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Weekend Drinking Thread [8-10 March]



Good luck with the exams.


We’re having this with lamb shanks tonight
2009 Meerlust Rubicon
Got a dozen of the 2015’s in reserves but I’ve never had one so using this as the road test.
First quick taste tells me I think I’ve made a wise decision :yum:


I did the same with a 2014 and was similarly pleased to have bought a dozen 2015s, especially when L&W released it for significantly more. Clearly very good fruit, very good winemaking and great depth.


Sounds like it paid off but you’re a braver man than me buying a case of a wine you’ve not tried!


Based off a few things:

  1. I was given the 09 by similarly wine loving obsessed friends awhile back and told it was great
  2. reputation of producer / label
  3. I love SA BDX blends
  4. sometimes when a great vintage meets a great price you just gotta dive in head first


There are moments when a dish and a wine come together in perfect harmony. Tonight slow cooked shoulder of lamb with lentils, onion, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, white wine (CVNE white Rioja) and lemon. The ‘94 Ardanza the perfect foil - enough acidity to cut through the richness of the lamb - yet soft enough to not compete and over-power the dish. Sublime.

Sadly this was farewell to a case of the Ardanza. I bought this over 20 years ago and noted a contemporary review that the best 94 Riojas would take 20 years or more to reach their peak. Spot on. Wish I had more.


So how did the experiment go? Sounds pretty good to me!


Coped very will with the slight sweetness of the dish. Not as intense as the very best Vouvray, but with none of the faults of bad old style Loire chenin (grey rot and sulphur!)well made and fairly priced.


A lovely Chablis this evening.

But the most interesting drinks of the weekend were yesterday on a day out. Lunch involved fermented foods and natural wine and at some point we ended up in Every Cloud for cocktails. This Pink Panther had oat milk and mezcal, tasted of rose and smoke, and really caused pause for thought. Oh, and the menu provokes.


Tonight, a Christmas present from our neighbours of left-bank claret just coming into its own, to accompany some roast vension.

Chateau Carbonnieux 2010

All the black fruit on the nose - blackcurrants, blackberries, black cherries, and a few pencil shavings and vanilla-y oak. Dense and well integrated on the palate, a good balance of fruit and savoury, smooth tannins and a good length to the finish with a quite pleasant mild bitterness. Opened it 1.5 hours before the meal, and it definitely benefited from that.


Breakfast Chianti, anyone?

(Actually, it was a Saturday night fry-up! Comfort food for me, Claire and my mum a week after dad’s passing. And it helped things along.)


Great choice and hope you are doing ok @Ewan!


Sorry to hear that @Ewan


We enjoyed this on Saturday which was up to the usual expected high standards for one of our favourite producers. Their wines are made in a style we just love

And today a bottle of this with an overnight beef brisket

Very impressed, would love to get some more but I see the 2010 is out of stock. Shame as it’s a cracking expression of Bordeaux for a reasonable price


Really sorry to hear that, @Ewan. Hang in there.


On our travels this weekend and staying with friends in KL had a few of these, slightly chilled over a warm evening…most enjoyable as the bottle warmed up.


Haven’t had Agrapart Champagnes for a while now…loved Terroirs but also the Mineral cuvee

Visited once - really nice and welcoming…even got to see the horses that they use for vineyard work


We were graced with the presence of the outlaws this weekend (FILs birthday this week)

Cooked Vacherin Mont d’Or with mountain hams and sourdough served with:
Pettermann Rielseing Grand Cru Frankstein 2012
Dom B.Bachelet Maranges 2015
I preferred the Riesling as it seemed to have just the right level of development to match the hot creamy, oozing, yummy, cheese (I would recommend hot Vacherin!)

Rib of Beef served with:
Gruaud Larose 2006 ( and I have one left :smile: )
Senejac 2008
as you would expect, the GL knocked the Senejac into the (choose ending) - however, at 12 1/2 years old the GL was still no where near showing age - was fruit driven, soft integrated tannin and deep colour with only a faint brick rim…will leave the other bottle a couple of years at least

Sunday night was a first…Haggis ! with tatties, Carrots and creamed leeks served with
Bruno Dufeu Bourgeuil “cuvee clemence” 2011 - I simply love Cab Francs and this went so well with the haggis flavours (my 8 yr old was told it was minced lamb…he wasn’t convinced!)

right…back to dry mon-thurs…I will be getting my wine fix in continuing the cellar / storage audit :slight_smile:


You are right, that must be a first…


might edit that one…