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What's your favourite Society or Exhibition wine?



I suspect I might be out there with this one, but I don’t think I have ever had a Society or Exhibition bottling…


OK at £54 this Vintage Port is not the cheapest exhibition wine - but blimey it’s the finest.

Does this whisky count as an exhibition wine ?


If it doesn’t it should…though having it as a tasting choice for the online event might be a little impracticable…


But, but, why? :woozy_face:


On the contrary, especially that I would not have to buy a bottle…


The Society’s French Dry White. This is terrific value and has depth and fruit. A full flavour here and our wine tasting group in my village preferred it to a Montrachet costing £85.00. The WS has some very good cheap wine. There is no doubt that price is not everything. The jump up from a sub £10 to £20 plus is often not reflected in quality


For the purpose of the tasting I’d propose the Jumilla. It was in a case of Spanish wines that I ordered a year or so ago and I was seriously impressed at the quality for the price. I’ve since reordered it (I’ll order more soon) as I’ve subsequently developed quite a taste for monastrell /mourvedre /mataro.

Surely you don’t need to showcase the bigger sellers such as the white burgundy or the NZ chardonnay and whilst I don’t know how well the Jumilla sells, IMHO, it ought to be given the plug that it deserves.


Both my wife and I love thee rich, fine textured ,complex fruit
And total deliciousness. We have now resolved to visit Sicily and try other reds but can they they beat the Society s beautiful reserva? The whites from the slopes of Etna are also worth trying.
Laurence and Eileen Measey


I like the Societies Sicilian Reserve.**https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=IT26661**
I have drunk several bottles of the 2014 and i have some of 2015 0n order.
Most people will be drinking wines under £12 bottle. That is obvious because looking through the list most bottles are priced below £12.00. I usually only drink wine with food so dont see the point in spending a vast amount on the wine


Had the Port at Christmas. A price bracket up from our usual, but worth it for the occasion. It was very much enjoyed by all. I was quite relaxed by the time we started it, so no tasting notes!


Agreed on the Hermitage Blanc, the 2014 was wonderful!