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What red for a lamb shank with madeira jus


I currently “going up the ‘pool” and “living in the past”


It’s okay to live in the past if it’s A New Day Yesterday.


I’m with Taffy, weighty northern Rhone. Lower elevation Cornas if you have some to hand, alternatively I would agree re the exhibition Crozes.


Also cracking with the New Years Steak Pie & Chips!! Yum!?!:wink::smiley:

Off topic
Have not really bothered with the on-line ordering app but today I imagine that TWS HQ will be pretty well inundated with calls, so went for it. Saved my required wines in “Wish List,” tapped away, completed using Express Checkout (I wish the real ones were THIS good!) and I was done and dusted in record time.
A five year old could use this, except that it would be illegal :open_mouth::wink: but full marks to the Society!


Xmas songs are like wine you pick your favourite to match the occasion, so

For coolness- The Pogues
For parties - Slade
And for good old festive feel - pretty much the whole Spectre album how can you not get into the Xmas spirit listening to classics like Frosty the :snowman:️ winter wonderland etc?


With apologies to the OP I can’t resist a “best xxx song”-including thread :slight_smile:

I appreciate the mentions for It’s CHRISTTTT-MAAS evergreen Slade-yelling and the splendid Waitresses but for me Wizzard’s “I Wish it Could Be Christmas Everyday” is The One.

That era was the pinnacle of the Christmas single with Elton (Stepping Into Christmas), the now abhorred Glitter (Rock & Roll Christmas) and even prog maestro Greg Lake (I Believe in Father Christmas) getting involved.

I’m also oddly fond of a couple of Indie curios in the Fountains of Wayne’s “I Want an Alien for Christmas” and John Peel favourites Shonen Knife’s Space Christmas.

None of which are played at any other time than driving home for Christmas :smiley:


I don’t think anyone has suggested Italian yet - I’d suggest Sangiovese or Nebbiolo, for the acidity to counteract the fatty lamb - but preferably at the weightier (oakier?) end of the spectrum to deal with the sauce.

Plus, I vote for “Last Christmas” by Wham :grinning:


It sounds like we have VERY similar tastes in Christmas songs! These are three of my faves too. :smile:

Ooh, something Italian sounds good @Bluebeard - what do you reckon to that, @Nowt_in_my_glass? :smiley:


I think we have an understanding that Brummie’s and Midlander’s clearly do Chrimbo songs better!

Yes I did think this - The missus has some Brunello she brought back from Italy which was beautifully perfumed and very polished. I did mention an amarone and thought the dried fruit concentration would hold it’s own against the sauce.

Not sure if Sangiovese would be a tad ‘sour’ and acidic or if that’s a benefit…?

I’m certainly erring more towards polished, oaky and fruity so it’ll be a youngish claret, Oz Cabernet or the amarone. #firstworldproblems :joy:


There is a disturbing lack of Shakin’ Stevens in this thread.


Oh dear! My least favourite singer in the world. EVER. If he’s ever shown on the old TOTPs my daughter knows to distract me, whilst the husband switched to another channel. :grimacing:


How can you say that about the Welsh Elvis?! :rofl:


I think you’ve got the wine and the music sorted on this thread but definitely +1 for Fairytale of New York, and Merry Christmas Everyone. (And all the other ones, I bloody loves a Christmas song I does.)


Watch me! :smiley:


Fairytale of New York here aswell along with good old Mariah :blush:! I love a bit of Christmas cheese :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:!


So do I but not that sort, perhaps a thread on cheese purchases for Christmas, I use a very good deli in town, the only one ! and last year he had sold out of Comte, the real stuff, when I arrived, a crime punishable by slow strangulation, this year I have put an order in.


The Amarone idea is a good one - Bussola l’errante or something with plenty of width (would be a seriously generous and indulgent mouthful with the lamb & sauce…); but maybe a ripasso for a bit more ‘cut’. On balance I’d probably travel with the Rhone crowd - a healthy Vacqueyras?

And I’ll submit this pretty 2-minute gem for a carol:


@AVI6 your suggestion is most reassuring, I think I will be going down the amarone route because a) none of the guests have tried it and b) it’s simply delicious

I also love that your music choice has brought this thread to a very civil conclusion :slight_smile: