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What cheeses are you looking forward to for Christmas



My choices are a good Caerphilly, Tunworth for a soft and squishy experience, perhaps a slice of deliciously salty and powerful Cantal au lait de Salers with some Stichelton to follow.
I like good oatcakes with cheese (I fool myself into thinking they’re healthy) with different accompaniments such as celery, dates, Chutney, quince jelly and even Christmas cake, depending on the cheese. Mmmmm…


Christmas comes but once a year…
(Can last a while though, with many scientific tasting experiments to be had)


It was only after a sip of Ripasso Valpolicella at 9:40pm did I finally get it. :blush:


If a cardiologist, we can all keep @DrEm in business my clogging our arteries with his hip widening suggestions :rofl:


Livarot- is that an alcoholic cheese?




Lancashire Tasty (disguised as a black wax volcano), Comte and Butlers Lancashire Blue. Various oat biscuits.
Accompanied with cold homemade Christmas pudding, sliced red onions and cucumber in red wine vinegar, plum and sultana chutney.
Alcohol yet to be finalised.


Mayfield Swiss; Colston Bassett; Manchego; Brie de Meaux; Godminster. I’m going to have to let other people eat some of my cheese, so will inevitably top up with some Roquefort and Barkham blue. Also it would be rude not to have something goaty or sheepy…


And this

And this

Probably ought not just stick to Port, but there we have it…


Comte is certainly at the centre of the ever growing cheese board, but there are many others, getting the non industrial versions is the key to success regards continental cheeses, especially the likes of Comte and Roblochon and as above a great stinking Munster.

Apart from the wonderful French Italian and other European cheeses there is a growing awareness of the home delights on offer, locally we have Suffolk Gold, Waitrose do a first class Swaledale, Cropwell Bishop/Shropshire Blue blue cheeses in various forms.
I had a fabulous Gorwydd Caerphilly last year and an equally impressive Double Gloucester, never mind the endless versions of great cheddar cheese long overlooked as something looking like plastic we purchased in a vacumn packed package.

Christmas comes but once a year… with that recipe the first and last Christmas, nearest equivalent is a fried Mars bar :rofl:


This version though is a lower carb version as the fattening pastry lid has been removed and replaced with low carb Lancashire cheese. The rum butter would have been applied any way :wink:
Nothing like a deep fried Mars bar (which are tasty as long as they aren’t fried in the fish frier!)


Camembert, baked, crusty roll, door locked :smiley:


Sliced raw onion and cucumbers in vinegar - I am very interested to know what wine you will go for. All the rest of the plate is just up my street, but raw onions does something to my mouth - I just cannot rid myself of the taste for hours and hours. Same for cheese and onion crisps.


I will go with anything made from milk…love cheese so much that it was the served at our wedding breakfast instead of anything sweet

Here it will be (Vacherin) Mont d’Or, Beaufort and Comte with a side of Roquefort, brie de Meaux…and what ever else looks good when I go shopping

More importantly…will you be English or French …sweet then cheese or cheese then sweet?


I know for certain that our Christmas meal will be done in 4 different sittings.
Canapés with present opening
Starters and then the full dinner followed by a relax/snooze/walk
Most likely pudding next (so more English)
Then a long and lingering cheese, cake and accompaniments graze.


There’s one cheese I’ve never tried. Shropshire Blue! It looks so inviting, a bit like stilton but more colourful. I love its orange tinge with the indigo blue. I’m trying it for the first time. I hope it’s as good as it looks!


A dollop of clotted cream too,surely!


ours is done this way too

Breakfast - then pressies
Starter around 1
Main around 4 with dessert to follow
Cheese early evening

also gives a little time for wines to be chilled / opened etc as needed :slight_smile:


That really would be over the top, surely…:yum:


For us, the only time cheese should come after dessert is if it is part of the next meal