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What is in your basket [Sept-Oct 2019]



Thanks, @NickFoster! I think it’ll go in the next order. :+1:


That Beau-Site 2010 is a cracker and inspired ordering some EP this year. Just noticing though that I don’t have any more for drinking now. Might have to add a couple of bottles to my next order. Also a great fan of both the Angludet 2012 and the Carteau Cotes Daugay 2010!

Considering how good a year 2010 was for Bordeaux it’s surprising to me how many '10s TWS still has for sale. Not that I’m complaining.


Thanks, Mike, for confirming what I was hoping, not having tried any of them before. Plan on having the Carteau with Christmas dinner, the Chateau Beaumont 2010 magnum, now having sold out.

I don’t know whether it’s just me but it does seem that, perhaps, the pendulum is swinging slightly, in that the prices for some of the older Bordeaux and Burgundy seem to be plateauing, although obviously not at the very top end. There do currently seem to be some relatively decently priced French wines, from the best vintages, appearing on this site and elsewhere.

The Meursault Rouge (2015) is one that I’ve had before and it is spectacularly good value for a Burgundy of this quality. Just hoping that there is nothing else that really tickles my fancy before the Christmas releases and the Burgundy EP.


Couple of interesting items from the ‘Burgundy for drinking now’ showcase, just made their way to the basket…


That’s all we need - auto-filling baskets based on previous purchases… :cold_sweat:


Half bottle of Rustenberg John X Merriman, Stellenbosch 2015 - just saw this half bottle while browsing to make up the basket (free delivery)… good vintage of a reliable wine in halves, what not to like

Very sensibly dropped the Burguet wine from my basket. Also did not end up ordering the Cullen and Seresin wines I mentioned in the Australia / NZ thread.


The only order for me this month is a small one from Alpine Wines, arriving next week. Some Swiss Chasselas, Cornalin, Gamaret-Garanoir and Syrah, plus a Schiava from Alto Adige, some St Laurent and Wiener Gemischter Satz from Austria. Looking forward! :+1::wine_glass:


I didn’t know there were decent examples of this… :slight_smile:


Really hard to come by, for sure - and will never be as delicious as sipping it in a heuriger, but this one - by Weingut Christ - has been mentioned favourably in a book I recently read (Godforsaken Grapes) - so decided to give it a go…


Sounds like a case for next summer! I love these wines in summer. Do Alpine have much Italian stuff?


That’s about as far ahead as I can think…! But yes, certainly the Schiava/St Laurent/GS would be lovely in the summer. The Cornalin and Syrah I’m hoping to enjoy this winter, by the imaginery fire.

Alas, no. Some Lagrein, PN and a couple whites. They do sell an interesting sounding Nebbiolo from Valtellina, though (never tried an Alpine Nebbiolo!) - but I’ll have to give it a go another time.


I’ve found Vienna airport to be pretty good. The basic prices are pretty much the same as some of the more reasonable shops in the city, but they always have three or four wines on offer. My last trip, in July, the Pfaffl Wien 1 (simple but jolly good GV-Riesling blend, which we bring home each time) was under €5 each if you bought 3. Usually €8ish, so that was easy. Wieninger’s Gemischter Satz Ried Ulm, purchased then but not yet opened, was under €18.
Jos, I think you wrote previously that you like the Austrian red blends: any stand outs? At the simpler end I rather like Wieninger’s Trilogie, again available at the airport and sometimes on offer! All sorts of Pannobiles bought at the recent Burgenland Vinotek sale, but they need a few years before opening.


I’m a little short on everyday easy-drinking reds at the moment, so have put together a top-up order (only partly forced by the release of Bin 3…)

Esporão Monte Velho Tinto, Alentejano 2018 Code: PW7531Due in
2 x Bottle(s) at £7.75 £15.50
Baccolo Appassimento Rosso Veneto 2017 Code: IT26291In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £6.75 £6.75
Bin #003 Ribolla Gialla 2018 Code: BS - IT28141In Stock
2 x Bottle(s) at £9.50 £19.00
Domaine Jones Hairy Grenache 2018 Code: FC36911In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £13.50 £13.50
Esporão Monte Velho Branco, Alentejano 2018 Code: PW7541In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £7.95 £7.95
The Society’s Sicilian Reserve Red 2015 Code: IT26661In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £8.25 £8.25
Salice Salentino Riserva, Vallone 2015 Code: IT26551In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £8.25 £8.25
Bodegas Murua Aclys Crianza, Rioja 2015 Code: SP14831In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £9.95 £9.95
The Wolftrap, Western Cape 2018 Code: SA14751In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £7.95 £7.95
Koyle Costa Rapel Coastal Pinot Noir 2016 Code: CE10551In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £11.95 £11.95


I have been putting off trying the first two Italian wines in your order for ages now… the third one also looks interesting.


I found both the Baccolo and the TWS Sicilian to be great and excellent VFM.


The Sicilian Reserve is an absolute bargain in my opinion - right up there with the Valpolicella Ripasso as the best in the Society range. Not a fine wine, and not trying to be, just delicious and very nicely balanced. I’ve really enjoyed the Baccolo in the past as well. I think I might just be a sucker for Corvina to be honest!

I’ve bought the Salice Salentino before, but I have a feeling it may have emerged fairly late in a social evening so I don’t really remember it. I’m expecting plush, slightly sweet, tingly acidity and a little spice - perfect autumnal drinking.


very nicely put… :slight_smile:


Time for a non TWS reserves withdrawal - a few things including both rieslings being tried early on the assumption the rest of the case might be left a while. The average price per bottle across this case is under £12 IB which reassures me that even if I buy too much it’s still pretty good vfm:

[2016 Greywacke Wild Sauvignon, Marlborough
[2015 Pinot Noir, Paddy Borthwick, Wairarapa
[2017 Nierstein Riesling Dry, Gunderloch, Rheinhessen
[2016 Côtes du Rhône, Domaine Charvin
[2013 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine de Marcoux
[2007 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Tradition, Domaine Bois de Boursan
[2018 Thunderbirds Are Go, The Liberator
[2017 ‘1961 Block’ Riesling, Pewsey Vale, Eden Valley
[2017 Syrah/Grenache, Mark Haisma
[2017 Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Mark Haisma


I also got a couple of the Thunderbirds Are Go, so will be interested how it shows. Both Haisma wines are delicious now, but have nice structure to go an for a couple of years.


Yes, we had a drinks chat about Austrian reds a while ago, see

I agree the Pannobile’s are great, also Opus Eximium and Peccatum are very good, see the links in the previous posts. Occasionally, also single grape wines have blown me away, such as “Rot” from Schwarz. That was an expensive one though…