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Welcome to The Society’s community! As a member-driven organisation, The Wine Society measures success in terms of our member satisfaction, not profit.

We believe in delight and co-operation. We believe wine buying can be a shared activity that benefits everyone – producer, merchant and drinker – and where prices are honest and fair. We believe that members should have the opportunity to come together to make the most of their membership.

The Society’s Community is a place to:

  • connect with fellow members;
  • enjoy wine (and beer and spirits); and
  • celebrate the good things in life.


With many thousands of members all over the UK and around the world, there are never enough occasions for members to meet, yet members share strong common interests in wines and wine-related activities.

Take part to get answers and useful, relevant information from your peers – including vinous discoveries, favourite destinations and helpful tips.

For new members, it is also a great way to get help and suggestions from existing members about where to start exploring the List and the many Society events.


Membership of The Wine Society is not just about buying great wines, but also enjoying them. We publish a great deal of information about the wines and producers to help you choose and understand them, but our members also have lots of personal experience to share and many are experts themselves.

Share your favourites and your discoveries from the List so others can also make the most of their membership.


Wine is not just about what is in the bottle, but also the people and places that make it, and enjoying the good things that result from this. Enjoying wine is also about the places it takes us, the people we meet along the way and the occasions we enjoy it – especially with great food.

Explore the many ways that wine and other beverages enrich our lives and see the world in a new light.

If you are a member, please log in. If you are not yet a member, please do visit our Membership Page.

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