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Weekend Drinking Thread [9th-11th August 2019]



A light to medium bodied claret. Graphite, tobacco and a hint of violet. Went very well with roast lamb. Bought a case EP back in 2010 - still drinking very well and will last a few more years.


My reward for two days on the road back down from Northumberland with the kids in foul weather. A little sharp and tannic, almost Nebbiolo like on first opening. 20 minutes in the glass and it becomes complex and delicious - floral and sweet with a saline finish and licquorice overtones, tannins still present but not obtrusive. Better palates than mine say ‘roses and pomegranate’ and I wouldn’t disagree. I would certainly peg it as PN rather than Pinotage. 12.5% as well. The 2016 is still available from other retailers at under £20/bottle and I believe it’s very good vfm at that.


My last bottles of both of these tonight ! Both stunning wines and both have given me great drinking pleasure :wink:

Camping in France

May those two wines have suffered from being in the bottle an probably not long opened. Furthermore may the Chardonnay have been a bit on the cold side. It’s unfortunately too much to ask on a plane but perhaps a decanter and an hour or two may have made a huge difference to both.


Love the white version of this, must get hold of the red


Will open one of these two today, with roast chicken, baby potatoes and home grown tomatoes. Which one shall it be?


Oooh! I’d be interested to hear what you think of the Israeli wine - if you end up opening it. All the Clos de Gat wines I tried to date were very good to excellent. Particularly love their Chardonnay (Chanson and Clos the Gat collection). :+1:


You mean this one? :sunglasses:


Ha ha! Yes, lucky you! :wink: :+1:



Certainly likely that the red was newly opened. The white was about the right temperature. It is fascinating on how flying can affect your taste.


Sunday mornings just wouldn’t be the same without this thread. As always, it’s been a pleasure to read about what you’ve all been enjoying ( far more interesting than the pro reviews in the newspapers ).

An upside to the disappointing weather this weekend was the opportunity to broach these. On Friday…

… one of my favourite food and wine matches. A Saint-Joseph with steak and chips. It’s a 2010 ‘Mairlant’ from Francois Villard.

A watery rim seems to indicate maturity. Fragrant and complex with black cherry and berry fruit and notes of salami, olives / tapenade and black pepper. Equally complex with similar flavours on tasting. Medium to full body, silky texture, faded tannins, clean acidity and a spicy structured finish with good length of flavour complete the picture. Loved it !

Yesterday with a roasted duck leg ( yet again ) and veg…

… a Cote-Rotie ‘Le Combard’ 2013 from Gilles Barge ( 7% Viognier ).

Medium crimson colour with a fading red robe. Fragrant and perfumed with notes of violets, red cherry and raspberries and a savoury spicy quality adding complexity. Fresh and medium bodied on tasting, cherry/ berry fruit had a pleasantly sour quality that I enjoyed, rocky mineral notes gave complexity. Clean acidity gives balance and refreshment whilst dry grippy tannins, which faded through the course of drinking, provide considerable structure. Length of flavour is very good too. However on the downside, there’s a funky ( brett ? ) note running through the wine that detracted from my pleasure and which I’d rather wasn’t there. Decanting helped reduce it.

The Bohoek Semiilon ( made by Boekenhoutskloof ) was picked up recently In M&S for £6.66. Lean lemon citrus, almond and oak notes put me in mind of an oaked white Bordeaux. Refreshing, food friendly and good value. That said, I wouldn’t buy it again.

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone. Looking forward to reading more tomorrow !


Had my first Weinert bottle yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Its certainly a smooth number. Plenty of weight and not surprised to see this listed at 15% alcohol. Think it may be even higher. I see notes from others comparing to Musar and I do get that in a small way. However, just lacking some balancing acidity here but otherwise a cracking effort. This is the current vintage on offer from the Society and I suspect is in its perfect drinking window now.

Succumbed to a cheeky couple of glasses in a fantastic little wine bar/cafe in Cheltenham this lunchtime. They specialise in Venetian cicheti and have a well thought out selection of wines.

Really enjoyed my Orto di Venezia. Not a wine I’ve tried before but will seek out again.

Home now and time for a pre dinner negroni!


2009 Tyrrells “Rufus Stone” Heathcote (Victoria) Shiraz The society usually has this, but it seems to be out of stock at present. A few years’ cellaring suits this wine - never one of the blockbuster Aussie shirazes, it’s calmed down a bit more now. A decent and affordable Victoria shiraz.

1970 Ch. Meyney (St. Estephe, EB by IECWS Stevenage whoever they are) Originally bought as a half-dozen at auction more as a bit of fun, this one had level at mid-shoulder. But despite that, it was very good indeed. At this age (nearly 50 years old), it was of course a very gentle old claret, but it was all there. A tribute to the society’s own bottling. I had a replacement on standby, but it wasn’t needed.


Our Oxford group tasting yesterday… “Summer wines”.:slight_smile:

Kinda ironic given the terrible weather… Wonderfully eclectic session though, the highlights of which for me were a Petite Arvine from Val d’Aosta, a serious txakoli and a Negramoll from Tenerife.


If you save your photo onto your desktop/mobile, you can then upload it using the ‘upload’ symbol:


When you click on the symbol, it’ll open a box which allows you to search for the photo. Once you locate it, simply click ‘upload’. :slight_smile:


The husband has returned from his weekend in Dieppe, where things make more sense than they do here currently, so decided to open a wine from his favourite region, albeit of a less common hue:

This is a 2017 Chinon Blanc (made from Chenin Blanc – a lovely little tongue twister), and a tasty one it is too. The sort of Chenin that puts a smile on our faces; lemon, apple, delicate honey and chamomile on the nose, and on the palate off dry and a creamy mouthfeel - but with that Chenin lemon sherbet acidity, as well as taste not unlike apple puree, and very delicate honey in the background. Lovely stuff! :+1:

Having this with Chicken cooked in Fino sherry, and watching the storm of the last few days slowly dying down. One day we shall sit in the garden again.


Last of Friday’s WS delivery. 2010 Clos Floridene Blanc. Lovely wine, with a smokey note on the nose and lots of fruit that manages the trick of being fruity without any hint of overripeness. I’ve had the very occasional Clos Flo Blanc that’s not been in tip top condition but at nine years of age this is nigh on perfect. I always wish I’d purchased more.


Thanks, Inbar. Yes, I tried that, but my phone doesn’t show my gallery as a location from which I can upload :frowning:

Edit: Did it on my desktop :roll_eyes:


Ripe sweet red fruits, this is loads of fun. Would be great with a summer pudding. Hope the W/S gets more of this in the future.


Ah! Great to see the photo :+1:

I had the white version of Viñátigo a few months back:

Lovely wine! How was the Negramoll?