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What's your favourite Society or Exhibition wine?



Based on previous vintages the NZ Chardonnay is a class act


Going for one each of Society and Exhibition…


Sicilian red does it for me.


Honourable mentions to the California Old Vine Zinfandel and the Primitivo (same grape) though the latter seems to have vanished from the current list.


Would have gone for the Alsace which again seems to have vanished for the time being. Would therefore go for

and would second this one already nominated.

In a way I would like to see ones that I don’t know on the tasting list though, as there’s quite a few I haven’t sampled. Also ones that used to be my ‘go to’ but an indifferent vintage has put me off. Corbieres and Verdicchio being examples. I’m sure they will or already have returned to form…


Any of the St Eulalie reds


Easy decisions for me.


and a +1 for the Society’s Exhibition Haut Medoc


The gems of the list hidden in plain site.

I like that.


I think I can understand a slight reluctance with regard to the tws wines that I have myself been guilty of. There’s a little less romance as compared to chateau this and domaine the other. I experience a similar reluctance when considering buying, for example, a Guigal; they maybe excellent wines but somehow lack a certain je ne sais quoi. And yet, personally, I don’t think I’ve been disappointed by any of the tws wines I’ve tried.


Thank you! They’ve been a really important part of my “wine journey”. They deserve the love.


The Society’s Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine sur Lie 2017… an absolute steal at the price of £7.75. Clean, crisp, minerality… already my 2019 Summer wine (another couple of cases due tomorrow!!!)


The Society’s Fino; The Exhibition New Zealand Chardonnay and the Gigondas…where has it gone?


It’s the Tasmanian Chardonnay for me. At £14.50 it’s snip compared to similar quality old world wines.

It’s from one of the oldest and most prestigious East Coast vineyards, Freycinet Vineyard. After visiting again this year I understand this isn’t a cheap “knock off” but from vines close to their premier Chardonnay block. It’s a prime example of the gems that the Exhibition range can hide.


So interesting to see such a wide range of favourites here, with a few names starting to crop up again and again…

I’ve totted up the totals for all wines voted for so far here and on social media (26 wines from the range nominated so far!), and the current front-runners are (in order):

The Society’s White Burgundy
The Society’s Exhibition Limari Chardonnay
The Society’s Exhibition Haut-Medoc
The Society’s Exhibition Gruner-Veltliner
The Society’s Exhibition Crozes-Hermitage
The Society’s Primitivo
The Society’s Exhibition New Zealand Chardonnay

Still time to nominate your favourites! :smiley:


Another vote here for the Society’s Exhibition New Zealand chardonnay.

The Society’s Hunter Valley semillon too but that’s probably a bit niche.


for me its the Society’s White Rioja - it strikes a great balance between the old and new styles.
Cant see any votes for it as yet but I used to favour the White Burgundy but the Rioja is has a bit more class about it and its a bit less cost.


This is my favourite so far.


The Society’s Chianti Rufina and the Society’s Claret are regular sights in my wine rack. They both give me exactly what I’m looking for in midweek drinking with my meal for cheap.

Sometimes I don’t want to have to think too much but definitely want a Claret with my meal, not “red wine” and it does just that.

Special mention to the Society’s Rioja Crianza which does just the same but I simply drink more of the other two.


Without doubt the crusted port has been my favourite Exhibition wine to date. Sadly now out of stock. I am hoping that a replacement will be available before next winter!


So far i’ve only had one which was the Falanghina (v nice) however there are more Wine Soc wines on the way.


As staff I doubt I’m going to get a vote on this, but when you love something…

For the money, I have yet to encounter a more joyful bottle to have on hand during sunny weather than this one:

I don’t often buy rosé but this is a go-to for the occasions when I do:

I’m a huge fan of all of the Exhibition chardonnays but if pushed to pick one…

And it’s a tossup between this and the Vacqueyras for favourite red:

(Exhibition Hermitage Blanc is the best wine in the whole range, in my humblest, but none onstream at the mo and it has the price to match!)


Came in to post this and chuffed to see it’s the first response!