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What is in your basket [Nov - Dec 2019]


MX19295 Inbetweeners Lebanese Case £102.00 1 Case of 3 £102.00
CM23181 Pauillac 2015 Ulysse £23.00 2 Bottle £46.00
MX19251 Chateau Musar Case £160.00 1 Case of 6 £160.00
MX19306 Taste of Bordeaux 2018 Vintage £45.00 1 Case of 6 £45.00

I created this order a couple of months ago but set the delivery to end of November so it wouldn’t be sitting around too long before I go home and get it into my cabinet.

At that time it was just the three bottle Lebanese case… it has grown since.

In fairness the two Ch Musars '99s are intended to be gifts if I can pry them away from myself! (I do still have 4 more of the '99s :smiley: )


Out of my basket, into my home


I am almost brought to poetry at that sight - ‘Jaboulets in the mist’ perhaps?


A small family of Thalaberts - 2 little ones and a couple of regulars.

Not tried it before, so these four should give the opportunity to try over a few years, with the halves enabling me to start a little early :slight_smile:


And is that a Ulysse Cazabonne Pauillac top centre…?


How did you recognise that?!?

I knew there was a bottle in there but had to double-check the rack for confirmation


I’m just gifted…


And you’ve opened one or two…?


Herbster should be in the next Somm film - like the guy who smells new tennis balls on a Clare Valley Riesling, he can detect the presence of negociant left bank Bordeaux by ESP…


I’m pretty certain he, like me (see my basket above), is a happy repeat buyer!


I may have partaken :yum:

There are some '11s and '12s in the racks and I sigh at them every now and again…


A mix of an order and some reserve delivery arrived today…


This is coming soon

I’m sure there is a better way than taking a photo but I couldn’t see any instructions in the wiki guide! Anyway, as you can see mostly fino sherry as we are running low. Plus assorted whites recommended by this community and the white for the next tasting. Already got the sherry and will give the red a miss but watch that section of the tasting with interest.


This just arrived today, slightly out of the blue… managed to buy it at auction for the hammer price of £1 (+£10 shipping), worth a punt…


What auction site if you don’t mins me asking ?



Quantity Code Name Price/£
1 Bottle FC35951 Minervois La Liviniere Cuvee Cantilene Chateau Sainte Eulalie 2016 13.50
1 Bottle LO15131 Anjou Rouge Confidences Famille Bougrier 2018 8.50
1 Bottle CM19541 Ch Tour Saint Bonnet Medoc 2015 12.95
2 Bottles SP14251 Bohorquez Ribera del Duero 2009 20.00
2 Bottles CM18591 Pauillac 2011 Ulysse 21.00
2 Bottles AR3761 Weinert Cavas de Weinert Mendoza 2007 22.00
1 Bottle AR4151 Weinert Carrascal Corte Clasico Mendoza 2015 10.95
2 Bottles RH34511 The Society’s Exhibition Hermitage Rouge 2009 39.00

The first three and the final one I have not had before (at least not from those years). The others I like so much I can’t get enough of them…

SH931 Alegria Manzanilla £8.50 1 Bottle £8.50
RH34511 The Society’s Exhibition Hermitage Rouge 2009 £39.00 2 Bottle £78.00
RH50121 Lirac Rouge La Fermade Domaine Maby 2016 £11.50 2 Bottle £23.00
SH671 Cayetano del Pino Palo Cortado Solera £16.00 1 Bottle £16.00
AL14581 The Society’s Exhibition Alsace Gewurztraminer 2015 £16.00 2 Bottle £32.00
SG2581 Cremant de Savoie Extra Brut Andre & Michel Quenard £14.50 1 Bottle £14.50
SG1071 The Society’s Saumur Rose Brut £11.50 1 Bottle £11.50

My last one. Filling in a few gaps until the H word was mentioned and my order suddenly almost doubled in price…

Also got a case of the Roederer champagne to go into reserves for next year.


With the advantage of a comfortable car and the retirement benefit of plenty of leisure, I rarely if ever order wine now. Instead from time to time I visit the Showroom and stock up on whatever grabs me when I’m there. It’s a great shop to browse around, and the enomatics have quite an appeal too (though driving doesn’t let you make full use).

There is undoubtedly a strong influence from this community. The last couple of trips have produced some Coudoulet, Cacik, Thymiopoulos, Rasteau, Campanology, Musar, Balbo, Perrin, P J Ainé, Somloi Juhfarks, Rasteau, Cairanne, Cauhapé, Mendes, etc. Some I would have gone for anyway, but some I can only attribute to the community.

The strategy has been interesting. My collection has become more eclectic and I’m pleased with that. But one objective, that of saving money, has been a complete and abject failure. Both average per bottle and total spend have gone up significantly. (But I’m well stocked with champagne now). Some further tuning is still required!


New game?

Cacik (blanco) bottom left?

And a gruner far left 2 down?