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What is in your basket [Sept-Oct 2019]



Last winter it was good with substantial air. Certainly in no danger of dropping off!


Wine spending this year has been getting increasingly unsustainable, so I’m hoping these two will see us through until the festive season. But let’s see how long it takes for me to get tired of Côtes-du-Rhône :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :wine_glass:

Also bought the two Portuguese wines for next week’s TWS Taste :+1:


Sadly the following will not be in my basket because it is now out-of-stock just as we had our last bottle last evening with grilled sea bass. Just hoping it will come again with the 2019 vintage but without delay.


Perhaps we can start a new thread called What’s Not in Your Basket… Domaine Tempier (rouge and rosé), JL Chave Hermitage, Marienglas Unterturkheimer Spätburgunder… The list is long…


Rousseau Grand Cru’s for £75 a bottle…I kid you not, and this was only a handful of years ago…


My Not Basket is overflowing at the moment! :neutral_face:


I keep adding to my L&W reserves including this week 7 from the new SA range.

As it happens three orders were delivered this week (all bought over a varying degree of time thanks to some amenable merchants).

11 from blast
10 from Howard Ripley
48 from big red wine

Highlights- 6 x Raymond Usseglio Imperiale 2016, Cristia Renaissance 2010 x 1, Pascal Cotat Grand Cotes and Mont Damnees one of each.
Plus some of the Perrin Gigondas cuvées and my first Keller Von der Fels and more.

This is not a normal thing and my first delivery on a pallet :grin:


Is that the 2017?


Howard Ripley is currently offering 16 JJ Prüm 2018s en primeur. The Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spätlese comes in at £28.5 on the table.


James at big red wine is such a nice guy. Don’t buy much from him, but this French Malbec went down a storm earlier this year.



I agree. He has let me buy these wines over the last year. He never complained about storage or chased up payment if it was late…

Because of this I have bought a fair bit (for me anyway) from him mostly Rhône but some Italian too.

The Usseglio was a six star from JLL.


No it was the last bottle of 2016. Wanted to buy a case of 2017 en primeur but funds wouldn’t allow.


This case looks very attractive in the current Loire showcase… does anyone have experience with this producer?


Les Haut Lieux (2014 vintage) was our wedding white wine (in 2016), so will always have a special place in my heart. Lovely classic balanced Loire SB. Collected from the TWS outpost in Montreuil, pbuh.


A big order this month - choosing wines to accompany three dinners. Highlights of the order include:-

We had the 2017 Burlotto Langhe Nebbiolo at home last weekend and it was superb. Will be interesting to see how the Vajra compares.

I have already put a case of this in reserves but have ordered more to go with a scallop dish.

This was my favourite wine at the TWS Languedoc-Roussillon tasting. Closely followed by this which I am hoping will work with both a chocolate dessert and a cheese board.

I have always liked Peter Lehmann wines so really looking forward to this - which I’ve selected to accompany a beef dish:-


If it’s anything like the 2016, it’ll be a stunner.


I’m hoping so… But it will need to go some to beat the Burlotto. If TWS offer that (I haven’t seen it come up yet - only the Aves Barbera) grab some.


Have tried very hard and finally cropped this down to 6 bottles I really want to try. With more tasting events planned in October and November, it’s going to be a tempting Autumn, but am trying to be very selective.
The Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spätlese, JJ Prüm 2012 looks to be a lovely, delicious wine and am seriously tempted by a case in Reserves with a bottle out every year or two…


You’re welcome. We were staying in Bourgeuil and also popped into Domaine de la Noblaie as it was only a short journey away. If your husband likes Chinon then TWS have bought recent vintages from there and the winemaker had several older vintages available for bargain prices.

A charming chap, gave us samples of everything he had to offer and kept us distracted for ages while our wives tried to distract the kids from tearing through the vineyard!


That’s another good recommendation, thanks! :grinning:
We have had their Chinon a couple of times, and recently really enjoyed their Chinon Blanc too!
Would love to visit them! :+1: