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What is in your basket [Sept-Oct 2019]



Always interesting to have a sneak peak at others’ baskets and deliveries. I just took a reserves’ delivery and purchased two odd bottles (these latter inspired by recent TWS offers, even if the purchases were from elsewhere. Also mulling over a reserves order of Gewürztraminer halves I mentioned previously…

What is in your basket to start more autumnal drinking?


I’ve this lot arriving either today or tomorrow. Order was originally for the two wines for the September tasting.

And then I put this order in when the Poivre et Sol appeared back on the list:


I’ve also got the September ordering bug:


Its a mixed bag: (I think) new SA wines from Naude, Lismore and Mont Blois + two recent well regarded by JancisRobinson.com (Furmint & Bohorquez) + 2 bin ends (Pazo Senorans below GBP 30 and an older vintage of Ch des Jacques to wet the lips for those newly in reserves from the recent EP offer).

Just have this nagging feeling though that my September spree is not over…oh dear.


Was the Heartland a TWS purchase?

I had a bottle of the Lagrein a couple of years back and since have been checking TWS site every so often for anything at all from that stable…but have not seen anything in a long time unfortunately.


Yes, got a case of 6. It is Dolcetto and Lagrein. A great little wine…


@szaki1974 how do you get so much variety into a reserves delivery given the 12 bottles/4 wines policy?


What is the 12 bottles / 4 wines policy?


Should have said L&W reserves delivery… the Cheverny, the Cote Rotie, the Heartland and the Hangacs are TWS purchases I transferred.


TWS to L&W to me - yes - I’ve done the same in the past…to overcome the fact that TWS only allows withdrawals of part cases provided they comprise at least 12 bottles of no more than 4 different wines (the 12/4 policy @Brocklehurstj)




Delighted to find a new edition of the Exhibition Crusted Port which I have just added to my basket. Crusted Port is an under-appreciated wine and this is an excellent example. Crusted Port is, of course, a non-vintage vintage Port and this new release is from the 2009, 2010 and 2011 vintages. Can’t wait!


Currently got a few bottles awaiting in the basket, amongst them:

Highly recommended in Decanter


Feeding the other half’s hunger for Cabernet Franc

Also got a couple bottles from a fab local merchant today; a 2017 Vouvray Sec

And another Cab Franc for the other half:

Which I am very much excited to try!




We had a fantastic tasting of the range at Domaine de la Chevalerie last year. Incredible cellars beneath the hills and so many older vintages available (at such reasonable prices) followed by a barrel tasting at the winemaker’s private enterprise just down the hill.

The Diptyque was great from memory, but any patience for opening will be well rewarded. I’ve only got two bottles and 2 magnums left from that trip but everything has been delicious so far.


Thanks, @Brocklehurstj! That’s great to hear! :+1::+1::grinning: the husbabd is a Chinon fiend, so I thought a Bourguiel would be a nice change… Lovely to hear that you had a great tasting at their cellars! And a barrel tasting, too! :heart_eyes:

We’re currently planning a Loire trip for next spring, so will note down this domaine! :+1:


Domaine de la Rochette, Mâcon-Bussières Mont Sard 2017, Bestsellers - Popular - Offers

Couldn’t resist this either. 5 star reviews from 2 members as well as Decanter recommended.

Plus a couple of bottles of this DWWA platinum winner. Astonished it’s still in stock.

@Inbar you might like to consider this Cab Franc.


For me the red star at lay & wheeler SA tasting


Thanks, Chris! Duly noted :+1: :grinning:


IMO Prüm is as good as it gets for Mosel Riesling. These wines will live forever, can’t afford more than the odd bottle of these though. Guess I’ll mix them in with some good everyday wines.


Reserves arriving next week:
Ch de Fonbel 2012
Exhibition crozes 2015
Clos des echalas Vinsobres 2010
St Cosme St Jo 2013

Soon to be drawn down from L&W:
Bois de Boursan CNDP 2007
Ogier Rosine 2015
Gunderloch trocken reinhessen 2017
Greywacke Wild SB 2016
Vilagrande Etna Rosso 2016
Bouissiere Gigondas 2012


Will be interested how that is drinking now. Also contemplating withdrawing some.