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Weekend Drinking Thread [9th-11th August 2019]



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At the in-laws today for lunch.

I took along my last bottle of this

Still plenty of plummy fruit and wonderfully smooth. No sign of fading yet but nothing to gain from holding any longer.

Followed up by this from the FiL (2015 vintage though)

I thought was very nice (evidently younger of course) though he felt it was much harsher and ‘rough round the edges’.
In any event, it all went pretty quickly.

I’m now on leave from the joys of work for 3 weeks so very happy (if slightly damp🙄) Sunday & summer to all.


Like any white Bordeaux these days, CFB has its limits in respect of time in bottle. I have a case of CFB 2008 which is lovely, except when it isn’t. Around 1 bottle in six is showing as oxidised and over the top. The difference (as in Burgundies) is quite stark.


Indeed. Just like the DDC yesterday!


Poached chicken breast in a cream and mushroom sauce, new potatoes and sugar snap peas tonight with a bottle of this:

I am considering whether to buy some in the current EP offer…I think I will take the plunge!


It was good! Earthy and rustic. Crazy prices for these wines here… This costs about 15 euros in Tenerife - in a restaurant!


You ain’t kidding!! I paid £24 for the Vijariego blanco! :scream:


You should get yourself to the Canaries this winter! Wines are supercheap - never realy over 15 or 20 euros in restaurants, and obviously less in shops. I think there is some tax perk over the mainland.

Vinissimus is a fair bit cheaper too, of course.

La Palma is my favourite island. Brilliant tasting too, at Teneguía (Llanos Negros) and Matías i Torres.


I was hoping cook a barbecue to welcome Mrs Robertd back, but was forced to repurpose the ingredients as it became apparent that the weather really wasn’t playing ball. So, a spicy surf-n-turf with ribeye and prawns, and spiced aubergines, with Mas de Daumas Gassac Rouge 2011.

Bought En Primeur in 2013. Quite farmyard-y on first opening, but that dissipated after about 30 minutes, leaving lots of red berry fruit, a bit of liquorice, tobacco and thyme, smooth acidity, and really together tannins. A class act, hugely enjoyable now, but lots of development still to come. TWS drinking window says to 2023, but it could go well past that.


Did a tasting on Friday night for some friends.

We had:

and this

for white wines with an aromatic theme. The Alsace won hands down, and was well received by all 8 of us. The Muscat and Gewurz were both quite evident, and the PG too at times.

The first one wasn’t bad at all, but just outshone…

Then these as affordable Pinot Noir.

Ostoros isn’t as good as the 2016 in my view. Not as much fruit, and more tannin. Slightly burnt toffee aroma to it…quite odd. It was ok but no more. The German PN knocked spots off it, sweet fruit with an edge of tannin and very drinkable.

Then we did three ‘one offs’ which none of the company except me had tried before.

First bottle of three that I have. This was a very good wine, and VGV too…shame it’s sold out…sour cherries, a little tannin, refreshing, and a very versatile food wine too. Voted the best value wine of the night.

Then this…

It took a wee while to open up - hadn’t been able to decant it and we were tasting in narrow glasses. Some didn’t like it initially but came round. Once it opened out it was lovely. One comment was that ‘this wine smells sweet’ - that pine resin aroma that I’ve noticed when opening this. Fruit was sweet but offset by tannic edge. Most loved it but a couple of dissenters.


Opened and decanted 5 hours beforehand. When decanting, I was bit worried - pale garnet/brownish rim and the cork broke too…seemed to be on the edge of breaking up. However, on the night it was a revelation - the colour was a brick red like mature claret, the ‘barnyard’ had gone, and it was a lovely, sweet/spicy wine with a little tannin still and enough acidity to balance it all, and I felt it can keep going for a while. Took a while for people to come round to it, but when they did they were hooked…all bar one - my wife! At least the other 4 bottles won’t go missing…

Overall, there was a clear price to quality relationship, but the Zwiegelt outperformed a lot for its price. We finished off all the bottles with chicken and almond filo pie and lamb tagine with couscous superbly cooked by our hostess. Managed to slip down a bottle of the Graillot Moroccan Syrah with it too…


We have enjoyed this yesterday and today.

Just as described, a lovely black fruity wine with a sprinkling of pepper and hints of dark secrets lurking in the undergrowth.


I think Mas de Daumas Gassac is best with plenty of age. I have some early 2000’s bottles that I’m trying to ignore for at least another five years - at five years old they were a bit unapproachable. Winemaking has probably changed in the interim to make them a little more approachable at a younger age.


Daumas Gassac is one of those wines that for me are overhyped and overrated. Yes, it needs at least 15 years , but most of the time it’s disappointing even then. Think I’ve had three meh bottles to one good one. Needless to say I don’t buy anymore . Think there are a lot of better wines in the Languedoc at much better prices.


True. That’s why I haven’t purchased for at least 15 years (and why I may well consign the rest to a broker).


@Oldandintheway - I certainly didn’t find last night’s bottle too unapproachable. Quite possibly it’s to do with how winemaking has changed. Yes, it’s going to develop some more. I’ve got three bottles left, and it will be interesting to see where they go. Maybe I should leave one of them 10 years - or maybe I’ll run out of patience!

@suiko - each to their own, I guess. I really enjoy it. It’s not in your face, a good combination of bright fruit and savoury backbone, and lively acidity makes it nice with food. It cost £95 En Primeur, which I didn’t think was excessive. 2017 was £137 I notice (didn’t buy this year), which might make me think slightly harder, but I reckon it’s still good value compared with almost anything from Burgundy, Bordeaux and quite a lot of the Rhône!


A celebratory weekend this weekend so enjoyed these over the course of the weekend:

The champagne’s were both excellent, very little to choose between them, with the Gimonnet probably better value for money.

The the 2010 Moulin de Duhart was the second bottle consumed over the past 12 months or so, but was again a little disappointing. Double decanted, including an hour or so in the decanter, and whilst the tannin’s had definitely softened and so were not noticeable, the fruit had faded but the tertiary flavours were not showing noticeably and it lacked a little depth and length on the finish.

Both the burgundies drank well, although the Pernand-Vergelesses (enjoyed in a restaurant on Saturday) probably had the edge, slowly developing over the course of the meal. The Barthod is starting to show it’s age a little, and will probably look to finish my last bottle of this within the next 12mths or so


Don’t you think the Soula red, for example, offers a similar experience?

Agree about Bordeaux, Burgundy and N Rhone, but then I don’t really buy any of them anymore!


Snap! I opened a 1999 on Thursday and the cork broke in two. Despite being as careful as possible and using one of those openers with the twin asymmetric bendy legs (I’m sure it has a proper name but I don’t know it!) Loved it once I’d got into it and got it decanted!


It’s called a butler’s thief. Supposed to aid the removal of the cork (and then liquid) without damaging it so the true owner wouldn’t know


Thank you! :smiley:

When I received my 1999 Musar from a certain other vendor a little while ago it came with a free Musar branded one and a nice little ‘letter’ from Musar explaining why I might need it with an ‘older’ bottle and how to use it. Sadly it still did me no good; I got the prongs about half way in and then the whole cork started pushing in so tried to pull from there but the cork snapped! However once filtered it did no harm!