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What would you do ... with a £156 breakage


Often these business cancellations are dealt with sympathetically. If someone just doesn’t turn up I think they should expect a charge but if someone is ill and cancels many places show reasonable leniency


My friend summed this whole thing up nicely when he said “the world would be a better place if everybody just stopped acting like d**ks…”


Quote of the day :rofl::rofl::+1:


Wasn’t there a thread (here maybe or a blog - haven’t the foggiest where I read it) of someone taking a very nice and treasured bottle of wine round to some relations and them bringing out those monstrosities of glasses totally unsuited to getting the best out of the wine.

Anyway, the guy had to do this volte face when he saw these glasses coming out and say ‘oh, this wine isn’t fancy enough for those - please let’s just use these IKEA ones’ as he knew these would be best for the wine. With a bit of persuasion and utter lying, he prevailed and they had the wine out of the IKEA glasses.


Original post was on ‘mumsnet’. I rest my case.


Several years ago TWS had an offer where they had bought all the stock of wine from a liquidated restaurant in Spain. It was a bit of a lottery in the end as to whether you got the wines you wanted or not, but I was lucky enough to get a half bottle of 1964 Gran Reserva ( I can’t remember which one at the moment )and decided to share it with my FIL over Sunday dinner.

The wine was an absolute gem and a rare treat for me at £70 but he just knocked it back without a word. I could have given it to him in one of the kids plastic tumblers and it wouldn’t have made any difference. None of my friends or family would understand the point in spending more than a few pounds a set on glasses.