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What sort of Funeral?


Certainly better than naval gazing …


Though by doing it you ensure many will gaze at your navel. :+1:


Would that be a Navel review or am I all at sea!


Just aswell my Dad was a Navel officer then :wink:!


How far you could gaze would depend on the size of your corporation.


Given your other comments, are these quaker cemeteries ?

The reason I ask is part of my ancestral line is from Quakers in the Yorkshire / Cumbria area -recently found out that approx 100m from an old property there is a cemetery, in a small dale, I can’t imagine what state it is in now.


If it still belongs to the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) the local area meeting trustees should be looking after it. Let me know the details and i will check it out.


People that donate their bodies for medical research do so for the best intensions. Others donate organs so that others may continue to live. But they’re not for me.

Even though death means an end, the corpse should be treated with dignity and respect. Our bodies are more than an old banger at the breakers yard.


Greater love hath no man than this , that a man lay down his life for his friends. On that basis i think it is a loving act to give your body for the benefit of others.
I respect and applaud those who give their bodies for others . It also saves paying money to undertakers. I believe the living are worth more than the dead. I believe in life after death my spiritual body will carry on into the new life . Look around you at the world everything is recycled in the process of creating new life. Theres no lack of respect thats just the way the world is.


I won’t go into theological arguments as I know it puts people off. But for now, I agree there is life after death.


In the famous words of Spock, “It’s life Jim, but not as we know it”.

(Or possibly not).


So are you against cremation?


For me it’s a personal choice. I wouldn’t want to impose my choice on others.

My apprehension stems mostly from religious beliefs. But cremations are becoming acceptable across faiths in general. Even regular churchgoers often opt for cremations, after a funeral service/requiem mass in church. Secularists go straight for the crematorium.


It is very much a case of each to his or her own. (Interestingly 77% of people are cremated these days - was 34% 60 years ago).

Sometimes you have choice reduced according to circumstance. Some of you will know that my dad passed away four weeks ago - he and mum had discussed what should happen, but it didn’t go quite according to plan, as he needed a post mortem. The results of this were inconclusive - they sent small samples of his major organs away and we still wait to hear. They asked if we wanted them to be replaced in his body or whether we might agree for the remainder (most of) the organs be donated for medical research. My mother chose the latter, for which they were most grateful.

In the meantime an interim death certificate was issued which allowed us to carry on and prepare for last week’s funeral.

The service at the Woodland Burial site in Norwich was followed by a private cremation. Later this year we are taking his ashes and will be scattering them at his favourite childhood fishing spot back home on the banks of the Dell River in Ness, Isle of Lewis. All of this is according to his wishes.

I visited him twice in between his death and the funeral and was very much of the opinion that his life had ended, he had moved on elsewhere and left his body behind, rather like a snake / crab sheds its skin/ shell as it grows and moves on to the next stage. I used to have a faith but lost it six years ago, but despite this I definitely felt that he hadn’t just disappeared but had moved on somewhere.

(But, adding a dose of the here and now to all of this, do prepare for the cost! This was £5k in total!)


Thank you for sharing Ewan


Very good to share this @Ewan…I hope that your visit back to Lewis goes well. I was thinking of the words around a print in my study when reading this…

I pray that I may fish until my dying day
And when it comes to my last cast I then most humbly pray
When in the Lord’s great landing net I’m peacefully asleep
That in his mercy I be judged good enough to keep…