was exquisite…as was dinner.


It’s actually a piece of material I picked up in Kathmandu about 20 years ago and is a circular pattern like a mandala. It just happened to be the perfect size to use as a curtain across that spaced :smiley:

Apremont is a Savoie village making whites from mainly (only?) the Jacquere grape whilst Mondeuse (noir) is a red wine grape. The best Mondeuse seems to come from Arbin.


Are you sure that’s not wine in a mug Leah? :grinning:


I’m pretty sure :rofl::rofl:


A splendid Monthelie PC 2009 from Potinet-Ampeau. This is a good mid weight bottle showing some development and is giving a lot of pleasure. When a mid priced Burg tastes this good I do wonder why I keep searching the New World for “value”.


Just realised I haven’t checked in on this thread yet!

We had this over Thursday and Friday:

Great stuff. Intense nose, very Pauillac-y. Still very densely structured on the palate - hasn’t mellowed out much since I last tried it in 2015. Sweetened out a little on the second day. Some lovely big chunks of sediment in the bottle, yum. Might leave the last two bottles for a few more years though, see how it turns out.

Today’s been more about the beer, as it just feels like a better partner to rugby :+1:



Opened the second bottle of this lovely Mont-Redon tonight - now very smooth with fully integrated tannins. much improved from when I tried the first one a few years ago. Will give it some air and see how it develops, but it is rather nice straight out of the bottle.

This is why I enjoy buying EP - trying something totally new, based on just the description (when originally purchased in 2012) and seeing how it changes through the drinking window. And yes, that’s just £30 English pounds IB 7 years ago…CORRECTION - The purchase price EP was £85, so with £30 tax & duty, £115 or just over £19 a bottle.


Confusingly that’s the duty/vat price. It was £85 ep, still a good deal!


@tom Thanks for the correction! I have added further comment to my original post.

Interesting… In which case the current rate of £92 appears to be even better value.


I was going to say even back in 2012 that would be incredibly cheap at £30 for 6!


Northern Rhône is a good taste to to acquire! :wink:


Very good indeed. Ready for drinking with smooth tannins, red fruits - blackberry and blueberry - and lots of lovely spice. Not over the top either - restrained and elegant. Hugely enjoyed by all.


Bought a case of the 2014 Templiers. Really enjoyed the couple of bottles I’ve had so far. Excellent value.


It’s been a difficult week, but I have finally succumbed…



Aaaw @cerberus, that’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback. We lost ours 3 years ago aged 4. She was a fantastic dog and had a face just like this one :wink:


I had an uncle in Devon who used to breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks some years ago won BoB at Crufts with his dog, nice dogs in the right hands.


I’m trying, honestly! But every time I open a northern Rhone I’m underwhelmed and regret not opening something from the south instead…

Society’s Exhibition Pomerol 2009 today, been cellaring it a few years and just decanted it - instant wow, should’ve bought more!