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What do you love about The Society's Community?



I’d like to ask a favour of regular but also irregular visitors to the community - whether you post regularly or even if you just come here to read and get recommendations.

We are trying to encourage even more Society members to sign up and join us in this wonderful conversation and the voice they’ll trust most is YOURS.

Can you tell us in a few words what you love about the community? What keeps you coming back? What should other members know that might convince them to join us?

We would really love to have your testimonial that we can share with members - whether they are existing ones with lots of experience to share, or brand new and looking for advice and support. We also want to let potential new members realise that this place is a great benefit that is exclusive to members.

We’ve asked this once before and some members (who you might recognise below) were very gracious with their comments, and some of may actually have joined after reading these, but I’d love to have even more views to share.

Can you help?

You can leave us a comment here, or send me or @laura a Private Message if you prefer.

Previous Comments


I really love reading other’s recommendations and using them to round out my orders - it’s been fantastic!


I love the Community and I want it to grow. To be clear, I’m speaking not as a Committee member but as an ordinary Wine Society member. I am thrilled to see how it went from a few dozen enthusiastic contributors to the hundreds of different voices I am seeing now. This means passion, diversity of taste and opinion, respectful comments (we are all so polite! hooray for us!) and a very wide variety of levels of knowledge, which is so valuable because whatever your depth of knowledge or your specific wine obsessions, there’s always someone who knows something different and can give you a refreshing angle. I learn something every time I come here (several times a week) and I enjoy it every time.

I also, like wine, find it addictive (I mean this in the most elegant sense, if there is one). I keep wanting to come back and see what’s happening. It has a definite negative impact on productivity in the day job! So beware… The top-right hand menu with the “New” and “Unread” items is my standard way in to seeing the latest chatter.

The most interesting development for me recently has been the crazy collaboration around the Hospices de Beaune - this is surely a textbook case of a “virtual” community turning into a “real-world” one. Surely an amazing example of the culture of the Wine Society. I expect (and hope) to see a lot more of this. Perhaps based around geography and where people live?

The Community is one of the best things we’ve done in years. I can’t wait to see it grow. We want more members participating! As one of the contributors above said, it’s “democratic, unstuffy and enjoyable”. Absolutely.


I second all of the above, @ricard!
This community is the only virtual community I am part of - and I love it! People’s passion for good wine, and their willingness to share their likes and dislikes means I get to try so much wine I would have otherwise missed or not considered. Like you, I love checking regularly what’s going on, what’s the discussion about and what new stuff I can learn! It’s this sharing I love most- ideas, jokes, passions, experiences to do with wine- and it really doesn’t seem to matter that we’re so scattered geographically. Each member seems to have their own unique ‘voice’, which I also love. May this community continue to grow! :star_struck:


I love that there are sooooooo many knowledgeable people on here and have been exposed to some excellent recommendations for my wishlist that I wouldn’t have selected otherwise


Perfectly put, @Inbar - I hope others feel the same.


I agree with all of the above! I think what marks it out from some of the other wine forums online is how friendly it is. There can be an unpleasant side to wine communities online - too much aggression, oneupmanship and unconstructive point-scoring. I haven’t found any of that here, which is why it is the only forum I regularly post in. That and @Herbster 's wit!


Agree with @Inbar and her support for @ricard comments. I align with them, the humour with which members and TWS staff approach the threads, the respect shown in comments, the knowledge, the foodie aspect and the willingness to get stuck into the real as much as the virtual… I could go on, and will as a community member.


Firstly, it is such a friendly Community, where everyone is so generous with their knowledge and advice, and happily shares their passion and enthusiasm for wine.

Secondly, it is a wonderful way as a new member of the Society to discover some wonderful wines. I wouldn’t have purchased half the wines I have if it hadn’t been for the Community (particularly as the review section of the wines don’t seem to be used very much by Members).

Thirdly, it is welcoming, and not at all intimidating for someone like me who is wanting to discover other bottles, having enjoyed a fairly narrow range before. I feared it might be…far from it.

Fourthly, it is very well run ( in fact all my dealings with the Society have been excellent, from the online ordering, to the friendly drivers, to the Membership team,really superb). The Community is no exception, it’s great fun, and you also learn loads.

Finally, you end up buying lots more wine than you thought you would.
It’s so hard to resist buying a bottle which someone is raving about, so be prepared to enjoyed some fabulous bottles of wine!


