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Weinert Carrascal Assemblaje Especial



It cannot be EP , “newly produced and made available” as these are mature wines, it is just an offer.


Completely agree, and it seems a little odd to me. As others have mentioned, I suspect as this is a bit of a quirky offering then TWS didn’t want to over commit upfront, so have offered the wine in a pre-sale “EP” type offer to tie in buyers for the whole stock they order. It’s a shame really, as I would have bought a couple of bottles to try if it was on general sale, and then would maybe have bought a few more for the cellar if it warranted.

Will be very interested to see if TWS buy more than the EP allocations and release for general sale later. I’d be happy to pay a few quid extra a bottle then so as not to have to commit now - with Rhone and Barolo EP offers in Jan and Feb my wine purchasing priorities are elsewhere for now.


I have one Weinert oddity already in the weinert tonel 111 and the jury is still out on that one for me. Not sure about that “rancio” taste as Jancis puts it.

So I’m not convinced to buy another Weinert oddity in their wine soup and I’m still holding fire and waiting for the Barolo EP offer.


being devils advocate…(not as good as Bols advocaat)

technically this is “newly produced and made available”…it just happens to be newly produced from mature wines


Agree also. Jancis tasted the wine on the 20th of September, ‘but it doesn’t arrive until the summer, so it’s got time to settle’. Did she taste a bottle which hasn’t settled, whatever that means?


same as critics that taste barrel samples rather than finished bottles…


Can I ask a stupid question, if this was destined for TWS why did JR taste it?


Interestingly the JR tasting note lists TWS as stockist even before TWS was actually stocking it… It appears she tasted it at a tasting organised by Wines if Argentina for wine influencers (whatever that means), WoA seem to raise the profile of Argentinian wine (the name is a bit of a giveaway).


So I have pulled the trigger here, I’m fairly new and this is the first time I have bought anything like this (I’m a pretty new member). I’m quite excited about it :slight_smile:

Question, I ticked to accept substitutes, what does this actually mean in real terms? (As in how/what would TWS use to substitute)


In this case the only substitute offered may be magnums instead of 75cl bottles or the other way around. On big ‘proper’ EPs you could choose from a wide range of other wines. The same ordering form has been used here which isn’t really nessisary


Modern jargon speak, I had a surveyor phone for a potential buyer yesterday, his first sentence included ‘I have a four hour window on the …’ when I said I needed an arrival time it threw him and he replied’ I will have to check my appointment stream back at the office’ then he said he would 'touch base ’ with me later to confirm, plain English would be better, I only wanted to know what time he would arrive.


Hello! Delighted to hear you’re excited about this and thanks for the query - it’s a very valid one. @Rich29 is correct but it rather depends on your definition of ‘necessary’: I’m afraid that, for the time being, this option is hard-coded on our system, so while we’re working on getting it removed for future single-wine offers of this nature, it takes a bit more gruntwork on the IT front - so please ignore and please accept our apologies for any confusion. Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

This is possible but unknown at the moment: we bought all the allocation we could from Weinert, but there’s only so much of it and sales have started well. If I can update after the offer closes with good news then I will! Thanks.


Hi Martin

Does this mean that this may be available elsewhere? or does all the allocation mean everything they had?


I suspect other countries also get allocations, in the UK it might be a TWS exclusive… but let @martin_brown answer


Absolutely correct, @szaki1974 :slight_smile:


Thanks @martin_brown for the insight. As I’ve given feedback before - these ‘random’ little EPs are the best thing I like about TWS.


I’m in. Part of the fun of these “sight unseen” wines is not knowing if you’ve bought too many bottles or too few.


Interesting to see tonight that this has now appeared in “my wines” - but not yet in my reserves. Usually this means you have received an allocation. Fingers crossed!


Mine too, decided to split a case of magnums with a colleague who is also member.


May I ask how one goes about splitting cases in reserves? Is that something TWS does for you so that half of the bottles are moved to your colleague’s reserves? Or is it something the two of you will sort out together?