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Weekend drinking thread [April 12-14th 2019]


Overall pretty good. Rubber, herbs, pepper on nose, dark fruits, smooth, little tannic, bit of acidity, peppery and reasonably long finish. If I had more I would probably leave them for a couple of years, I had the choice of 15 or 16 when I bought so I think buying the older one was probably a good move. I would buy again.


This from the Cali treasures mixed case last night:

Quite a berry fruit hit at first with some drying tannins, but integrates well after a quick decant into a very smooth and enjoyable wine. Really quite easy drinking, and a nice match with last nights steak dinner!


Thanks for that i shall leave mine then for a cold winters night next year…fireside red perhaps.


Went out for dinner last night and they had the Tim Smith’s Bugalugs Shiraz back on the list. I met Tim a few years ago and got to taste all his wines and was very impressed, the 2017 is full of mellow fruit and complimented the food so well. It does pack a punch at 14.5% though!

I’m going to decant Chateau Ksara 2015 for tonight


Got this opening up in the decanter found at Lidl for £15! Not often I can afford a classed growth even if its from the weakest vintage of recent years (2013) lovely cassis aromas. Sure it will be a great wine for the money, even if its not a stellar Margaux.


Had this decanting for an hour or so, looking forward to trying this after another year.


Lidl does stock surprising bottles every now and then! I too got a Margaux from them recently, for £15.99 - a Chateau Dauzac, also - like yours - from 2013.

Hope yours proves to be a pleasant surprise! :+1::wine_glass:


After a few days off after a bit of a blow out dinner at No. 1 at The Balmoral in Edinburgh (lovely food and quite a lot of outrageously good wine) starting back gently with this which I picked up from my wine merchant friend. Lovely fresh apple acidity (like biting into a crisp Granny Smith) and with just a hint of petrol on the nose, which I suspect is going to increase as it warms up. Really cries out for food.


It was exactly as I expected. Nice upfront fruit, a bid of cedar, nice perfume, perfectly decent left bank claret. Not in the same league as many second wines of good classed growths that I have tried. Would have been upset if I had paid the normal going rate for a 4th growth. Shows that even with all the skill and science in modern viticulture that growers are still subject to the whims of nature.


A beautifully sunny (if cold!) evening - calls for a sparkling Gamay, methinks!

This is a lovely, low alcohol (7.5%) example, from Jean-Paul Brun. The nose is attractive - fresh strawberries (and was I imagining a bit of cream, too?), delicate rose petals and maybe even cherries. On the palate it is light, despite being demi-sec, with lively bubbles and delicious strawberry, ripe red apple and cherry notes. Reminded me a bit of a good Brachetto d’Aqui. Will definitely buy again! :heart_eyes:

Making some Katsu Curry tonight, which I usually pair with A Gewurtz or Pinot Gris, but decided to go for a Viognier tonight:

This is from Maison Les Alexandrins and it’s their entry level Viognier:

What a lovely wine; at first, the nose was a little closed, even - strangely- a little petrol-y. As it warmed up it really opened up, and revealed peach, white blossom and a citrus streak, which you pick up on the nose, and which also defines the very zesty finish. Less honeyed than other Viognier examples we recently tried, but you still get that unctuous mouthfeel, which I love about the grape. Very fresh, and not unlike the one we had from the Society a few months’ back. Interestingly, both wines source grapes from the Ardèche region.

Hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday! :clinking_glasses: :grin:


At my friends house in Dublin and he’s just opened this … can’t wait to get stuck in :blush:


The asparagus has arrived. My wine of choice did not disappoint.


Wow, still looks a lively colour.


Nice to see another stemless fan, it’s the way forward!


May I ask why? I always thought that for white in particular it is better to have a stem so your hand doesn’t warm the wine. May not matter so much for reds I suppose. The stemmed glasses do look elegant I think.


I do love my Burgundy Zaltos, but for everyday I too use stemless. Just don’t hold it in your hands and it will not warm them up. Much better in the dishwasher and double up as water glasses.


Cracked it


Great lubrication for nibbles, goat’s cheese & walnut salad, boeuf bourguignon & deconstructed lemon meringue pie


Loved this. Sparkly bottle at a sparkling price. I didnt feel the sharpness in the reviews, just rich fruit flavours and a fresh finish. Took me back to a Sicilian holiday!


Casa Castillo are about the only producer I like in the area. All the others seem to make wines that are very “made” to my tastes (as well as the obvious alcohol issue). Pity, as I like the grape and would like to see someone doing something more “natural” with it. I hear Francois Chidaine is doing interesting things at high altitude in Bullas, but didn’t VB manage to find anything when in Murcia.