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What to do with Corks?


Hi everyone
I made this a few years ago and it’s still going strong



We fill our knotholes in our floorboards…


are they all threaded ?

easily have enough corks - but given my crafting ability…not sure have enough time to create before next Christmas :rofl:


I stuck them on to a bought wreath using a glue gun. The wreath was made of wicker and spiralled round which help as I followed the spiral with the corks.


im now off to find a suitable wreath and a glue gun! thanks


I love this map of Italy.


Cold outside, a few glue guns from Hobbycraft, happy kids.


Next thread: what to do with the weird creations your kids have produced with aforementioned corks?


Omg! They’re really good !! Go sell them at a craft fair ! BUT you will have to drink A LOT more wine to start your sweat shop :rofl:! Well done to the kids though !


“Daddy, we’re running out of corks, you need to drink more wine.” Well I wasn’t going to darling but I’ll force down some more claret if it helps you to finish your weird robot thing.


Cork board with a centre piece from the Aussie rellies.