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What is in your basket? [June 2019]



Was in Asda today and bought this on a spur of the moment decision.

Not really the weather or time for it but thought it would be handy come Christmas. Thought good value for £20.


Also got a bottle of Woodford Rye for £25 along with a free old fashioned glass. What a bargain!


Nothing new for me, but tomorrow I should be receiving my summer delivery from TWS reserves… mostly whites and sparkles. Very excited!


Just got another basket going with 3 bottles of this wine.

Recent write ups here convinced me… 122 bottles left. Going to be great with some spicy food over the summer.


It’s a delicious wine, great without food too! I also got three


Forgive my ignorance, but how do you work out how many bottles are remaining? Do you just keep adding to your basket until it’s no longer possible?



Pretty much :wink:


Go for a really big number and then it’ll tell you it can only add x bottles. Gets very scary when you seen the price of your basket before scuttling over to the remove link!


I should have added that it doesn’t work if TWS has a limit per member in place on the wine, as in the recent Bin 001 offer, because your basket will always be restricted to the limited number.


Thanks for the response Leah and Mike, will start smashing my usual basket limit, even if only temporarily


Unfortunately the new Fine Wine List will have a bottle of English sparkling wine that I must get. Will have to keep my :eyes: peeled when it comes online.


Is that the Albourne Estate one? If so, I can definitely recommend it!


Just took delivery of 6 of these bad boys

Salivating at the thought


Will be lovely in 10-15 years. That’s a long time to salivate :grinning:


That’s why I got 6 :wink:


I only picked up three but will probably open the first around '21-'22. I also have a half bottle that will probably see the light of day a little earlier!


I’ve just taken delivery of 4 older bottles of Chateau Musar bought elsewhere but still pretty reasonably priced for the age (I saw much more expensive whilst browsing):

1999 - £31.95
2001 - £29.95
2002 - £28.90
2004 - £29.95


I’ve had the 99 and 04, and enjoyed them both!

I’m stocking up on more everyday wine (to avoid drinking something too nice at an inappropriate time!)

This looks like a good mix, some of which aren’t what I normally drink, but I need to stop neglecting New World wine in particular!

In order to get the discounted price I’m replenishing our half bottles which are so helpful when you are trying to be restrained.

Also some more bin ends including:

Soave Classico Vigneti di Carbonare Inama 2016. £15.50. The grower that first taught me that Soave’s not all dross!

Oestrich Riesling ‘vom Löss’ August Eser 2017 £10.95

Kaseler Nieschen Riesling Kabinett, von Kesselstatt 2017 £12.95

Tursan, Château de Bachen 2015 £12.50

Will probably chuck in some sherry and fizz and order at the weekend! :yum:


Arriving here tomorrow :wink:


Anyone knows these Ruwer wines, if they are worth adding to the basket?

eitelsbacher karthäuserhofberger kabinett, tyrell 2017
eitelsbacher karthauserhof spätlese, tyrell 2017
karthäuserhof schieferkristall riesling feinherb kabinett, 2016


Must admit that I’ve been watching and wondering too… They sound interesting and am tempted to have a punt on the Eitelsbacher wines.