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What is in your basket January to February 2020



Thanks for the warning, time to order.

To quote Sparks ‘you’ve gotta beat the clock, beat the clock’ ( or something like that ).

Edit - now 9 bottles remaining.


A very modest basket for me this month - there’s not much room for wine at the moment, having been on all sorts of shopping sprees since Christmas. Planning to put a big order through around April for my birthday:

Particularly looking forward for the Chignin-Bergeron (the first I’ve seen on the list since I joined TWS), the red Burgundy the Chinon (that’s more for the other half) and the Corbieres Blanc! :+1:


Taking advantage of bin-ended prices on some of my regular buys plus another bottle of the excellent Foundry Roussanne and the Vacqueyras recommended here. The Planeta I last bought two years ago and haven’t seen since at TWS.

Order details:

Quantity Code Name Price/£ Total/£

4 Bottles CE10461 The Society’s Exhibition Limari Chardonnay 2018 8.95
2 Bottles SA13861 Julien Schaal Mountain Vineyards Chardonnay CSC 2017 10.95
1 Bottle SP15081 Tobelos Blanco Rioja 2018 10.95
1 Bottle SA15081 The Foundry Roussanne Stellenbosch 2017 11.95
1 Bottle IT22881 Etna Bianco Planeta 2015 12.50 12.50
1 Bottle RH43451 Vacqueyras Domaine des Genets Delas 2014 10.50 10.50

Free of Charge Delivery 0.00
Total order value: 103.60


I will remember to post a note when I do @Embee.


Wow, I’m off to check that out right now…


A 2009 currently sat in ‘for drinking rack’. Just waiting for an appropriate menu, occasion or company…


After reading the 2018 Germany thread, I’ve just bought a case


I have too few Rieslings, so this sounds like a good case to start my collection with.


I’m sure this wasn’t listed yesterday when I last ordered…

…I’m too embarrassed to go public with the gushing note written when I last tried it in 2016 but to see it offered again, four years later and £4 cheaper, forced an additional order of three bottles.


Mark, would you describe it as a dessert wine ?


Are you ordering daily now?


You mean you aren’t?


Sometimes feels like that, but not today at least


Yes, but not Sauternes sweet. The members reviews are spot on although personally I wouldn’t be tempted to drink it with savoury food but they give a great idea of what to expect.

It’s the kind of wine I drink solo as a fat free dessert !

Yes ! I shouldn’t but TWS really do know how to yank my chain at times


“Fat free dessert”

Now that does sound like my cup of tea! I presume that means I can have as much as I like and I won’t get fat :rofl::yum:


More budget vino, I’ve totally run out and have started drinking too many of the really nice bottles at home!
The Finca Munoz and Casa La Rad have become staples, they never seem to disappoint.

A small step up the price ladder to the El Pacto Crianza, based on the description in the recent “flyer”.

A couple of Italians and a Bulgarian round it out. The later because I want to be amazed…
If you’ve never tried Bulgarian wine before, prepare to be amazed”.


As opposed to your ‘for spitting rack’ where you keep candidates for the school bottle tombola and presents for neighbours…


I don’t buy or drink much German Riesling (due to the Chief hating Riesling) but really enjoy it when I do. Some very good reviews on 2018 so have gone for a selection of Kabs plus one Spatlese for the cellar. I do really enjoy a good Riesling when the weather improves for its refreshing qualities and low abv. And, once opened it keeps well - useful if you are the solo drinker.

2 Bottles GE12911 Piesporter Goldtropfchen Riesling Kabinett Schloss Lieser 2018 15.50 31.00
1 Bottle GE12931 Brauneberger Juffer Riesling Kabinett Schloss Lieser 2018 16.00 16.00
1 Bottle GE13111 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett Schloss Lieser 2018 15.50 15.50
1 Bottle GE13001 Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett 2018 Kees Kieren 13.50 13.50
1 Bottle GE12891 Niederberg Helden Riesling Spatlese Schloss Lieser 2018 19.00 19.00


Receiving a delivery of the following later. Does the Trevallon need more time in bottle? Or worth opening now.

RH29431 Dom de Trevallon Vin de Pays des Bouches du Rhone Rouge 2010 (Order Number 10278633) 1 BOTTLE 45.00 45.00
SA14261 Alheit Cartology 2017 (Order Number 10278633) 1 BOTTLE 28.00 28.00
SA14271 Alheit Hemelrand Vine Garden 2017 (Order Number 10278633) 1 BOTTLE 26.00 26.00


I think it will be good now - go for it!


Beware the residual sugar !

I’d guess there’s at least the equivalent of five tablespoons per bottle.