I agree with all the above.
I love the relaxed atmosphere of the community and all the recommendations which has unfortunately made my wish list swell.
I Also loved the #twstaste to see what others picked up on and the banter. Can’t wait for the next one :+1:


Totally agree with you about @Herbster’s wit - more please!


I agree with so many of the comments already made!

The community does feel like a virtual wine tasting club, with many members sharing info on the wines they’re drinking and the inevitable impact in ones own purchasing. In the last few months I’ve discovered some amazing wines that I likely wouldn’t have found any other way - thank you to one and all :grinning:

The beauty of wine appreciation is that you never stop learning and discovering new things. A lifetime of rewards!


Aw shucks @Mooble @ricard ! :blush:

I love being able to inflict my wine-nerdery on people who ‘get’ it (let’s face it, it’s pretty niche!).

Also, I think I might have said before: like so many other subjects out there, the more you learn about wine, the more you realise you don’t know. You can be a generalist, you can be a specialist, but no single person can drill right down into every corner of the world of wine, which is where this community really comes into its own: the breadth and depth of the collective, combined knowledge here is just incredible. Whether it’s obscure varieties, the latest wine laws, teasing the best out of a wine list, the nitty-gritty of the chemistry behind it all, or whatever - someone here knows their stuff and loves sharing it. And those examples are only from the last few days…!

Having said that, I also love the What Are You Drinking Today kind of threads, and it’s often the asides, the tangential thoughts and observations, that provide the best thank-god-I’m-not-the-only-one moments that make me nod and smile during a hectic day, and that’s priceless.

Thank you to everyone :+1:


Agree wholeheartedly with the previous comments. I don’t want to sound mawkish or dramatic, but being a part of the community since the end of last year has really helped me. I’ve been off work on parental leave looking after our baby (now ten months old) since December, and finding a place to come to switch off after (and sometimes during) long days (and nights) has been brilliant. I love reading the insightful, engaging, and funny comments from other members, and have learned a huge amount from them. I’m often too tired to drink any wine during the week, but I take a lot of vicarious pleasure from reading about all the lovely wines you lovely people are drinking. So you’re really doing a public service by opening that bottle. Cheers everyone!


That’s a lovely sentiment, @tfpywfpy! :blush:
And it’s actually you doing a public service by bringing up the next generation of wine lovers (hopefully) :wink: I’ll drink to that! :+1:


You’re all wonderful!

Thanks so much for the lovely comments and reactions. I do hope that new members get a chance to read this to set their mind at ease about joining an online forum (as they’re getting a bad press at the moment), knowing that this is exclusive to the friendly members of The Wine Society.

I would really love :heart: to hear from someone who has mainly read the comments on the site but has rarely, or never, posted, so that we can also get your views of this site. Not everyone wants to write comments, but that does not mean that they are not ‘participating’ by reading, liking or following the links to buy recommended wines.

If you are a reader, PLEASE let me know your thoughts as well, even if it is in a private message (click on my photo, then on the ‘Message’ button). Many thanks!

I’d still love to hear other comments and feedback as I plan on a little ‘roadshow’ soon to take the community to Society tastings and it would be great to let them know what you think


Hi Robert, I’m someone who very rarely posts in here but I still enjoy reading most of the posts. I usually check the forum on my phone and just can’t be bothered with typing a reply on the small keyboard!

What I love most about this community is seeing fellow wine geeks talking like me in a way that would bore the pants off “normal” people. It’s so nice to know that I’m not alone!

Admittedly this has become an expensive website for me - some of the recommendations have made their way onto my wish list, my Rhone EP purchases went up thanks to the debate on here, and if the Hospices de Beaune thing ever comes to fruition… well let’s just say I’m looking at my already overflowing wine fridge in despair.


What a problem to have! Let me know if you need a hand… :wink:


Robert. I only found the Community through a direct mail from you so it may be that a lot of people dont know its here. I wonder if if you put a leaflet in with wine orders that more people will at least have a look.


I love it that community members are encouraging, friendly, knowledgable and funny - sometimes laugh out loud hilarious! It’s a great source of inspiration on the wine purchasing front too. I didn’t have a wish list until I joined the community and now it’s so long I worry I’ll ever get to taste them all. And it’s very satisfying to admit to liking sherry and know that there are like minded people who share the same passion. :smile: